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Top young Moderates sacked over Nazi salute

The Local · 22 Nov 2011, 12:18

Published: 22 Nov 2011 12:18 GMT+01:00

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“We were just doing a morning workout,” the 18-year-old woman said when police questioned her, according to local paper Västerbottens Folkblad.

In a picture published on the woman's personal blog last spring, she, along with another young man, can be seen standing in front of a German flag in a pose which appears to be a Nazi salute

“This is what we do in Norrland,” reads the caption below the picture.

A local police officer came across the picture by chance and recognized the 18-year-old woman.

The blogger was subsequently brought in for questioning by police and has since been charged with hate speech.

Both the blogger and the other young man in the picture were elected members of the governing board of the local branch of the Moderate youth movement (Moderaternas ungdomsförbund – MUF) in Skellefteå in northern Sweden.

Following the incident, both have been forced to leave their assignments with MUF and the local branch of the Moderate Party has also taken pains to distance itself from the two renegade members.

“We have discussed it together and reached the conclusion that they are leaving us,” Andreas Löwenhöök, chair of the Skellefteå Moderates, told the newspaper.

As soon as Löwenhöök had been informed about the incident, he contacted the youth branch in the area and asked them to deal with it.

According to Emil Marklund, head of MUF in Skellefteå, the movement spoke to the two members in the wake of the hate speech charges and said that the woman is willing to leave the organization.

“She has said herself that she wants to leave her assignment,” Marklund told the paper.

Speaking with the Aftonbladet newspaper, secretary general of MUF Gustav Schyllert didn't want to comment on the woman's claim that she and her fellow MUF member struck the pose as a part of a morning exercise routine.

“I can just say that they are leaving MUF and that this is a good thing,” Schyllert told Aftonbladet.

The 18-year-old woman apologized for the incident in a blog post published in May.

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“I don't have any racist views at all and if someone got the impression I did, I apologize, because that's absolutely not the case,” she wrote at the time.

In the wake of the scandal, she wrote in a subsequent blog post that she doesn't have anything against Jews, isn't xenophobic and that she “has foreign friends from all corners of the world”, before taking aim at the Swedish media for drawing attention to her ties to the Moderate Party.

“And it's wildly immature to use this incident, something two drunk teenagers did to have a go, to sully an entire party and benefit their own aims,” she wrote.

“I judge people, not by the colour of their skin, but by their actions. But in this country, you're a racist no matter what you do.”

The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

13:02 November 22, 2011 by Iraniboy
If you are a member of a political establishment your actions are treated always seriously. There is no room for joke. So either live a fun private life where having strange morning work out in front of German flag is just funny or don't join political establishment.
13:08 November 22, 2011 by London_Jim
A warning to everyone not to hail a taxi the London-way when in Deutschland. It can be misinterpreted.

Joking aside, growing up in the 1970s and 1980s in the UK, doing a 'seig heil' as a joke gesture to indicate a particularly strict teacher/parent/policeman was par for the course. It's odd that this gesture in jest seems to be getting deemed more offensive as the time since WW2 increases.

I hope those in charge of controlling behaviour aren't creating phantom offence by proxy.
13:14 November 22, 2011 by Rick Methven
As they are in to politics, if they want to continue I'm sure the local branch of SD will give them a warm welcome
13:26 November 22, 2011 by DAVID T
Poor kids - don't know what the worlds coming to when you can't even have a good workout without being called racist :-)
13:44 November 22, 2011 by StuartM
The Swedish right-wing has a long history of supporting fascism with many from within the Moderates sympathetic towards the Nazis and later Apartheid South Africa. Obviously these tendencies are alive and well even today.
13:53 November 22, 2011 by chantal11
With all the other blatantly obvious racist acts taking part in Sweden, they choose to go after these two?
14:16 November 22, 2011 by Opinionfool
Can the English ask Prince Harry to leave the Royal Family after he dressed up in a Nazi uniform for a fancy dress party? (Though he was doing nothing that his great Uncle Edward did in the mid-1930 by opening associating with and supporting Hitler.)


"A warning to everyone not to hail a taxi the London-way when in Deutschland. It can be misinterpreted."

