Police hunt snowblower, find moonshine

When police in northern Sweden were busy searching for a stolen snowblower they accidentally stumbled upon 130 litres of illegally distilled alcohol hidden in the same garage.

Police hunt snowblower, find moonshine

On Saturday, police in Gällivare, in northern Sweden, received reports of a stolen snowblower.

After receiving a tip-off and doing a thorough search of the area, they decided to conduct a raid on the property of a local man in his early thirties.

To their surprise, they didn’t find only the stolen snowblower parked neatly in the man’s garage.

”When police entered his garage they found the stolen snowblower, but also some 130 litres of moonshine alcohol and a distilling machine,” said Erik Kummu of the Norrbotten county police to local paper Norrbottenskuriren.

The man is now under suspicion for theft, illegal alcohol distilling, possession of distilling equipment as well as illegal alcohol sales.

The man was brought in for questioning by the police but was released shortly after.

“He has confessed,” Kummu told the Norrländska Socialdemokraten newspaper.

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