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Shock deportation leaves Swedish town reeling

The Local/dl · 14 Dec 2011, 11:06

Published: 14 Dec 2011 11:06 GMT+01:00

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“They are one of us,” Sten-Ove Danielsson, a Social Democratic member of the local council in Ånge in north central Sweden, told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Danielsson's comments refer to the Danielian/Arustamjan family, who came to Sweden from Armenia in 2000 and had lived in the community for the last ten years.

But in the early hours of Tuesday morning, border police arrived at the family's home and whisked the parents and their three teenage sons away.

The family was on a plane back to Armenia before noon, leaving friends of the sons, aged 13, 15, and 17, in tears as they waited in vain for the boys to turn up at the local school's Lucia Day celebrations.

“Every youngster is sitting and crying down at the school,” teacher Berit Holm told the newspaper.

Fellow teacher Krister Gunnar, who once had one of the family's sons as a student, was taken aback by the emotional outburst that swept across the school community when he turned up to watch the Lucia Day procession.

“I was greeted by weeping children. Everyone was in tears – children and adults – everyone. Even the cleaners were sobbing,” he said.

Elise Gulliksson, 14, is friends with two of the boys and spoke with them before they were taken away.

“We couldn't talk too long because the police were there. They said they missed us and hoped they'd be able to come back,” she told Aftonbladet.

Gulliksson had a hard time accepting that her friends and their family had been kicked out of the country.

“It think its ridiculous. I don't know how they can do this. I've been crying for hours.”

But the Danielian/Arustamjan family have had a deportation order hanging over their heads since 2008, having twice had their applications for residency in Sweden rejected.

According to police, the operation to carry out the deportation took place without incident.

“Police knocked on their door early in the morning and helped them pack their bags,” police spokesperson Annica Odelind told the newspaper.

She also confirmed that the family had no idea that Lucia Day 2011 would be their last day in Sweden.

“They didn't know. All they knew is that they weren't supposed to still be in the country; that they were in country illegally,” said Odelind.

Before the plane took off for Armenia, 13-year-ol Valerik managed to send a text message to one of his friends:

“We've been deported to Armenia :(”

Story continues below…

Following the surprise deportation, more than one hundred members of the community of roughly 3,000 people gathered in a town square on Tuesday afternoon to protest the move.

“Save the family, let them come back for Christmas,” the crowd chanted.

Family friend Gunilla Orsén told the paper that residents of Ånge who knew the family considered them to be nice and helpful people.

“Their foremost wish was to blend into Swedish society and be accepted,” she told the paper.

Local council member Danielsson has said he plans to look into finding ways to bring the Danielian/Arustamjan family back to Sweden as labour migrants.

The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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11:56 December 14, 2011 by seborga82
but they are eastern europeans...swedish authority has less sympathy for these kinds than the folks with jihad backgrounds. Those who can more or less living on the swedish welfare are more welcomed. Eastern europeans and asians are too capable for sweden, a threat!!!
12:01 December 14, 2011 by bourgeoisieboheme
Illeagal is illegal... why would a community be shocked?
12:15 December 14, 2011 by Abe L
Indeed, this seems like a matter of lack of information being provided to the community about the seriousness of their offense and the consequences of not dealing with these kind of people to a society and economy.

The only card for these people to play is to get out in public and hope someone feels sorry for them. It is sickening to see some politicians trying to score points after these things hit the publicity. They should instead support the policy for a change enforcing the law.
12:23 December 14, 2011 by George1982

Armenians don't have jihad backgrounds, they are the first nation who officially accepted Christianity as an official religion in 301.
12:49 December 14, 2011 by kenny8076
assuming they were illegal.... why after 10 years would they not take actions in doing things legitimately and the right way? I have never understood with people why every law is ok and followed by the majority except immigrating illegally..... people seem to think thats ok, but stealing a car from a rich person is a crime. When you come to a country illegally you are undocumented and there for unaccounted for. you are not paying into the society in most cases but as we all know illegals have just as many rights as legals..... even being able to start their own businesses in Sweden.......

