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Far-right demo creates chaos in Stockholm

TT/Joel Linde · 10 Dec 2011, 14:49

Published: 10 Dec 2011 14:49 GMT+01:00

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Chants and slogans could be heard as the right wing protesters were escorted outside the riot fence at Mynttorget. Police scattered one of the counter protest droves where groups such as Brittans damgympa and Aktion mot deportation participated.

Eggs, bottles and firecrackers come flying through the air as hundreds of counter protesters have come to interrupt the right wing protests.

"Right now it's quite chaotic. Several people have tried to get past the riot fence," said police spokesperson Diana Sundin, adding that several people have been arrested.

The atmosphere is very tense, news agency TT reported, and aside from the yelling and chanting, at least one boom has gone off.

According to police the boom came from Riksbron, but was caused by some form of firework, and nobody was harmed.

Police are doing their best to avoid direct confrontation between the two forces, but have allowed the counter protesters to stay temporarily at the Mynttorget before dismissing them.

"We might need to move them if they don't go voluntarily, but that's usually not necessary," police spokesperson Anders Gillander told TT.

Hundreds of counter protesters are gathered outside the Riksdag next to Mynttorget, and police have formed a human wall to control the crowd.

The first dozen right wing extremists marched right through the masses of counter protesters and were faced with chantings and pushes, which they responded to by yelling their own chants. About thirty police officers rushed to the site to avert fights.

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The anti nazi network "Vi är 94 pro cent" (Literally: We are 94 percent) gathered hundreds of followers in Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm. The arrangers have held speeches and musicians have performed from a trailer.

Later the crowd of 500-1000 people started moving towards the Raoul Wallenbergs torg plaza, carrying placards saying for example "Stop right wing extremism".

Some are masked, but a majority are not. The crowd is under control, and a large number of police officers are following the march.

TT/Joel Linde (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:30 December 10, 2011 by kopraonu
Strange. Communist thug attack to peaceful swedes is called "chaos".
16:33 December 10, 2011 by banannen
dont blame the right
16:38 December 10, 2011 by cowboykodp
I wish I was there and had the Chutzpuh to face off with these Nazi's.

The anti nazi network "Vi är 94 pro cent" ... This has to be the single best name for these brave people.

Now lets hear all the SD (6%) supporters saying how Sweden/Europe is turning on its immigrants.

It is and will always be the other way around.
16:41 December 10, 2011 by jvtx3232
Wow, sounds like the lefties are really turning violent. Some people don't like the truth I guess.

Curious about the headline, it seems that the right was having a peaceable assembly & demonstration. But it's the counter-protesters who are causing:

"Eggs, bottles and firecrackers come flying through the air as hundreds of counter protesters have come to interrupt the right wing protests."

So obviously it's not the peaceful right who are creating "chaos" per the headline, but rather the violent counter-demonstrators on the left. The ones who are obviously seeking to stifle freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. How fascist of the left.
17:09 December 10, 2011 by godnatt
Anyone who thinks 94% of Swedes are pro-immigration just because they didn't vote for SD needs to leave Sodermalm once in a while.

Yeah, right.
18:08 December 10, 2011 by The Green Turtle
The comments above are the very reason I stopped reading the local. I know they are alluding to SOMETHING but to what is not clearly written.

If you have points to make, clarify them in your head before you post something.

18:27 December 10, 2011 by Greekfan
In this case I can't decide which of the two sets of demonstrators is the most repulsive. There doesn't seem to be much to choose between them.
18:33 December 10, 2011 by esvahnt
these people want anything but total power

they are taking the professions ,the right to make an scandal in the street whithout being deported ,they rape our womans our welfare

what else is left?
19:06 December 10, 2011 by Iraniboy
Well, these right wing groups cannot realize that they cannot attract more members by simply screaming and shouting on the streets every other month! At least not in Sweden! Things work differently! Sadly their lack of understanding from Swedish society is deep inside their ideology.
19:31 December 10, 2011 by imascatman
If this website bans comments from American IP addresses, then the right-wing Nazi supporting comments would drop by 95%.

How about you Americans stop commenting on news from other countries?
20:42 December 10, 2011 by cowboykodp

I am a proud American and I hate these SD, Nazi, Right wing punks.

The truth is that there are 90% in the US who are the silent majority.

These "Americans" commenting on this site are the 5 to 10% who don't have a life.

