Convicted killer jailed for raping 12-year-old girl

Rocco Jensen, a 41-year-old previously convicted of murder, was on Tuesday convicted and sentenced to four years in prison after raping a 12-year-old girl in a stairwell in Stockholm in July.

The girl had been on her way to meet a friend of the same age on an early Friday evening in July and was just outside her friend’s house in central Stockholm when she was suddenly attacked.

“A call was made to the police at 8:24pm,” Stefan Nordenmark of the Stockholm police told the newspaper Expressen at the time.

The girl was severely traumatized by the incident, reported the newspaper, but was able to tell police that an unknown man had attacked her and then raped her.

Jensen, who was arrested in August and has denied the allegations from the start, claimed that the reason his sperm was found on the girl’s clothes and underwear was that she must have somehow got his semen on her after he had been masturbating in the stairwell.

But according to the verdict, Jensen had forced the girl to perform ”intercourse and other sexual acts” while taking a stranglehold on her and gripping her neck tighter when she tried to struggle free.

In 1993, Jensen was convicted to life in prison after beating and stabbing his 21-year-old girlfriend Lotta Lindström to death in Linköping in central Sweden.

After stabbing Lindström in the throat, Jensen went to bed, leaving her to bleed to death.

Forensics investigators told Aftonbladet that it probably took two hours before she finally died and that blood tracks around the flat showed she attempted but failed to save herself.

Jensen was sentenced to life but later had his sentence reduced to 26 years. In December last year, he was released ahead of schedule.

According to Aftonbladet, Jensen was already committing new crimes during the probationary period prior to his official release. During one of his probations he was discovered on the Stockholm metro with drugs and a knife.

Despite this, he was released according to schedule and able to rejoin society in December last year.

At the time, the National Board of Forensic Medicine (Rättsmedicinalverket-RMV) deemed the risk of him re-offending as slim.

The prosecutor wanted Jensen convicted for aggravated rape and to pay damages of 190,000 kronor ($28,000).

However, on Tuesday he was sentenced by the court to four years imprisonment for raping the 12-year-old.

As the new conviction constitutes a violation of the conditional release from his life sentence, Jensen must also serve another four years from the previous sentence, bringing his total sentence to eight years.

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