I feel bad for the kids but they can blame their parents on that one..... not being responsible enough a decade ago to go through the process like everyone else does and continue to do. I HATE dealing with migrationsverket but you know what.... ITS THE LAW and i do it, and currently reside here LEGALLY!!
13:11 December 14, 2011 by gabeltoon
What a cold hearted thing to do to a family especially at this time of year.As i don't know the ins and outs of the case surely the authorities would have been communicating with the family.I feel sorry for everyone involved.
13:20 December 14, 2011 by Central European
well am sure they need empty some quota for some arabs.... looks like that last week jailed 23 rappers from north of africa would have a space to live after 2-3 years in **** prison becouse immigration office wisely send out peoples who have no problem to join postchristian society .
13:44 December 14, 2011 by rumcajs
@Carolina Correia,

we need more of this kind of action??? Why do you say that??? There's an entire community saying that there are good people, so I don't think they bothered anybody... specialy YOU.

By the way, "Carolina Correia" doesn't sound very Swedish to me!!!
13:47 December 14, 2011 by dtrocilo
You guys miss the point. The purpose with such an action is not to apply the law, the purpose is to create fear so as to produce a docile and domesticated immigrant who accepts swedish mechanisms of social control. Because Sweden does not deport those pimps that work illegally in the sex industry. Or event he prostitutes who work in this business. Oh, no, these are necessary for the functioning of the double morals of swedish society.
13:47 December 14, 2011 by Svenny Brogarth
I dont get why this is a news story. illegal immigrants are deported. Just because they had some friends this is news?
14:05 December 14, 2011 by Migga
Well to me it`s been blown out of proportion. If they were in the country illegaly then they knew it was going to happend. Then they have a responsibility to either leave themselves or tell the community about the situation. So that it won`t be a shock. But apperently they have tried to hush things up and live on.

At the same time it feels abit akward to deport this family when we have rapists and criminals who get to stay. But it`s nothing new that the immigration policies are out of touch with reality.
14:16 December 14, 2011 by bourgeoisieboheme
We are a nation of laws, we can't pick and choose which to follow and not follow, otherwise society would be in chaos. People need to accept this and while it may be sad, so is the millions who die everyday in all sorts of preventable way but Sweden is not here to save the world. This was a group of people breaking the law for 10 years and they were caught and justly punished. Case closed.
14:36 December 14, 2011 by seekingthetruth
This is terrible! There are children and parents here that deserve the good life! Shame on Swedden!!!
14:58 December 14, 2011 by godnatt
Hej då!

Break law = consequences.

Hope they have a good movie on the flight!
14:58 December 14, 2011 by Terri85
Seborga82 Armenia is a Christian country, and moreover they were 1st in the world history to adopt Christianity as a nation religion in 301. And secons Armenians have nothing to do with jihad. I have visited that country and know this nation.
15:02 December 14, 2011 by canuk
oh yes, 'reeling' is im sure the best adjective that could have been used. Seems that the local has a list of about 10 adjectives they use for every story. Honestly the worst 'translation' service ever. Its not even reporting!
15:04 December 14, 2011 by Puffin
This is shocking

- the family have lived in Sweden for 11 YEARS and the children speak no other language than Swedish - they were obviously not in hiding as they were part of the community and the kids played on local sports teams

- In addition Migrationsverket have expelled them without being certain of their nationality saying that they may be Armenian But could also be Russian or from Azerbhajan

- so you now have kids who have lived all their lives in Sweden that are stuck at the airport with nowhere to go or live in Armenia - so much for Sweden signing the international child convention
15:04 December 14, 2011 by Vill
Living in Sverige is a privilege, not a right. Ha det så bra!
15:13 December 14, 2011 by Puffin
Obviously not much Christmas spirit among posters here so happily condem young children to a life as homeless and on the street