One doesn't! One tells one's man servant to do it for one.
14:42 November 22, 2011 by London_Jim
Be interesting to see in what context the salute was made before pitchforks are rattled.
14:43 November 22, 2011 by prince T
I am satisfied with the actions of Moderate. @david T, i am not suprised at your comments. U can go and be doing Nazi salute on the road if u think it is ok. Nazi salute is even an offence in Germany.
15:04 November 22, 2011 by London_Jim
I'm pretty sure that there's not many blokes on here who haven't done it, along with a "Ja, mein Fuhrer" to their respective wives.

The dangers of social networking...
16:19 November 22, 2011 by AnEye

you seem to know about Muslims more than they do about themselves ;). Or is it just some sort of programming speaking.
16:44 November 22, 2011 by Svensksmith
@London_Jim have you been peeking?
17:09 November 22, 2011 by jvtx3232
I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill on this. I doubt those kids were being very serious when they made those gestures, they were probably just horsing around. Not a particularly funny joke, but still my reaction is a blase....meh.
17:17 November 22, 2011 by StuartM
@ Bluebell

Many of the Iranians in Sweden are atheists and know very well the dangers of religious fundamentalism since they had to flee their own country to get away from it. In a Swedish context though there is far more reason to fear right-wing racist nuts like you. Every statement you have just made could be taken straight out of Breivik's manifesto and could easily inspire something similar to the Utöya massacre here in Sweden considering the country's long history of neo-nazi extremism.
18:54 November 22, 2011 by WhoIsPayingTax
Are u guys kidding me. You call this racist but some stupid University students, dressed up like slaves making fun of those that their ancestors where treated like animals is called custom party to u guys....So is an offense to raise one hand up in Sweden. Am still laughing hahahaha....
19:04 November 22, 2011 by cowboykodp
@Blue Balls 20111

I assume by your name you are sexually frustrated and love little boys, and you would love to join a pedophile Catholic cult to fix your urges.

That is about as stupid of a thing to say as your rant. IDIOT.
19:19 November 22, 2011 by Svensksmith

You seem quite sensitive to any remarks made against Islam and yet, in earlier posts, you have revealed that you are not a Muslim. I'm quite curious as to your motivation. Could you be so kind as to explain.

19:25 November 22, 2011 by Migga
This is ridiculous. This case has so been blown out of proportion. A young girl does this and it get`s national attention. One would think she has murderd someone. Same thing with the three uni students who dressed up as slaves at a costume party. The leftish media in Sweden is disgusting.
19:52 November 22, 2011 by Great Scott
Bad day for the Moderates, first the Nazis and now the porn issue. I love it when the right wing get the sh!t, and I love it even more when their sheep try to make excuses for them.

20:16 November 22, 2011 by cowboykodp
@Svensksmith; (AKA: Swedesmith)

Sure, I will explain. I just hope you can comprehend.

The children of Adam are limbs of each other

Having been created of one essence.

When the calamity of time afflicts one limb

The other limbs cannot remain at rest.

If you have no sympathy for the troubles of others

You are not worthy to be called by the name of "man".
20:33 November 22, 2011 by sherkovic
Freedom of expression denied...so much for the 'democracy'!
22:14 November 22, 2011 by jvtx3232
Watch these 8 year olds making Heil Hitler signs during this dance routine, it's appalling!


It occurs at about the 0:52 mark in the YouTube video. I think we need to arrest this kids!
22:53 November 22, 2011 by gh2008

it was cowboy's take on that piece of sh***t "Bluebell20111"! in response to his bullshit take on Iraniboy... so, get carious why this crap is being so sensitive towards a country name!

i apologize to all you reading these words... i just loved addressing them to this Bluecrap
00:03 November 23, 2011 by Svensksmith

I can comprehend your words. Yes, my lips moved while I read them and I drooled a little on the keyboard, but I can comprehend them.

What I can't comprehend is why you get so nasty and "let the tiger out" at the slightest provocation. Do you have a sore tooth or a bad case of hemorrhoids or something?
03:03 November 23, 2011 by J Jack
This must be very embarrassing and insulting to every day Germans, that they use their flag for this. They should be sued by Germany for defamation.
04:13 November 23, 2011 by ericrufinosiah
If the 2 are in uniform and making a salute then it should be taken seriously if the authorities think it is wrong but then?
06:27 November 23, 2011 by Douglas Garner
I question why they had the flag up in the first place? Their response about a morning workout does not address the presence of the flag unless I misunderstood the article.
10:48 November 23, 2011 by Iraniboy
Well said AnEye and Thanks Cowboykodp, StuartM and gh2008!

