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Female students have more sex partners: study

TT/The Local/pvs · 17 Nov 2011, 06:30

Published: 17 Nov 2011 06:30 GMT+01:00

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The number of female students who have had a sexually transmitted disease has also doubled, the survey shows. Condoms are furthermore not as commonly used today with a new partner as they were a decade ago, according to a report in the local Upsala Nya Tidning daily.

"The development is worrying. To be able to break the trend of an increasing number of young women being infected by some sexually transmitted disease, more must demand that their partners use a condom," said Tanja Tydén, a professor in health sciences at Uppsala University, to the newspaper.

The survey is carried out at five year intervals among female students who have visited Studenhälsan, the student health service at Uppsala University.

The survey shows that in 2009 female students had had an average of 11 sexual partners, more than double as many in comparison to those visiting the health clinic ten years before.

Over the same period the proportion who used a condom with a new sex partner had declined from 60 to 49 percent.

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In 2009 almost a third of students had had chlamydia, genital warts or some other sexually transmitted disease, double the number of a decade ago.

The study has been published in the Acta Obsetrica et Gynecologica Scandinavica journal.

TT/The Local/pvs (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:53 November 17, 2011 by Opinionfool
One wonders how many actuial women are involved here. Proportions and percentages mean nothing without some actual values to evaluate them against. Now that data may be in the academic paper on which this item is based, I hope so, but without them it's all meaningless. If the number of women doubled then of course everything doubles with it; that would not be news worthy. If the number of women halved (but the proportions still double) then that would not only be news worthy but catastrophic.

We're also left to surmise that the doubling of partners is with men. But is that the case? Maybe women are now having more women partners. Alternatively, it may be that the data (original and current) is skewed by either under reporting or boasting. Without very careful scrutinity of the numbers it is impossible to take this report seriously.

And what happened to the obverse study? Do male students have twice as many partners as they did 10 years ago? Or are the same number of men getting laid by more women?
10:18 November 17, 2011 by Boar
Yes! Same number of men are getting laid by several women. So, that is the reason the other men who do not have sex in Sweden (or did not get chance to have sex) have to travel to get Thailand wives and have sex in other countries, like Copenhagen or what so ever.
10:24 November 17, 2011 by thinkright24
11 sexual partners on average.

how many donkeys, dogs and pigs have on average?
11:14 November 17, 2011 by Shibumi
Hmmm... I haven't read the actual study, but it seems to me like the numbers reported here have 3 major flaws.

1. median vs. mean - I think the median number of partners would be a more accurate reflection of the situation than the mean/average. A few outliers on the high end (very active women with dozens of partners) can really skew the mean upwards; because on the opposite side (virgins), the numbers can't go below 0 partners. Reporting that "half of the women questioned reported having "n" partners or less, and half reported having "n" partners or more" would be more informative... and by definition "n" would be less than the reported average of 11.

2. selection bias - the students used in the study are women who consulted the university's health clinic. Perhaps there is a greater proportion of them who are consulting for sexually transmitted diseases than in the general population. Presumably, some women go to the clinic specifically to access birth control or safer sex options. Non-sexually active women who have no health problems will never go to the clinic, thus never be in the study. This would also bias results towards increased sexual activity.

3. self-reporting bias - the study relies exclusively on asking the women in question how many partners they have had. Perhaps the true answer has been consistent over time, but now young women feel less social pressure to under-report, or even pressure to over-report.

Having said all this... the study's findings could still be accurate in spite of its apparent flaws.
11:21 November 17, 2011 by Boar
Very good explanation. I am sure there might be women who are still virgins in the sense had sex only when they were teenagers, for a short period and stopped to have sex later on.
11:53 November 17, 2011 by Summer Dreams
STDs and more STDs

more and more people are being infected everyday with STDs such as herpes, genital warts etc. lucky HIV may not actually be common.

herpes etc are normal and cool disease over here, Infact it was only in sweden i had my first glimps of herpes and genital warts, seems its a normal thing
14:08 November 17, 2011 by Opinionfool
I checked the AOGS journal. The sample size is 350 women from a total undergraduate population at Uppsala University of 30,000. (UU's web site doesn't say how many postgraduates there are.) So this survey that suggests all female stunts at UU are sluts, which is the intention that The Local are trying to convey, actually only deals with 1% of their student population.A sensationalist headline of "Female students have more sexual partners" is journalist cant that even the now definct English News of the World comic would stoop so low to report like this.

The Local is creating the impression that 15,000 women are highly promiscuous, Assuming that the students are roughly equal female to male. When the reality is that only a few (350) are adopting such a lifestyle. Or are potentially harming themselves so need to visit the health center. The other 14,650 are either more careful or not engaging in such reckless behaviour. (I says reckless because these few women are getting STDs and STIs via unprotected sex. Chlamidia, gonerherea, HIV/AIDS. Some may graduate to motherhood rather than with a degree.)
14:41 November 17, 2011 by philster61
Ok , so swedish women now have two partners instead of one and it most likely will be their best friend's friend. All one has to do is look here at the midweek revellers and see that whatever extra partners swedish women have, it most certainly will not be a man

.....wow... progress...
23:17 November 17, 2011 by shj846
Is this real that female students there have an average 11 partners?
00:29 November 18, 2011 by Opinionfool

Nah, 350 female students at one Swedish university have visited the campus health service and filled in a questionnaire about their sexual activities. The group is a) small representing only 1% of the total undergraduate body or in the spirit of this article doubling up to 2% of the undergraduate female students and b) is, as others have commented, self-selecting plus their atypical behaviour has meant they needed to seek medical attention.

