Fashion ‘frenzy’ greets H&M Versace release

Fashion 'frenzy' greets H&M Versace release
Masses of people were lined up outside Swedish H&M stores at the release of the Versace collection on Thursday, with guards having to intervene when frenzied fashionistas tried to jump the queue.

”This is a one-off. I like Versace, it’s great that they have collaborated with H&M. It makes it a lot cheaper,” said shopper Katja Korhonen from Malmö, in the south of Sweden, to newspaper Kvällsposten.

Well inside the shop many grabbed more garments than they could actually carry before heading for the changing rooms, according to an eye-witness account.

Shops all over Sweden reported an onset of interest from fashion savvy customers.

”We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I am using my old man’s credit card,” said Zeenab Kassem to the paper.

In Gothenburg, some Versace-enthusiasts had been lining up outside the Nordstan shopping centre since 5 o’ clock in the morning.

However, many internet shoppers had seen their aspirations to own a Versace garment scuppered, as the massive onslaught of traffic meant that the H&M website was down parts of the day.

”We’re sorry. We are experiencing large numbers of visitors at the moment. Please try again later,” was the message that greeted the disappointed customers.

The service became available once more in the afternoon just to crash again later.

Håcan Andersson at the press department told trade newspaper Resumé that the number of visitors to the site skyrockets when new collections are released.

”It shows a great interest in the new Versace collection,” said Andersson to the paper.

However, those who couldn’t make it past the throngs of bargain-hunters, or who live in a town without a H&M shop, might be more disappointed.

”But don’t despair” one Gothenburg based fashion blogger wrote, ” the stuff’s already out on Tradera”, referring to the Swedish version of auction-site eBay.

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