Not much different than the 5 to 10% of any country in the world.
20:56 December 10, 2011 by kopraonu
"".....The truth is that there are 90% in the US who are the silent majority.....""

Are you sure, that 90% of Americans support mass immigration and communist violence against those, who oppose it ?
21:26 December 10, 2011 by apelsin000
It is rather confusing, as far as I know, Nazi was also something more left than right, they were socialist...
21:57 December 10, 2011 by imascatman
@ apelsin000

American intellect at work on the Local here, folks.
22:22 December 10, 2011 by fedotovskiy
"If this website bans comments from American IP addresses, then the right-wing Nazi supporting comments would drop by 95%. "

WOW! Nice!

Do Sweden need a censorship? Do most of sweds support this idea?

What about "freedom of speach"? have you heard about this, Sweden?
22:50 December 10, 2011 by engagebrain
apelsin000 ' It is rather confusing, as far as I know, Nazi was also something more left than right, they were socialist...'

It isn't confusing but misrepresent the Nazis.

The Nazis were funded by big business and did pretty good job at trashing the trade unions along with almost every other political organization and most neighbouring countries- but not the churches. They were not strong on workers rights or due process of law. So not socialists.
22:56 December 10, 2011 by Bobafetto08
@cowboykodp - December 10, 2011, 16:38

Cowboy Code Pink! We don't have a need for disgusting marxist dregs like you in Sweden! You can stay in the park you are illegally occupying - that is when you are not getting high and defecating on the American flag and police cars!
23:10 December 10, 2011 by cowboykodp
"Cowboy Code Pink! We don't have a need for disgusting marxist dregs like you in Sweden! You can stay in the park you are illegally occupying - that is when you are not getting high and defecating on the American flag and police cars!"

This is coming from someone who is named after a Star Wars character.

Need I say more?
23:15 December 10, 2011 by imascatman
I wipe my ass with American flags.
23:15 December 10, 2011 by Bobafetto08
godnatt - December 10, 2011, 17:09

Don't expect logical reasoning from a radical marxist drone like #3, Code Pink. Sadly, that individual is F.U.B.R!
23:23 December 10, 2011 by kopraonu
@ engagebrain

""...They were not strong on workers rights or due process of law....""

Try to check your sources. Even marxists don,t claim that anymore. Now they claim, that NSDAP made a lot of good to workers just to show, that they are better than communists.....:D
00:38 December 11, 2011 by smultronberry
wow, a lot of nazi sympathizers in these comments..
05:23 December 11, 2011 by Jannik

Please stop making personal insults you sound like a brainwashed leftist hater.
08:18 December 11, 2011 by calebian22
I find it interesting that doing a quick internet search finds terms like right wing extremist, ultra nationalist, right wing nazi, but no mention of Sverige Demokraterna anywhere in relation to this demonstration. Often the Local leaves out crucial information but it seems as if all new outlets are also being deliberately vague on the details. I love how if you are left, everyone else is a nazi. Morons.
09:50 December 11, 2011 by cowboykodp

By your logic then the 95% who don't like SD and did not vote for them are leftists and morons?

Like I said, 95% of Swedes, 85% of the Dutch and as a general rule 85 to 90% of all Europeans disagree with you.

Again, your buddies on this site (maybe not you) believe anti Nazi/anti bigotry/anti hate means you are pro immigration.

These are the morons.
10:22 December 11, 2011 by calebian22

I think my post was pretty clear. Look at all the posts against SD. Look at the 94 percenter group. Don't you think that if SD was involved in this protest, the Local, the AP, TT, AFP would have been all over that? However, they know that leftist morons don't see a difference, nor are they capable of seeing a difference.. They post "right wing," and idiots immediately jump Nazi/SD.

I hear so much about all man education in Sweden and how superior it is. Apparently allmänt utbildning doesn't include critical thinking.
10:32 December 11, 2011 by muscle
so who won? :)
11:08 December 11, 2011 by cowboykodp

Could it be that 90 to 95% of people in Sweden don't see a difference between SD ideology and Nazi Ideology?

Just a thought.

It has nothing to do with education. SD and their reps have made some very troubling comments. I know you most likely agree with them, but I can tell you without a doubt that the average Swedes is disgusted by those comments.

(Muslims are pedophiles, rapists, criminals, want to take over, blacks have rape genes, etc..)

Not to say that these Swedes do not want immigration limits, but they will choose a different party to do this 9.5 out of 10 times.

