How do Swedes survive?: director David Fincher

How do Swedes survive?: director David Fincher
After spending last winter in rural Sweden recording the Hollywood version of "The girl with the dragon tattoo", director David Fincher was left baffled as to how Swedes survive the cold, dark months.

Although born in the ski Mecca of Colorado, Fincher is raised in California which put him way outside his normal habitat as he was shooting in the Swedish winter landscape.

“When the sun goes down at 2 in the afternoon, and the winds whip up and it’s 30-below, you realize these people are made of heartier stuff,” Fincher was quoted telling USA Today.

“And you think, ‘My God, how do you survive this?'”

But Fincher admitted the characteristic landscape had added a lot to the movie.

“People don’t live on top of each other in apartments,” he told the paper.

“There’s a house every mile and a half apart, and you’re in 4 feet of ice. It’s unbelievable. There’s a reason this doesn’t take place in Cleveland.”

So to answer Fincher’s question, The Local asked a few people on the town just how they go about surviving the Swedish winter:

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