I'm barely motivated to respond to personal insult though. I just don't care!


So you think that comment was a criticism of Islam? Are you familiar with the term 'blood libel'? The Nazis were also thinking that they were/are criticizing Jews but not very surprisingly they ended up slaughtering them. I do not need to be Jew or Muslim to support their right of existence!
11:22 November 23, 2011 by beeforsty
They were inspired by Braivik, I hope we will not witness the repeat of what happen in Norway some where in Sweden here.
11:39 November 23, 2011 by cowboykodp
@Belladonna (AKA: Adolf Hitler)

@Bluebell20111 (AKA: Eva Braun)

You too make a perfect couple.

Some sick, demented bastards!!!!
11:44 November 23, 2011 by conboy
Poor misunderstood young moderates!!!
13:45 November 23, 2011 by London_Jim
Why does every news item comments eventually end up discussing Islam - there's some very obsessed commentators on here.
14:36 November 23, 2011 by rise
"Heil Reinfeldt!!"

Ops, did I really say that out loud.!? ;)
16:35 November 23, 2011 by jvtx3232
"I question why they had the flag up in the first place? Their response about a morning workout does not address the presence of the flag unless I misunderstood the article."

What's wrong with the German flag? Maybe they like Germany, or have German relatives or something. So what? No different than if they had the flag of Argentina, Italy, or Chad hanging up. So what?
16:56 November 23, 2011 by cowboykodp
"Being British, also, I have a national history of fighting against the evil of Naziism, even to the death. A Swede can never boast this."

Wow, you must be dead or in your 90's. You did squat in WW2. You're just a scared little punk typing away and surfing the net for hate propaganda.

"You caved in to Hitler after a few days, and now you cave in to Islam, which is responsible for all the worst human rights abuses in the world. I can imagine Swedes in WW2 saying, "oh we mustn't be nasty to the nazis, cos we are SOOOOO tolerant", and here you are again backing the invader."

Lets see, Sweden was sparred destruction in WW2 as a result of their strategy. They helped rebuild Europe after the war, since all their industry remained intact. They also helped save thousands of Jews and minorities who were being murdered throughout Europe. Not a bad strategy, ehh.

So much for your insight into Swedish history.

"Did you know that Muslims were the only non-aryans admitted to the SS? "

Which 2 billion Muslims are you referring to? The Arab Muslims? The Chinese Muslims? The Iranian Muslims? The European Muslims? The Russian Muslims? The Indonesian Muslims? The Philipine Muslims?....

So lets examine your rant.... Caucasian is used in reference to the Caucasus Mountains. Home of the original Aryans. Iran means "Land of the Aryans". OOPS.

Bet ya didn't know that.....oh well.

Also, there were plenty of Jews who worked hand in glove with the SS. Did they also hate Jews?

So much for history revisionists. Give me a break.

Grow up.
17:40 November 23, 2011 by motti
Cowboy, the only Jews who worked with the Nazis were those forced to act in saving Jews. As it happens it was the Bosnian Moslems who were in the SS. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a personal friend of Adolf Hitler. The former asked the latter to continue the slaughter of Jews in Europe, as he would slaughter those in the British mandate of Palestine. During this time the Arab riots ensured the slaughter of many unarmed Jews. You are masters at slaughtering your own and others.

Arabs have learned much from their previous Nazi friends and heavy collaboration and dependency on the former Soviet Union. They have copied the disgusting "artwork" used in cartoons and from Goebells that if you tell a lie often enough, it will be believed. Again you are masters at that.

I trust that answers your questions.
17:59 November 23, 2011 by swedejane
"I judge people, not by the colour of their skin, but by their actions. But in this country, you're a racist no matter what you do."

Interesting. So, judging them by their actions...giving the heil hitler in front of a german flag...one would reasonably think them racist. At a minimum.
18:02 November 23, 2011 by cowboykodp

You answered jack!

I have many Jewish friends. I can categorically say that they disagree with you 100% and in fact believe you are doing a disservice to fellow Jews and Israel by your propaganda.

"You are masters at slaughtering your own and others."

You don't know me. Unless you think defending truth makes one a Muslim or an Arab. In that case be it.

For a peoples who have suffered throughout time... at the hands of everyone...you as a Jew should know better.

