Fancy hotel set to rile posh neighbours

Residents in one of Stockholm's wealthiest districts are up in arms over proposals for a bijou exclusive hotel, planned by one of the country’s most well known venture capitalists.

Harald Mix, CEO of private equity firm Altor, and his wife Jeanette, are planning to convert one of the buildings in the highly fashionable Lärkstaden area of the capital, into a high end 12 room hotel.

The new hotel, on Sköldungagatan, near the Engelbrekt Church, is housed in one of the district’s distinctive brick buildings from the early 1900s.

Property prices are among the highest in the city and house offices, as well as several embassies.

Until now however, none of them has ever been converted into a hotel, because by modern standards, the building is too small.

Mix though, is intending to capitalise on its exclusivity by charging guests up to 10,000 kronor ($ 1,500) per night, according to reports in business paper Dagens Industri.

Despite the price tag, guests will not even be able to enjoy the fruits of a fancy restaurant. The tiny hotel will have no corridors, just 12 rooms and a kitchen with a small breakfast room.

The promotional material claims that it is aimed at people who “care about their privacy and require absolute discretion.”

British interior designer Ilse Crawford is responsible for fittings in the hotel apparently designed to feel like a “home from home” for guests.

The marketing brochure doesn’t however warn of the possibility of meeting angry well-to-do neighbours, who have protested, so far in vain, to have plans for the conversion rejected.

For now though, town planners have rejected the complaints and the plans look set to go ahead.

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