Lucky Joseph and Mary did not come to some of the posters here looking for shelter on that fateful night!!
15:16 December 14, 2011 by Terri85
While in Sweden I have seen a lot of people who really don't deserve to be in this nice country. Actually Im surprised Sweden deports good families and people who simply want to live in peace and keeps people who just lives on social payments and even they are in country for 10 years don't know a single Swedish word. Wonder to where it will lead!!!!
15:20 December 14, 2011 by tgolan
It s clear that Murders rapists dope dealler and Islamic terrorists can stay but good Christians are deportrad
15:40 December 14, 2011 by Svensksmith
Perhaps the family can go through the proper channels and re-enter Sweden legally someday.
16:14 December 14, 2011 by GLO
Do you have Laws or do you not !!!!!!
16:46 December 14, 2011 by J Jack
Nazi Sweden.
17:38 December 14, 2011 by Greekfan
This sort of thing is always tricky. On one hand there is the general principle that all illegals should be quickly shown the door; something I completely agree with. On the other hand there are some who for some reason, slip through the net for years and turn themselves into integrated useful members of society. In these instances I think that a case by case approach should be used. The trouble is that it easier for the state to pounce on these when they come across them than to track down those who go to ground hidden in segregated, so called, communities. It helps to make the deportation figures look good.
17:56 December 14, 2011 by Belovedcity
This family been here 10 years .. why deportion??? because they are illegal but they are well integrated in the society , they are welcome in the swedish society but the law said No , they are illegal people .Is it reasonable to appilcate the law in this case ?? ,The reason said that the appilcation of law should go to gether with the justice and not to be harmuful . Wnere is the judge Man ? 10 years , Good integration in the society, children and illgal stay so which of this condtiontions should be taken in consideration before the appilication of the law . according to the human sense of the swedish law the deporation should not be appilicable in such way .

What make things strange when we look to the the labour law which had been come into force in 2008 become now a legall way of trafficking people and making them come to sweden after they paid 50,000 to 100,000 kr for a work permit not for working but staying here without working . it is a scandal , it is impossible for the police to stop this scandal , now politicians think that they find a solution for this problem , so , they said that every one must prove and garant that he can be able to pay workers from outside europ 2 years inadvance before they come to sweden , According to this solotion the prices will be automatically doubled from 100,000 to 200 ,000 in a black market unfortunately this is not a solution ,

Here in one side ( illegal )family had been depoted in the name of law after they are well integrated in the society and in the other side fake companies trafficking people in a black market with legal way in the name of law .which of course cause a lot of problem to the police and the ingreation in the society. ,

The solution is why not to make such families or people who had already been here for years and well integrated legal so as to give them a chance to work and pay thier taxes
17:59 December 14, 2011 by Nkosazana
Instead of deporting these good people.. Why not deport those 8 muslims who gangraped a girl in one of those immigrant housing places. But oh no that's just part of their culture and should be respected.
18:03 December 14, 2011 by ironman294
While rapists and murderers get 1 year and a small fine (I suppose murder and rape is not illegal?)

but a nice family assimilated is deported.

If you will deport illegals why wait so long?

Why not do it within a year?

Sverige land of the fair, land of laws and political correctness.

Who cares if these illegals learn the language are integrated into society? Lets keep the ones who hate the country, dont speak the language and plan to enforce sharia? stupid.
18:51 December 14, 2011 by eton75
After ten years you would have thought they would have had the sense to live in Sweden legally . It doesn't matter what their story is or how many friends they have, the fault lies with the family . Sorry the law is the law . I feel sorry for the kids .
19:31 December 14, 2011 by Belovedcity
Do not feel sorry Eton 75 . The law had been created to keep the justice in sweden not for unjustice , .

The justice comes before the law and if you said The law is law I can answer you that this way of thinking exists only in the countries of dictatorship
19:33 December 14, 2011 by jvtx3232
"There's an entire community saying that there are good people..."

@rumcajs: Actually if you read the article more closely it's only 100 people out of 3,000 in the town that were protesting this enforcement of law and order.

That means that something like 96 percent of the people in the town actually SUPPORT the action.

