Swede lands job after media campaign

Economist Michael Sundblad, who offered his first month's pay in finder's fee to whomever got him hired, received a barrage of leads and got the confidence boost needed to nail his next interview.

”I had quite a few responses, about twenty or so, from both individuals and companies,” Sundblad told The Local.

A trained economist, Sundlad had grown discouraged at not finding a job despite months of searching and hundreds of applications.

In the hopes sparking some new life in his protracted job search, Sundblad went to the media earlier this month and explained he was willing to offer his first month’s salary as a finders fee to whomever helped him land a job.

Although Sundblad was ultimately recruited by a company he had contacted before taking his search to the media, he is very glad he went ahead with his idea.

”Without the confidence boost I got from all the responses the media campaign generated, I don’t know if I would have done as well in the interview,” Sundblad said.

An economist specializing in international marketing and sales, Sundblad has previously worked in Canada and told The Local that his dream job would involve working in both countries.

During the time he was unemployed, he applied for near 300 jobs, only to receive standardized letters declining to give him an interview.

Born in Canada and with dual citizenship, Sundblad was surprised to find that despite being bilingual and having international work experience, he didn’t seem to be able to compete on the Swedish labour market.

The idea to offer his first month’s salary as a finders fee was born out of the frustration of not being able to break through this barrier.

”It was a strange feeling to go so public with being out of work, but it was ultimately a good thing,” Sundblad said.

As the job he accepted was one he had contacted before the media campaign, he didn’t need to cough up a finder’s fee.

”I am just really happy, it is such a jungle out there. So many people are competing for the same jobs,” he said.

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