Swedish town in fear of face-slapping ‘saviour’

A 40-year-old man in Hultsfred in southern Sweden, who likes to ”bless” people by laying his hands on them, recently got into trouble as he wandered into a local high school and slapped the teachers who asked him to leave.

”The teachers intervened when he was disturbing the order at the high school and he responded by getting violent,” said police officer John-Åke Andersson to local paper Barometern.

The man has been spotted trying to ”bless” people in many places around Hultsfred during the autumn, according to the paper.

He says he is God’s elect ”saviour” and reportedly has zero tolerance for those who don’t share his belief.

The 40-year-old has been barred from a number of places in the area. He has previously tried to help out at the local church, against the will of the pastor and the other church staff.

During the summer, the man chose the library as a venue to bless people. When told to leave by an employee, the man grew violent and tried to strike the librarian, according to news site Nyheterna.net.

During the summer he also reportedly tried to hit someone at the railway station in Högsby.

In October, the man went into another local school, Allbäcksskolan, to bless the children and the teachers. He had been there previously, but this time one of the teachers had had enough and told him that he was not allowed on the premises.

The man, affronted, then struck the teacher with an open hand.

According to the police, the man’s ”blessing” days may soon be over, as extensive charges against him are being prepared.

”But because he keeps getting into trouble, the preliminary investigation keeps being extended with new interrogations,” said Andersson to Barometern.

However, on Monday he was arrested, under suspicion of assault, according to Nyheterna.net.

The man is also reported to have visited the police station in Hultsfred on his own accord, wanting to bless the police. However, when the officers told him not to, he left without causing any further trouble.

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