Parents reeling after maternity ward mayhem

Chaos erupted among newborn babies at a Gothenburg maternity ward on Tuesday when police attempted to arrest a wanted criminal visiting a new addition to the family.

”I am still shaking inside. I have never been so scared in my entire life,” new mother Isabelle Hermansson told local paper Göteborgsposten (GP).

The hullabaloo first began when two police officers in civilian clothing apprehended the man in a narrow corridor in the visitors’ entrance to the Östra Hospital in Gothenburg. According to the paper, he was wanted for a robbery in another country.

The man resisted the arrest and was joined by several family members who tried to prevent police from apprehending the man.

Soon at least ten people were involved in the scrap. According to witness reports at least four or five newborn babies, along with several other children, were in the corridor at the time of the fight.

Terrified new parents fled into side corridors with their babies.

Hermansson was in the corridor with newborn daughter Lova, when the fight erupted.

”There was nowhere I could go with my child and the atmosphere felt as if they would pull out guns any minute. It looked like a gang fight,” she said to GP.

However, the officers soon received backup and four people were arrested. Three of the man’s relatives are now also under suspicion for violence against police officers and attempting to aid the escape of a criminal.

However, the incident has left the parents shaken and surprised at the police officers’ conduct.

“Maybe it would have been more appropriate to arrest this person outside of the hospital and not in the corridor. I don’t get what the officers were thinking. It doesn’t seem to have been a very well planned arrest,” one father said.

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