"If you are out for revenge, be sure to dig two graves."
18:24 November 23, 2011 by cowboykodp
"I am also aware that the swastika was originally a Hindu symbol signifying perfection "

Is this your pathetic attempt to sound intelligent? Ain't working!!!!

I must have hit a nerve??????


Swedes and most Europeans see you and your kind as the EVIL ones. Remember Breivik,

Like I said... Grow UP Nazi punk.
19:27 November 23, 2011 by cowboykodp
"the people who expressed most dislike of Islam were those from ethnic minorities, "

Exactly as I have been saying for a long time. It is people like you who bring your hate to the West. We do not want it. You are now in the West, so if anyone has HATE in their heart, including Muslims, Christians, Hindus, or anyone else from Non Western countries...., leave it behind.

"Europeans who happen to love and want to defend their own culture..."

Why is it that your kind always bashes Muslims for wanting to "change" European culture when you are the one trying to change the culture.

Remember... you are the one bashing Swedes for being "weak" and "taking it from behind"....

Real class. Especially coming from a "woman".
20:28 November 23, 2011 by Svensksmith

For some reason I keep picturing this myopic pimple-faced twit hovering over a keyboard, clacking away furiously:


While downstairs his mother shouts: "Myron, come downstairs for breakfast, your waffles are getting cold."
21:53 November 23, 2011 by cowboykodp
Spare me the "we fought for " crap. Like I said, you fought for nothing.

British.. wow. lets not get into the wonderful contributions the British have made to the world and its "peaceful" legacy.

Where do you think William the Conqueror got his name? Not by being an angel.

In fact not that different from the "warlord prophet" which you seem to have a thing for.

So, lets not get into bloody history, cause let me tell you sugar.. you don't have a leg to stand on.

As far as "the turning tide", well see about that.

Racists and bigots like you have always been defeated throughout the world.

There are a thousand like me for every one of you. So when and if the time comes, I will be fighting alongside the ones who will defend people of all races and religions.

Pray it will never get to that point.

In the meantime, say hello to your fellow BNP buddies.
23:54 November 23, 2011 by StuartM

Why are you accusing anyone who opposes your racist crap of being some kind of islamist fanatic? As an atheist and a socialist I have no time for religion of any kind and clearly see islamism (just like fundamentalist christianity) as a reactionary, right-wing ideology. However there are plenty of people from muslim countries (ie. socialists, communists, feminists, atheists, trade-unionists, secular liberals), some of whom I know personally, who completely agree with me. To hate someone not because of what they do or believe but because of where they're from (ie. a predominantly muslim country) is racism pure and simple.

Being a woman is no excuse for being a racist idiot. Do you really think everything is perfect for women in western societies, that they never suffer from violence, abuse or exploitation of any kind? If so you are completely wrong yet again. Patriarchy and male domination are global phenomena (including here in Sweden) and will not be eradicated simply by blaming everything on muslims and islam.

PS. I don't know why I bother arguing with people like you. You clearly don't even think before continuously posting and re-posting all of the stock phrases lifted out of the very same far-right, islamophobic blogosphere which Breivik frequented in the years leading up to his appalling terrorist crimes.
10:36 November 24, 2011 by rise
You're all just examples of typical, basic narcissism that includes all humans; "I and we" are always slightly better than "you and them". Everybody feels that way, it's perfectly natural.

Someone may say "my ancestors spilled blood in WWII", meaning "I am tougher than you!". A Swede may reply "our diplomats successfully held Sweden out of the war", meaning "I am smarter than you!". ;)

None of it means anything. It's just some stupid game of who's having the longest penis.
10:52 November 24, 2011 by cowboykodp
"PS. I don't know why I bother arguing with people like you. You clearly don't even think before continuously posting and re-posting all of the stock phrases lifted out of the very same far-right, islamophobic blogosphere which Breivik frequented in the years leading up to his appalling terrorist crimes."


In fact these nutcases copy and paste their comments verbatim on many stories here on the Local. On other comment they jump to the conclusion that if people like us call them racist (the truth), then they will act as Breivik did. MORONS.

"you demonstrate that you despise women, gays, freedom of speech, and religious tolerance."

Wrong again. Your logic abilities are completely flawed.

I think women (not you of course) are better than men in most aspects. I have many Gay, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim friends. I, however dislike religion myself.

