New stalking law prompts flood of reports: study

In the two months since Sweden adopted a new law against stalking, as many as 125 cases have been reported to the police.

New stalking law prompts flood of reports: study

Stockholm dominates the statistics with 38 cases reported in the capital since the law came into force on October 1st, according to a report by TV4 Nyheterna news programme.

“It shows that the legislation was needed,” said prosecutor Mary Thorell in a statement.

The new law enabled victims of stalkers to report successive incidents under the new charge of unlawful persecution (olaglig förföljelse).

Previously alleged victims had been obliged to report each incident as an individual case of threatening behaviour or assault.

The first trial involving a case of stalking opened on Tuesday in Borås in western Sweden and will serve as an examination of the new law.

The majority of the cases represented in preliminary National Crime Prevention Council (Brottsförebygganderådet – Brå) statistics for October are women – in 60 cases, it concerns adult women, while in five cases the alleged victims are girls aged under 18.

According to a Brå study from 2006, one in ten Swedes has experienced some form of stalking at some point in their lives. The majority of those affected are women.

According to the study, the victim is acquainted with the perpetrator in the majority of cases but in a third of all incidents the stalker is an unknown person.

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Bluff bid for Swedish firm sparks market turmoil

An erroneous press release published on Friday indicating that Swedish firm Fingerprint Cards had been acquired by Samsung led to a sharp rise in the firm's stock and a criminal investigation once the mistake had been discovered.

Bluff bid for Swedish firm sparks market turmoil

“An investigation has shown that the company followed its routines and was subjected to a deliberate fraud attempt,” business wire service Cision, the firm responsible for publishing the press release, said in a statement on Friday.

Fingerprint Cards, a Gothenburg-based biometric technology firm, issued a denial on its homepage on Friday that it had been acquired by the Korean electronics giant.

“The news in today’s media that Fingerprint Cards AB has been acquired by Samsung is incorrect… What has happened will be reported to the police and to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority,” the firm wrote.

The matter is now being handled by the Swedish Economic Crimes Authority (Ekobrottsmyndigheten) which has opened a preliminary investigation into aggravated fraud.

Trading in the company’s stock was halted as soon as the abnormal share fluctuations were detected on Friday morning and all trades completed between 10.17am and 10.34 have been nullified.

Fingerprint Cards’ stock has been one of the Stockholm exchange’s strongest performers since the turn of the year, having climbed over 320 percent since January 1st.

The latest Apple Iphone incorporates the firm’s fingerprint sensor.

All trades from 10.17am have also been nullified in sector colleague Precise Biometrics, which also climbed steeply on Friday.

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