SD will never get a bigger foothold in Sweden they have now.
12:01 December 11, 2011 by fedotovskiy

Why comments were deleted?

Censorship in action? Where is democracy and freedom of speech?

I think US guys should consider Sweden as one of countries where democracy should be "improved".
12:17 December 11, 2011 by rise
Although I didn't vote for SD I despise the "anti SD" violence that occurs all the time in both verbally and physically ways. The "anti SD" demonstrants are acting exactly the way which they are accusing SD of doing. It is pure projection if there ever was any. They're blind for the fact that they themselves are the ones whom they claim to fight. Better to have a target to blame instead of dealing with your own demons. :P
12:57 December 11, 2011 by godnatt
Funny. These leftists will defend any right winger as long as he isn't white.

Believe in female circumcision, Sharia, killing cartoonists, exploiting your depraved hosts, wife beating, killing apostates, killing gays and Jewish conspiracies?

That's "diversity".

White right wingers get bottles thrown at them.
13:10 December 11, 2011 by cowboykodp

I assume you are saying Muslims are not and can't be white?

Check your facts. Also check your "Believe in" facts while your at it.

White right wingers don't get bottles thrown at them. Nazi's do.

You know, the same Nazi's who killed the Jews that our country fought a war to protect.
13:57 December 11, 2011 by ebsor12
American intellect vs Swedish Intellect these rare species on thelocal, that would be something interesting.
15:53 December 11, 2011 by seekingthetruth
This whole thing is disgusting, why can't Sweden Democrats be simply removed from office and anyone who supports or agrees with them (i.e. the Nazi people) removed from Sweden? That would correct all the fighting for sure....
16:46 December 11, 2011 by rise
@ cowboykodp

"You know, the same Nazi's who killed the Jews that our country fought a war to protect."

Not that I have to answer instead 'godnatt' but I just have too comment on that one, this sentence of classical American self-righteousness again. The allies had no way of knowing about the concentration and labor camps and certainly not about the holocaust. Not even the German people knew about them!

Sure, there were those who became suspicious, especially after considering the few eyewitnesses who actually had managed to escape the camps. But seriously, could anyone really believe in the stories? It must've been all too preposterous to hear about, even in times of war as it were.

But anyway, maybe you can fool yourself that you actually fought a war to protect the Jews but you can hardly fool anybody else.
17:49 December 11, 2011 by jostein
The demonstration was an open demontration against "svenskfientlighet" and a rememberance of the murder of a young man, i see no harm in that.

The organisations behind it are mostly composed of people who embrace authoritarianism, something i dont like. But its kind of revealing how leftist thugs attack a peaceful demonstration with a peaceful message.
19:24 December 11, 2011 by godnatt
@ cowboy

I got nothing against a neo-Nazi catching an egg to the head.

Just saying... blatant double standard.

Foreign right wing extremism is given a free pass because it falls under the sacred doctrine of "multiculturalism."
19:41 December 11, 2011 by cowboykodp

I along with 99.9% of Muslims have nothing against Muslim Terrorists being hanged by the B#*s. I see no double standard here.


WW2 was fought to save Europe from Nazi Germany. It was not started solely for the purpose of saving the Jews. And yes, like it or not, Europe was getting their A^*&s kicked before the US stepped in.

I might add thought in my opinion, the US lost the moral high ground after the Vietnam war. Most if not all the wars after Vietnam were fought for entirely weaker reasons. My opinion.

Not all Americans are the same.
19:45 December 11, 2011 by calebian22

That is the point. So many don't see a difference between SD and Nazis. Where in the SD platform is there any mention of racial purity? Where in the SD platform is ethnic or religious cleansing mentioned? It is not. Just because SD is willing to focus on the real world problem of the non-integration of immigrants in Sweden they are immediately labeled Nazi. However this is inaccurate and frankly lazy. It is easier to cry bigot and dismiss than it is to actually look at the ugly truth about immigration in Sweden.

As for SD's foothold, I would have to disagree with you. It will increase in the next election. Half of SD's percentage in the last election was from defectors in the Moderates and the Social Democrats who were fed up with the status quo of immigration. What has changed in this election term? Nothing even remotely restrictive has been implemented. SD will hit double digits in 2014. However, will this mean that more bigots and racists have moved into Sweden? No, the electorate is just getting fed up with the open door policy Sweden has insanely implemented. Since SD is the only party pushing the dirty little secret forward in the Riksdag, people on the street level will vote for them.