The biggest fight we in the West have is with people like you. Who want to demonize Muslims or Islam because of their own twisted understanding of this world religion.

And this nonsense of saying "we don't hate Muslims, only Islam" is meaningless.

Thats like saying "we hate Zionism and not Jews".

If you really want to get to know a religion, you need to sit down with members of that religion and ask them to illustrate their ideology to you. Getting your info from sworn enemies of an ideology doesn't count.

That's like asking the Taliban what their opinion is of the west and basing your entire view of the west on their view.

@Blue Balls 20111;

Another moron....

One question for you.

So what you're saying is that all Muslim women are circumsized?

Are you completely screwed in the head?
11:38 November 24, 2011 by motti
Cowboy, your response was not unexpected. Your only answer to facts is to ridicule or reject them. You would not know truth if it stared you in the face. I am sure some of your best friends are Jewish.

What was written above is the truth. You may not like it. However, why not open a book, read, absorb the contents and then make comments.

I would have forgotten more about historical facts than you will learn in a lifetime. you and your ilk make ridiculous malicious allegations. When answered truthfully, you reject and just make more of the same. You on the other hand will never answer truthfully, because that will mean we write the truth. Perhaps you may need to look in a mirror and reflect the word moron you use about others.

Your poor image is also reflected by your arguements. What a pity, your ignorance about world events is so forthcoming.

By the way, I hate nobody. Hate is the lowest common factor which I leave to others. I refuse to drag myself down to that level.
12:20 November 24, 2011 by cowboykodp

What truth.

The fact that it was Bosnian Muslims in SS? Could that have more to do with national allegiances than Islam?

So, no. Your "Facts" are half facts and self serving.

If all Muslims were allied with SS, then that would be something.

Keep in mind, Italy and Japan were also Hitler's allies. What of them?

In fact the English had many dealings with Hitler, before the war. Did they hate Jews?

Remember Saddam Hussein. Every country in the west supported him. Sold him weapons. Can we now say "Christians" hated Muslims and wanted to "exterminate" them?

The grand Lufti...or whoever that idiot was also does not represent all Muslims or Arabs or Palestinians. You cant just pick and choose random happenings in history and use it to justify your non sense.

"Arabs have learned much from their previous Nazi friends..."

This statement does not jive with your next "Truth" either:

"By the way, I hate nobody.."

Do you not see how those two statements are completely contradictory? Unless you loved Nazis.

Logic 101.
14:34 November 24, 2011 by maometto
bla bla bla..

ridiculous articles and ridiculous comments..

typisk thelocal and its readers..
16:39 November 24, 2011 by cowboykodp
@ MOLTO BruttaDonna121

You have officially lost it!

I guess its hard to keep track of who is saying what to you.

I know sweat heart... Its a big scary world. It'll be all OK.

Ba Bye. ;(
16:58 November 24, 2011 by rise
@ Belladonna121

"Rise - sitting on your fat a*ses staying safe didn't harm the 3rd Reich - the Dresden bombings, however, among other offensives, destroyed them."

Yes, you were destroying triple as many civilians with the bombings of German cities than the Nazis ever did in the bombings of London and other cities. Good for you, that single fact makes you real heroes in my eyes.

Sweden was never attacked, but you all were!! Now, why should Sweden have STARTED a war against Germany?? Or why not against England, or France!? And personally I didn't sit on my butt at all since my behind didn't even exist until 30 years AFTER the war in Europe had ended. But as it sounds about pretty much everyone else, they all PERSONALLY fought at the Omaha Beach!

But oh well, we all now that Swedes is worse than the Nazis ever were anyway. Not much one can do about that. I mean; Sweden didn't participate in the FIRST world war either! Bad, bad and naughty of us! But the strange thing is: Swedes isn't constantly reminded of that too; ONLY WWII counts, nothing before that, and nothing after. Amen.
17:57 November 24, 2011 by Gamla Hälsingebock
A most interesting thread, however "William The Conqueror" was not British.

The rest is a urine voidance competition.

Can't we all...just get along?...Hell no!!! LOL
18:04 November 24, 2011 by motti
Cowboy, the Bosnian Moslems chose to enter the SS and were also responsible for the slaughter of Jews and Serbs. In Ygoslavia, the many factions hasted and murdered each other/ However, the Jews were never part of the political spectrum. You never mentioned the partnership between Hitler and the Grand Mufti, uncle of the Paedophilic murderer Yasser Arafat (el Husseini family). Your comments about the Grand Mufti show just how little you know about this period. He was responsible for the riots in which many Jews were slaughtered by Arabs due to this man. You obviously had never even heard of hom judging by your remarks.

