New calendar features hot Swedish ‘med studs’

Twelve male medical students from university town Uppsala, north of Stockholm, have shed their shirts for charity to produce a topless calendar for 2012.

New calendar features hot Swedish 'med studs'

”The main aim was that we wanted to do something for charity, and all the profits will go to Doctors without Borders,” said medical student Leopold Baars to The Local.

When Baars’ classmate Björn Edgren got the idea to revive an earlier class’ initiative to make a topless male calendar for charity, he didn’t find himself short of candidates.

After sending out an email to his classmates, the response was huge.

”Then we all had a chat about what we wanted and decided how we wanted to go about it,” said Baars.

After another student had been headhunted as a photographer, the guys were all set to go.

The calendar, featuring twelve male medical students, was shot at different locations in and near the Uppsala University Hospital on a Sunday.

Despite there being staff and patients about, the guys soon shed both shirts — and inhibitions — and got into the groove.

”Because it was the weekend there weren’t that many people about, so we were able to use different hospital locations. In one picture for example we are soaping down an ambulance,” Baars said.

The theme of the calendar is ”the making of a doctor” and the idea is that every month symbolizes one term of med school.

It therefore contains information regarding what the students would be focusing on at the time, which is also reflected in the picture.

”The idea was to create a tasteful and tongue-in-cheek calendar – which is why it doesn’t go beyond topless – and to do something good at the same time,” Baars said.

Baars also staunchly repudiated any claims that the charity aspect was an elaborate ruse to get to show off well-shaped chests in print.

”No, I know some people might think that, but that is not at all what it was about. The main reason was to do something good for charity,” Baars told The Local.

The hot Swedish docs-to-be are hoping to raise enough money to be able to donate 10,000 – 20, 000 kronor ($1,470 – 2,940), after production costs have been met, to Doctors without Borders.

The calendar is for sale at the Akademiska Hospital and the Biomedical Centre (BMC). However, those who can’t make it there have the option of contacting the guys via Facebook to order one.

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