So, you are incorrect when you assert that the entire community was against it. That is only the appearance given in the biased way this article was titled & written.
20:48 December 14, 2011 by sabrina8z
It's lucky I didn't plan to stay here for 10 years since before my Chinese Swedish employer told me after 10 illegal stay, ppl could get legal resident permit. Fortunately I didn't try.
20:56 December 14, 2011 by Fokus
@eton75 "After ten years you would have thought they would have had the sense to live in Sweden legally "

Surely they tried to get permits to stay in Sweden, but probably were denied several times by Migrationsverket. I personally know a few families who are good, hard-working people who live in Sweden for 10 or so years and are illegal here. They do not get any state support and have no right to work in Sweden, so they work black at worst jobs for minimum pay. Their biggest life dream are to get permits to stay and personal numbers so they can work.

The whole thing reminds me those scenes from movies about jews during WW2. Once you get denied a permit by Migrationsverket, every knock at the door makes you think that they came for you..And by tomorrow you will be in other country, with a couple of bags, two children and nowhere to go..

Of course we have to follow the law. But in such cases we do not question the law, but the decision of some Migrationsverket's officer.
20:57 December 14, 2011 by ebsor12
Law is law, if you strict your law and dont import immigrant then there would be no hatred. I cant see this kind of hatred in USA,Canada and Australia. Problem is that Swedisg government giving asylum to more people insted not giving work permitt to professionals.
21:02 December 14, 2011 by jostein
Yea, righ! More like lying journalists leave themselves subject to delusional interpetations of reality?
21:38 December 14, 2011 by acidcritic
Believe it or not, the swedish migration authorities are against multiculturalism.They don´t want a multicultural Sweden, they want a muslim Sweden. That is why they expel catholic, well behaved people at the same time that they offer a free country and lots of advantages to any potentialy dangerous muslim fundamentalist that arrives to the country
22:30 December 14, 2011 by Reggie Dunlop
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
22:50 December 14, 2011 by Belovedcity
The fact is that the Immigtration exits as long as humanbeing exits , he is crazy who fight it or try prevent it , We should not forget that about 1,3 million Swedes left sweden to the united state in 19th and 20 centries and the reason behind is the same of that one concerned the family which had been deported from sweden ,

So . why we put barriers for each other ?.. Nations should live for each other
23:21 December 14, 2011 by Grokh
how about WHY were they deported before any os us can make up our minds ?

if they had been in sweden ilegally for that long then they should have been evaluated before deportation. There are way more people in need of deportation than people who actually integrated
04:35 December 15, 2011 by Kaethar
Why is this news? If the community there cares so much about them they should have offered the father or mother jobs earlier so they could apply for residency based on work permits. That they'll be doing that now means the family can come back.

But honestly though, illegal immigrants can not be tolerated. And it's not Sweden's job to take care of every poor person in the world. There are hundreds of millions of them and Sweden is only a country of 9 million people. We need to accept only those who contribute to society or those who are actually under threat in their own countries.
08:05 December 15, 2011 by Liefje
back in the Netherlands we had similar cases few years ago. It has caused a public motion and the agreement was reached, something we call ' general pardon' , meanign if people were not deported within certain number of years, spoke the language, worked and were integrated, they got granted the permanent residence. It could be a way to go for Sweden too. Let us face it, we do nto suffer from immigrants as such, we do suffer from the ones that do not integrate, nevermind they residing legally or not.
10:12 December 15, 2011 by rise
"But the Danielian/Arustamjan family have had a deportation order hanging over their heads since 2008, having twice had their applications for residency in Sweden rejected."

And now people are pretending to be chocked? The ones responsible for causing these three youths this kind of trauma are their parents. They have chosen this for their children. Not Sweden.
10:37 December 15, 2011 by delfinita
I can see all those little europeans with their nice EU passports coming in with no limits, speaking as if they were the bearers of the highest truth!.

Now that the situation is difficult in other EU nations, we see lots of greek and Spaniards (like myself) moving to other countries, in this case Sweden looking for a better future. Its human nature. You move on for a better future.

In this case this family wanted a better future for their children. They are armenians so there is no treaty that allows them to move freely to other countries to actually try for a better future that their country is not giving them. What is the difference between the two?

A Passport.

Its shameful to hear the whole illegal immigration speech when all that is preventing many of US to be deported like they were is a passport.

