Swedes and the US: a love-hate relationship?

Swedes and the US: a love-hate relationship?
The US divides opinion in Sweden. To some it is the land of the free, to others the home of the depraved. The over-powerful, gluttonous antithesis of Sweden's liberal, distributive society - or pretty cool? Feel free to have your say.

While Sweden has long embraced elements of the culture of the US, to some the influence is not at all benevolent or welcome, complaining of cultural imperialism.

The Hollywood remake of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” will no doubt illustrate this duality when it goes on release in December and while tickets will no doubt be in high demand, the critics will not be far behind.

While Swedish opinion may be divided on the country across the pond, one thing is certain – the US demands, and is given, its share of attention.

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