If Sweden wants SD to shrink, the larger parties need to address the problem. You can't fix top heavy retirement age demographic problem, by importing people who have no interest in integrating, nor can you import ignorant sheep herders and expect them to hit the ground running in Western civilization. Sweden has a problem. SD is the only party willing to talk about solutions.
20:02 December 11, 2011 by Bobafetto08
@seekingthetruth - December 11, 2011 kl. 15:53

Firstly, this annual demo has nothing to do with Sweden Democrats. These people are right-wing extremists that politically belong to a category that SD purged from its ranks in the '90s. Secondly, you have obviously learned nothing during your time in this country. We live in a democracy and not in the Middle East, and thus we don't have people "simply removed from office and anyone who supports or agrees with them" just because of a difference of opinion. No, those things are decided through the free and equal practice of political self-determination aka as the election process. Thirdly and finally, as the concept of democracy obviously doesn't appeal to you, why don't you and your brothers in religion, just relocate back to the MENA dump, you originate from? That would correct nearly all of this country's social problems for sure....
21:29 December 11, 2011 by godnatt
@ cowboy

You sure are pretty loose with throwing numbers around. Perhaps you ought to look some of this stuff up before pulling them from your darkstar.

Approve or have mixed feeling about terrorism against US civilians:

worldpublicopinion dot org (often accused of being liberal, btw. There are more disturbing ones than this)

Pakistan: 25%

Palestine: 40%

Jordan: 23%

Turkey: 18%

99%...this, blah, blah...95%...that. You just make yourself sound like a silly kid.

And extremism isn't JUST terrorism by a long shot. The vast majority of Muslims don't resemble "moderate" by any modern humanistic sense as you pretend and they are happy to state as much when asked in VERIFIABLE poll after poll.

You can't be taken with an iota of seriousness when you can't even start from the place of the truth. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that it's simply ignorance and not outright lying.
22:30 December 11, 2011 by cowboykodp

I guess all I can say is people hate the message when they hate the messenger.

Like it or not 90 to 95% of people in Sweden (as election results showed, and speaking with many normal Swedes) equate SD with Nazi's.


I was hoping I didn't have to get into this but here it is.

Lets not take Muslim countries and the issue of Islam, since it is a touchy subject with you.

We will take Vietnam etc...

The Vietnamese thought Americans were terrorists, and we thought the Vietnamese were the terrorists.

Israeli's think the Palestinians are terrorists and the Palestinians think Israeli's are the terrorists.

Catch my drift.

So, your numbers are relative and not absolute.

Bottom line, as I have told you in the past, if you really want answers and insight, you MUST get to know your "enemy" personally. Not through the internet.

There is an old saying that goes something like..."If you let go of the tigers tail, you will see that its really a pussy cat."

Face your fears. At the end of the day hate comes from fear...ON ALL SIDES.
02:06 December 12, 2011 by Grokh
what i dont get is why the police allows for an anti protest in the same day...

its a recipe for disaster , why cant they protest against eachother in different days?
10:07 December 12, 2011 by SaxSymbol73

I find it humourous that you say you wipe your ass with the American flag, as your username means, quite literally that you are made of s-h-i-t ("I am a scat man"). Scat=animal dung


Perfect name for yourself: job well done.
10:21 December 12, 2011 by seekingthetruth
@Bobafetto08, let me tell YOU something. You are a hateful racist person, you dont know where I am from or what my family and i have been through!! I actually understand democracy and cant wait until all my sons, my cousins and their children all are of voting age and we have a real voice in Sweden. We can vote out racist politcians!
10:39 December 12, 2011 by cowboykodp

Great comment. Good for you.
11:28 December 12, 2011 by rise
@ cowboykodp

"And yes, like it or not, Europe was getting their A^*&s kicked before the US stepped in."

Sure the US stepped in and helped in Europe. But the turning point for the Nazis wasn't the US but Soviet. "Stalingrad became Hitler's Poltava", as the phrase goes in Swedish history books (Poltava in Ukraine was were the Swedish king Karl XII in in his time had his turning point against Russian troops). Soviet beat the Nazis, and regarding the US they beat the Japanese empire in their war in the pacific ocean.
13:29 December 12, 2011 by flintis
@cowboy, The US stepped in when the the tide had turned, the turning point was Hitlers indecision (not crossing the channel) & the cock ups he made with the winter campaign, if the nips hadn't bombed Pearl the US would have sat happily on the other side of the pond as the Kennedys wanted them to.