Sad, sad to see this among fellow inmigrants. WE are ALL on the same boat, moved by the same basic need of improving your life. But some were lucky enough to be born a citizen of a EU country and others weren't. They tried. They failed. I do feel sorry for them and wish that hard working people all over the world would be given opportunities to improve their life by working in other countries. And with the economical crisis we will see more and more of this happening, more US citizens moving to Latin America, more Europeans moving to ASia. It will happen and you will eat your words.

Sad planet we live in isnt it?
11:28 December 15, 2011 by salalah
To all of you feeling sorry for the family: Let's bring the whole of Azerbadjan and Armenia here instead! Then the family can learn the language and all Swedes can learn Armenian also. BTW, lets bring all poor countries to Sweden and support them with bidrag, why not...?
11:39 December 15, 2011 by Robert69
Of course they should be deported if they are from a country where there is no war/human rights problems etc.

All refugees should be given the best benefits since they have the least posssibility to get normal jobs for many years to come. This is humanism and compassion.

On the other hand, I do agree that schengen should be scrapped so that EU people stop coming here and stealing jobs from local residents.
12:53 December 15, 2011 by Migga
To say that Swedes are lucky to be born in Sweden and not somewhere else is a slap in the face of my parents. And my grandparents. And their parents.

It`s not about luck. My parents made a conscious decision to have me. Like their parents did with them and so on. My family and relatives have worked hard to make sure that the country I grow up in is a stable one with oppurtunities. My family and many other swedish families made that happen.

To say that it`s luck is to spit at them and their achievements. The swedish people before us made Sweden to what it is today. It`s not luck. The people in Armenia made the country to what it is today. It`s not bad luck. Why don`t they put the effort and work in to making their own country better instead of coming to Sweden?
13:27 December 15, 2011 by delfinita
Well, people in other countries (poorer) also work hard. Then some multinational comes in, kicks them out of their land, sucks up their natural resources leaving them with no other option but to keep working hard...somewhere else. Take african fishermen who live happily until the bottom of their seas is destroyed by OUR (1st world) need for tuna. What do they do? Look for other jobs or emigrate.

So yes, i still do feel sorry for individuals who have in many cases no choice but trying to go to another countries to WORK. And it is luck to be born in a country. Here in Sweden and everywhere else in the 1st world we all can decide whether we want to have children or not. In some 3rd world countries some people are brainwashed into thinking that the use of condoms is evil. So they go on to follow their natural instincts and have children. And the circle goes on. I am interested in finding out why people is driven by different needs instead of blaming. Its important to know what is happening in the rest of the world because whether we like it or not, it does affect us. Its just easier to look away and complain.

Whether they receive bidrag or not is a different story. That is not something they choose, its something that is given to them. Stop blaming the people who take the bidrag, blame the people who put it in place in the first instance. Its YOUR people, YOUR politicians. If nothing was for them to take, they wouldnt. If there were not annoying people employing them in the black market for their OWN benefit, they wouldnt be here. So its a bit more complicated than saying hej då from the comoddity of your home.

So yes, i still feel sorry for them. Its human nature.
14:52 December 15, 2011 by rise
People should take responsibility of their actions instead of always blaming someone/something else. It isn't the Swedish society's fault that the parents chose to be in Sweden illegally. The parents made the choice and did at the same time doom their children. Swedish taxpayers have not doomed those children. The parents have. And I'm sure there's a heartbreaking story behind every refugee. However Swedish taxpayers don't OWE any weeping foreigner ANYTHING! We're only nine million people in Sweden and cannot take care of every got damn refugee that's coming here!
16:15 December 15, 2011 by crocadoodledoo
@delfinita : 100% agree with what you said. It will be very interesting to know what these people (who are supporting this kind of deportation) would feel and think if they/their families were rejected and banned entry into a country which they think could improve their lives. practically speaking, what they can do here in this case is to grant citizenships to the kids born here in sweden and temporary permits to the parents until their kids are 18 something.
16:35 December 15, 2011 by Vill
Officials should not be able to pick and choose who they apply the law to. If they did, the government would be inundated with discrimination lawsuits and/or a huge maze of legislation that would bog down the entire system. The fact of the matter is this unfortunate situation would never have occurred if the parents followed procedure rather than disobey the law of the land. Don't blame Sverige.
19:30 December 15, 2011 by Just_Kidding
@Migga.... so you say that all the people in the East Germany were lazy bums while all the people in the West Germany were hard working people that built a wonderful country for their grand children.... but history says that the American soldiers and Russian soldiers played a role in the opportunities available for East Germans and West Germans.
21:58 December 15, 2011 by godnatt
According to many here, the longer and better you break the law, the more you should be rewarded.