This artilce is about as news-worthy and useful as one saying that "students are drinking more" without mentioning that a) they are drinking water and b) they are breathing. The underlying academic research may be of importance to Uppsala University --- they may wish to educate this small group in the dangers of unprotected sex, STIs, STDs, unplanned pregnancy, relationship education, and a host of other issues that are limited solely to UU.

A subsidary problem is the highly emotive headline used here The Local. That besmirches the reputation of all female students in all academic institutions. Me thinks The Local needs to apologise for that.
00:52 November 18, 2011 by Boar
The statistics is correct. Understand the statistics correctly. For example,

Out of 90,000 of surveyed swedes. If it says 85,000 are shy and reserved. And have 45,000 cars. 90,000 Swedes means 1 % of population. Swedes are Swedes. We are talking about Swedish residents. Just don't think about rest of 99 % population.

The surveying people cannot go and take the interview of 9 million. Which is impossible.
03:03 November 18, 2011 by millionmileman
The sad part of the story is that when men and women especially engage in casual sex it become more difficult to find a real loving partner to bond with emotionally.

In the end one wanders the decks of the "Flying Dutchman" looking for Mister or Mrs. Right and they will will in general never find that person in their lives. Look at all the lonely genially beautiful women who just can't find that person. Even when someone genuine shows up they just can't commit. It is tragic.I

I know many loving men who have their hearts broken for the very same reason.
08:19 November 18, 2011 by Opinionfool

The statistics maybe correct as "statistic" but the problem is how those statistics are interpreted. The sensationalist headline here is part of the problem. It creates the impression that *all* female students have an ever increasing number of partners. But that isn't a conclusion to be drawn from this sample.

Unlike your example where implicitly someone has selected the surveyees based on a carefully devised set of criteria such that one can draw generalisation from the statistics for this UU situation a self-selecting group of whom there is no other demographic criteria. These women turned up at the university health service because they had some (suggested) genitourinary problem. There is no "control" group (for example a similar sized population who a) didn't attend Studenthäsan and b) don't have a genitourinary problem. Indeed the very lifestyle of the extant sample makes it more likely that they will contract and STI or STD that requires a visit.

There is also the validity of the data to examine. Are the participants being truthful? Were previous participants truthful? Or are they boasting of their conquests as young men were notorious for doing? There's a possible subjectivity here that skews the data. For all we know these participants are *understating* the number of partners.

But however the data is collected or the statistics summarised, the problem remains one of interpretation. People reading the headline here will ajudge that all Swedish female students are "sluts" and may treat them accordingly. Whereas the majority of female students may prove to be celibate or in single long-term (i.e. longer than a degree course) relationship.

Remember what one US president said "there's lies, damned lies, then there's statistics".
19:04 November 18, 2011 by HenryPollard
I poon a lot of Swedes under 20, from all manner of upbringings, social class, wealth and attractiveness and if anything, this study is far too conservative.

Swedish girls having only 11 sexual partners? ha, maybe in Norrland. You go anywhere south of Dalarna and the girls are having more men pass through them than the average football stadium turnstile. Feminism
00:03 November 19, 2011 by maxbrando
I think most Swedish females are homosexuals. They are licking each other, because men find them so boring and predictable.
09:00 November 19, 2011 by Icarusty
11 before they are even women! Incredible. They may be hot, but not STD hot.
11:38 November 19, 2011 by rise
They are filth.
13:30 November 19, 2011 by Opinionfool

Are you perhaps forgetting that all the females in this study were university students, so legally over the age of majority and that means they are already women.

The researchers could do a follow-up study into who the partners were and if they were frequent amongst the women. Or were these women having sex with large numbers of unique individuals? Actually, they need to do that anyway to trace who these women were infected by or whom they infected with the STDs/STIs that requried them to visit the univeristy's health centre in the first place where the survey was conducted.
20:54 November 19, 2011 by Token-not-found

Guess integrity and loyalty where after all the result of "male oppression" :))

Really now , i've always thought women 50 years ago where less whorish just because they didn't have the financial means to expose their natural inclination and did not have the social support for it.

Remember lads, if they could get away with it , they would have sex with only a very small number of men (let's say 20% for the purpose of this construction) .

All females would be passed around that 20% , while the rest of the men get no women, that's what happens in a culture with poligamy enabled.

Enjoy the toxic whore culture powered by feminsim , also enjoy the destruction of the family unit, powered by the same SPONSOR
02:08 March 24, 2013 by broweyes
This is no statistics...

My last girlfriend was a 24 year old swedish law student... after a while, she confessed (I deliberatedly use the word "confess" becasue it was data she was not very proud to admit) that she had sex with 10 guys before me.

Only one of them, was a (long distance) boyfriend. All the rest were ONS or F+++ buddies. After the "confession" her words were "well, it is a normal thing in Sweden and in fact, I have been really picky and below than average."

She was sweet, smart, funny, successful and beautiful... But college degrees, high paying jobs and instant sexual gratification don't give you the tools and the experience for rewarding monogamous and committed romantic relationships (let aside parental skills).

She, as many of her friends, started to look for a loving trustful man to settle after college. Statistics aside, I assure you: loving trustful and protective men still exist... but we are not idiots.
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