You probably believe the US version of Bridge over the Kwai where the Yanks blew the bridge, fact being there were very few yanks in that part of Asia.

Lets put the caps where they fit, there is no difference between the Commies & the Nazi's when it comes to human rights, well just one, the commies have murdered far more innocent people.
15:44 December 12, 2011 by Global Macro
So what is this crack against Americans commenting. You lefties are big on "multiculturalism" and "transnationalism." So why aren't our opinions just as valid as anyone else's? If not for us, you would all be speaking German.
16:03 December 12, 2011 by Svenny Brogarth
My word this is all a load of tosh. Sweden is neither left or right, they are both massive and pointless minorities in terms of political elections, i dont mean pointless entirely as everyone is entitled to their opinions. However this 95% against the right ideology is undoubtably correct, but it would be a similar amount against the "left" that is being spoken about on this thread making the debate pretty redundant.

Western Europe no matter what the political party in individual countries is called is governed by central parties. Parties that have no ideology other than trying to get votes. Parties that have no structure in terms of goals they simply roll with the punches and try and do what they believe the majority want them to do. How we are talking about WW2 and Nazi ideology as if it has any bearing what so ever on who will govern Sweden or any of France, Germany, UK, etc... Lets face it the pathetic numbers of people who attended the marches on either side speaks volumes as to how much of a non story all of this is.

Politics is no longer about two sides fighting against each other, there are no debates simply vote making schemes
22:19 December 12, 2011 by tnmccoy
This article remains confusing even after two readings. It sounds like the writer is trying to blame 'right wing extremists' for the 'chaos.' Well, Sweden is a Socialist Country. Every sane person, therefore, would be to the right of the powers-that-be. To call anyone 'far right' is just a Socialist/Liberal way of trying to demonize and marginalize the Conservative movement. Despite the writer's efforts to hide the facts, it seems to me that everything was peaceful until the anti-protesters showed up with bottles and other throwing ammunition. Apparently, this writer is a socialist who can't stand that anyone disagrees with him. Sounds like an American Liberal.
01:08 December 13, 2011 by jvtx3232
I agree with most of what you say tnmccoy (#51).
01:54 December 13, 2011 by rouzi
No matter who is who . The matter is that it was a fight and it is absolutely unacceptable !
04:01 December 13, 2011 by Global Macro
Rouzi, it matters a lot. One group was demonstrating without violence to support a political point of view. The other group was attempting to silence those voices by using violence. And the media have attempted to spin the confrontation as having been precipitated by the victims of a violent attack.
10:36 December 13, 2011 by rise
Global Macro, #54.

You hit the bull's-eye with that one! And that's what I meant in my post #30 - the anti demonstrants are the ones personalized whom they claim to be fighting against. They just don't see it.
21:20 December 13, 2011 by Husky

After you have had your say and your do gooder attitude, i love everyone and have dinner parties with your i love multiculturalism mates, and in the near future when Sweden is on it's knees like the UK, your the type that will leave and sit on the beach in Florida with your US pension, You make yourself look so stupid writing on here defending all the time on so many subjects and it's the same old same old from you, you attack your fellow country man Godnatt

maybe you where born with a silver spoon in your mouth and never seen the real world, wake up mate and smell the coffee, watch CNN, watch euro news, problem in Sweden is the Swed's are great people but they don't see what is happening in the rest of Europe.

God bless Sweden and and all that reside there,
20:53 December 14, 2011 by Bobafetto08
@ seekingthetruth - December 12, 2011 kl 10:21

And there at last comes the racism card! Listen up rosebud! I despise Islam for the disgusting intolerant, backwards, violent, hateful, misogynistic and homophobic set of ideas it advocates, and not because of the skin colour of Muslims! I personally couldn't give a flying fack about peoples race or ethnicity, it's their values and attitudes towards their surrounding world, that's the most essential. As for your identity supposedly being a well-hidden secret, you have yourself on several occasions openly flaunted your islamic identity, which - no secret - also strongly coincides with your pro-Islamic views. And no, you haven't understood a darn thing about democracy. You are just a big Muslim cry baby that thinks he is entitled to respect when he himself gives non!
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