Or laws are simply there to be broken.

Or Sweden isn't really a sovereign country with borders, it's actually the world's biggest charity that has unlimited resources thanks to a magical mixture of lollipops and fairy dust.
03:36 December 16, 2011 by Migga
@ Just_Kidding

I didn`t say that anything about post World War II Germany. I think you should reread my post. If anything I would say that the german people, in both east and west, did a good job rebuilding the country.
18:16 December 16, 2011 by james_g
Two points (a) "But the Danielian/Arustamjan family have had a deportation order hanging over their heads since 2008, having twice had their applications for residency in Sweden rejected" - why?

and (b) - to jvtx3232 - "@rumcajs: Actually if you read the article more closely it's only 100 people out of 3,000 in the town that were protesting this enforcement of law and order. - That means that something like 96 percent of the people in the town actually SUPPORT the action." No it doesn't! It means 96% of the people either support the action, aren't bothered one way or the other, or support the family being allowed to stay but didn't, for one reason or another, gather in a town square on Tuesday afternoon to protest the move (perhaps they were working, in school, on holiday, asleep...)
21:13 December 16, 2011 by Just_Kidding
@Migga, I know that you didn't say anything about Germans at your post, what I was hoping for was that you notice that a country's strong economy is not always a pure result of the hard work of its people although I agree that culture, religion, hard work, geography, and the advancements of technology as well as the hard work and brains of the ancestors play a role.
21:58 December 16, 2011 by Chickybee
The fact is that these people were Christians - if they had been Muslims they would have been allowed to stay :-)
02:01 December 18, 2011 by Alecx
On Seborga82 comment: in God's sake what "jihad background" are you talking about? There are so many ignorant people /cry/. They are Armenians- one of the first christian nations and the first Christian state since year 301. In fact, they are the victims of muslim jihad - they've been through that in 1915 and even now surrounded by hostile muslim countries Turkey and Azerbaijan those are deliberately keep Armenia in blockade. On the other hand it is sad to see the stable muslim migration wave to Europe. Muslims from North Africa, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Arab countries now seems to feel home in Europe.
17:16 December 20, 2011 by TruthBeKnown
Sweden is a horrible country. Deportation? In reality that country should pay people to live there. Don't get me started on the total hypocrisy of one of the worlds most racists countries having anything to do with an international Peace Prize (ironically named after the inventor of dynamite) Alfred Nobel.

And thank Sweden for Elin Nordegren. After publicly (yes it is still possible to have a marriage end in relative privacy) humiliating the world's greatest golfer (and her own children), ruining his brilliant career, and looting him for most of his wealth, she wasted little before she was with another... and another... and...
23:17 January 29, 2012 by janeway
This family had their initial application denied after three months and chosed to appeal the decision. After being rejected again, they kept sending in new applications and when the final decision were handed down in 2008 they were given the choice to leave freely or get deported. That it took another three years to actually have it done, is due to low priority at the police department.

The Ganna case that have been running through the medai lately are alos presented with false facts. The granddaughter were offered to sponsor her granny's stay in Sweden and she rejected this and demanded the taxpayers were to foot the bill. But the major media outlets were not interested in printing the full story of either cases and therefore you get this unfounded outrage.
14:40 May 22, 2013 by aalo
I wish I could hear what you people say today when the riots are ongoing in Northern Stockholm. Sweden, it was your choice keeping useless people on your taxpayers' shoulders and deporting others who demonstrated their ability to contribute in your economy.

Seems like your choice becomes your problem now! And it's just the beginning ...
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
Property of the week: Linnéstaden, Gothenburg
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
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Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
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Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
Missing rune stone turns up in Sweden
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