Most Arabs, particularly Moslems in N. Africa and the mid east were empathic towards Hitler. Though many Indian Moslems joined Sikhs and Hindus in the british Army to fight Hitler.

I say again that the Arabs learned well from their Nazi and Soviet mentors how to keep telling the big lies and produce the most hateful and grotesque art cartoons copied from Goebbels and Stalin.

Many conservative Britons did hate the Jews before, during and after the war. But then so do the left today.

Your comment about my possible loving Nazis does not warrant a reply, as that again only shows your ignorance. Why don't you want to read facts and proper historical documentation before you accuse others of being morons. You really do need to look in a mirror to see the moronic cretin facing you.

You are a most ignorant person, with nothing sensible to add. You will not accept the truth and by the way, from your comments and replies, you are indeed a most hateful person. I feel quite sorry for you that you choose to remain ignorant and to retain your hate towards that disagree with you.
21:57 November 24, 2011 by Uncle
Haha it is quite amusing to see cowboy laying on the train tracks for the beloved muslims, with the wonderful notion that not EVERY muslim is a terrorist.

Cowboy is battling whoever comes just to justify that only SOME muslim girls are circumcised... only 70% of Egyptian population will vote for Muslim brothers who are considered terrorists even by the official Russia (which is an achievement by itself)... only SOME christians are killed on a constant basis in muslim countries... only SOME muslim dictatorships are extremely violent... only SOME muslim countries did not invent a good thing in the past 800 years... only SOME muslim countries produce emigration in industrial amounts... only SOME muslims officially took the side of nazis... only SOME muslims work to death to contribute to the cultural expansion of islam even if it means tearing off heads of the heretics (wahhabism/salafism).

Oh, what a human being lover this cowboy... Tears are difficult to stop. Mother Theresa is a monster by this angel. What an pedagogical example of non-generalization. I am truly impressed every time!
22:18 November 24, 2011 by TheCountess
// I am satisfied with the actions of Moderate. //

Yeah, always nice to see a range of opinion suppressed and persecuted because they dont fit the "establishment" (even if those opinions are mere constructions from a funny picture taken while drunk). You can only be "political establishment" when you're pro EUSSR, pro Multikult (even pinned into Sweden's constitution, it really doesnt get any more communist-style thought controlling), ignore the skyrocketed gang-rape cases (an offence previously to the multikult unknown to Sweden and Scandinavia), and of course, take part in the collective persecution of indigenous Swedes who dare to question that nation-destroying genocide programme that you call establishment. Of course people like you (I'm sure there are more comments like yours in the list, and the establishment would be proud of your "party-line rhetoric" anyway) are pleased to see some young people tossed from the political landscape in order to not see the establishment opinion disrupted. That's called Fascism btw.

The GDR was, Russia was, Italy was, China is, North Korea is, the Arab world is. When will Sweden start building concentration camps for "racist" indigenous Swedes? I mean, Swedish law has already been changed to include "hate crime offences", the constitution is changed to announce that Sweden is member of the (communist) EU and is multikult which opens ways to imprison people who dont share that opinion. Just a question of time I guess and people like you will stand, like in all other totalitarian regimes ever in history, at the sides of the streets and applaud the persecution teams for pushing the "offenders" with whips into the reeducation camps to "have their mind set right".

When the Swedish state sets up agencies to collect data, like the former GDR did with Stasi, to persecute people whose opinion clashed with the communist regime's opinion, I'm sure you'll be a brave little Spitzel to spy out your neighbors for "offensive" comments, stupid jokes, things you carefully pull out of context to construe a mischief, or just people who happen to throw their arms into the air while working out.

Yes, sounds perfectly reasonable to ensure the Multikult and anti-Swedish establishment. Not. Disgusting. You see, you dont "fight fascism" by becoming a fascist. And all you leftist multikult lovers and Europe haters are just that, fascists. Bah!

