Girlfriend turns in coke-snorting cop after call to prostitute

A police officer with the narcotics unit of the Gothenburg police department is facing drugs charges after his girlfriend turned him in when she became annoyed that the cocaine-snorting cop tried to phone a prostitute.

Girlfriend turns in coke-snorting cop after call to prostitute

The 47-year-old cop was arrested in August after police raided an apartment where the officer was partying with a childhood friend, the Metro newspaper reported.

The officer’s girlfriend was also in the apartment, but became fed up when the cop and his friend picked up the phone and started calling prostitutes.

She snuck out of the flat and called police to explain that their 47-year-old colleague had been doing lines of cocaine.

When police arrived they found two small bags containing the drug, as well as a plate with traces of cocaine and a rolled-up 20 kronor bill.

At first the 47-year-old denied having snorted any cocaine, but admitted to taking the drug after a urine test revealed that both he and his friend had cocaine in their systems.

“It was salary weekend and they had a hard time reaching any because the girls were already busy,” the woman told police.

“It was so disrespectful. And we were a couple—you just don’t do things like that. It would have been better if he’d hit me in the face.”

The girlfriend went on to tell police that the 47-year-old and his friend had previously taken cocaine and had sex with prostitutes, paying the women 7,000 kronor ($1,030).

According to the girlfriend, the cop had purchased cocaine around ten times in the last few years, the Aftonbladet newspaper reported.

On Tuesday, the police officer was charged with unlawful narcotics possession and use. He has also been enrolled in a substance abuse programme arranged by the police department.

While still a member of the police force, the 47-year-old will now be subjected to a review by the police department’s disciplinary board if he is convicted.

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