Oh, those two girls now are woken up from their slumber and had their eyes opened to the fascist, anti-European agenda that governs European politics. Well done. Two more thinking people back on reality's ground. Maybe the tides will turn in time, before the indigenous people of Europe have been genocided out of existence by the left-fascist "establishment" and people like Barbara Spectre and her ilk.
23:05 November 24, 2011 by StuartM
@ Belladonna

"StuartM - you have women friends, do you? wow... how cool! And you think women are better than men? hilarious - don't you realise just what a silly old tw*t you seem? Everybody knows everyone is inherently equal... it goes without saying (except in Islamic countries.)"

What the hell are you on about? I never said anything about having women friends (although of course I do) or that I believe women are better than men. And I'm not old either - I'm 23.

If you think all western men take it for granted that women are their equals then you are sadly deluding yourself. Violence against women is a massive problem in Sweden with most of the perpetrators being white Swedish men. What about all the hatred and contempt directed at women through pornography and other aspects of mainstream culture? And what about the fact that women still get paid less than men, are less likely to be appointed to top jobs and are much more likely to carry out unpaid work within the home?
00:36 November 25, 2011 by Uncle

Oh, yeah, underpaid women in Sweden!

Oh, that makes it all up for stoning a woman by LAW for being seen outside a house without a close relative escort. The inability to get children after divorce... the ban to get an education, vote, open a business is all the same as pornography...

Mmm circumcision of a daughter, forceful marriage of a minor and lack of definition "rape by husband" has SOOOO much to do with the lower paid jobs in Sweden.

Hey, why Nazi Germany is a bad guy? US had camps also.... Jews had problems in Russia also! What a moronic argument.
01:32 November 25, 2011 by StuartM
@ Uncle

You're taking a few extreme examples to generalise about all muslims and all muslim countries. There is no islamic country where women are stoned simply for leaving their home without a male relative and the only islamic government which completely banned women from having an education was Afghanistan under the Taliban. In Iran over half of university students are female. Now that Saudi Arabia has given women the vote there is also no country in the world where women can't vote. In fact many Muslim countries gave women the vote before parts of Western Europe did. Women didn't get the vote in Switzerland until 1971 (and not until 1990 in one Canton). Compare this with Albania (1920), Turkey (1930), Indonesia (1945), Pakistan (1947), Iraq (1948), Syria (1949), Lebanon (1952), Egypt (1956), Tunisia (1959) or Algeria (1962). All rather late but let's not forget that even in Sweden women couldn't vote until 1921.

Female circumcision does not exist in most Muslim countries. Where it does take place it is usually in parts of Africa where the tradition existed long before they were colonised by either Christian or Muslim invaders. Forced marriage is also illegal or heavily discouraged in many predominantly-Muslim countries and it wasn't so long ago that marital rape was criminalised in most Western countries (ie. 1991 in England and Wales).

I never said things were good for women in Muslim countries, especially those with overtly religious governments, but to ignore the many inequalities and forms of violence and abuse women suffer from in Western societies is completely wrong. There is not a single country in the world where women have achieved meaningful equality with men and there never will be if people like you succeed in blaming everything on muslims and islam.
10:54 November 25, 2011 by cowboykodp
"my little boy was beaten up by muslims for being friends with a muslim child; my daughter was spat at and called a whore for not being veiled, our house was stoned fo"

That explains it. Your wimpy children were beat up and now you blame Muslims.

By the way, why the heck are you commenting on a Swedish site? Troll?

Arn't there any French sites you can spew your non sense?

You've bashed Swedes, Muslims, Americans and others. That is funny coming from a "British"


Its so interesting that these people sound exactly the same. They really need to create some more racist web sites so these people can find other newer material.
13:59 November 25, 2011 by cowboykodp
I wonder how your daughter got her nick name.

Like mother like daughter.

"Get off", "Take it in the back", "take a dump"

Fantastic example to your daughter.

Hey, your house.. I mean your trailer needs an oil change.
18:26 November 25, 2011 by motti
Well put Belladonna and others,too. your historical account is very accurate and interesting. My late father was one of the rioters in Cable street and for his actions in defending the area where he lived i.e. Stepnety, he had his head smashed in by a police baton. Thankfully, he recovered and as a stinking Jew was good enough to serve king and country during WWII, like so many of his kind.

Have you noticed with these Jew haters. note Cowboy's reaction to my earlier post and i was atacked with the usual idiotic statements, with no factual evidence. I returned another factual post, and he appears not to want to answer in kind.

Don't you feel some sympathy for these moronic cretins who feel only hatred in their ignorance of any real understanding of history? It is such a waste of a human life. They could make something of their lives instead of depending on lifelong handouts courtesy of western tax payers.

In pre independence days, under Ottoman and British colonial rule, the Jews had a rock harvest. They literally collected rocks by rocks from the desolated areas of the Galil and elsewhere to uncover the soil that laid underneath before they could farm. no wonder the Arabs want the land now the Jews have cleared the barren wastes and swamps.

Uncle and others. when we read rubbish on this site (and others) remember between the fascist leftwing internationmal socialists hatred of Jews and Israel and the nazi rightwing national socialists, there is only one small difference. The word Inter. We have seen the two literally joining hands in defiance spewing their Jew hating bile.
20:19 November 25, 2011 by cowboykodp

Your and your buddies problem is that you equate defending Muslims with hating Jews.

Again, if that's how you feel, that's your problem.

Just know that as it has been throughout the Jewish history of persecution and continuing to this day, you will be glad that people like me exist.

I don't have to tell you that the vast majority of the world distrusts Jews far more than they distrust Muslims. Both of which come from fear and hatred.

These racists such as Bruttadonna and Uncle (and other right wing extremists) are just using Jews as a way to advance their own cause.

I'm sad for you that you are foolish enough to fall for it.
22:28 November 25, 2011 by cowboykodp

"People only see what they are prepared to see"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The problem with close minded people is that they usually have their mouths open."

That would be you.

Now leave me alone, and get a life.
00:44 November 26, 2011 by Uncle

Simply put, when defending a rape of a woman by some facts of some guys somewhere else who started a conversation with a woman with the purpose of sex at the end shows what you are. And you are simply 23 y/o. That explains a lot. ,

Hope that you see a parallel and I don't have to explain that too.


Yo, cowboy. I just wanted to hear. What do you think of the new hobby of the Tahrir square demonstrators to rape western female journalists in a middle of a day, surrounded by thousands? Already three? Nice... Oh, sorry I forgot. In the west there are rapes as well... It makes it similar 100%. See? I had your argument ready. How the hell do you live with yourself?
03:14 November 26, 2011 by StuartM
"Simply put, when defending a rape of a woman by some facts of some guys somewhere else who started a conversation with a woman with the purpose of sex at the end shows what you are".

You fascists can't even write. What the f**k is that supposed to mean?
19:45 November 26, 2011 by Uncle
You nazis can't even read or make logical parallels.

Let me put this simple.

1. A woman is raped somewhere

2. You justify a rape of a woman, because it is common that guys talk to a woman for a purpose of sex.


1. Muslims keep women in a state of slaves.

2. You justify this because in the west women do not have similar salary as men.

Idiotic reasoning.

Clearer or was it too abstract for a farmer?
20:02 November 26, 2011 by motti
Cowboy, the Saudi missions around the world are given $millions to spend on two items. 1/ to convert th unsuspecting to Islam while the threat od death awaits any Moslem who wishes to convert to another religion. 2/ To spread the "gospel" of Jew/Zionism/Israel hatred.

Why am I foolish to recognise Jew hatred whether practised by leftwing fascists or rightwing Nazis? There is no difference at all. Usually those who hate the Jews will auotomatically side with the Arabs, as one can see on this site.. Unfortunate by true.

I believe the longest hatred started by Rome and continued by the church for 2k years (and continued to this day) make fine bed fellows with those Moslems who call for the slaughter of Jews. This hatred is still by both is all too apparent.

When Hitler said th will kill all the Jews, many didn#t believe him. Therefore, when we hear it again today, we do believe it. Especially by thoose who distort history to maintain their abhorent views.
20:06 December 4, 2011 by Local Will
I think what surprises and amazes me the most is that when a police officer stumbled across this picture (obviously posted on a social media website) and recognized the young lady, that Swedish law or any country's law for that matter, would allow her and her friend to be "subsequently brought in for questioning by police and" "charged with hate speech." How something so obviously posted in jest by a teenager can be taken so far out of context, mystifies me.

My long deceased Polish father spent 6 years in Auschwitz and lost his brother there, and he would not have overreacted this way. He would have been saddened, but he would have understood the immaturity and the intended humor of this young couple.

We can continue to remember the horrors of the Holocaust without diminishing it's relevance in history by overreacting to situations such as this, so I accept the young lady's apology.
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