Delays at Arlanda airport after blackout

Stockholm's Arlanda airport was shut down to air traffic on Friday afternoon after a the airports runway lights were left darkened by a power outage.

Delays at Arlanda airport after blackout

“There are currently disruptions in air traffic to and from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, due to problems with the power supply to parts of the airport,” the airport said on its website shortly after 3pm.

“Work is in progress to resolve the problem. Updated information will be published as soon as it becomes available.”

“We can’t have any planes land or take off,” Arlanda Anders Bredfell told the Expressen newspaper.

At 4.25pm, however, the airport announced on its website that its power problems had been fixed.

However, it cautioned that delays were possible and urged travelers to contact their airlines for further details.

“Right now there is a queue for flights arriving at Arlanda,” Per Fröberg, a spokesperson with Swedish aviation agency LFV (Luftfartsverket) told the TT news agency around 5pm on Friday.

“Imagine a stoppage on a motorway; even when things start moving again, there is a traffic jam.”

The problem arose shortly before 3pm on Friday afternoon, causing major headaches during one of the airport’s busiest times of the week.

Arlanda spokesperson Jan Lindqvist told Expressen that there are usually a total of 80 take offs and landings on Friday afternoon.

Regardless of how long it takes for the problem to be fixed, airport officials expect major delays.

The cause of the outage has yet to be determined.

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Six arrested over break-in at Sweden’s Örebro Airport

Six people have been arrested following a break-in at Örebro Airport on Saturday night.

Six arrested over break-in at Sweden’s Örebro Airport
File photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

The alarm was raised just after midnight after both security staff and members of the public observed suspicious activity at the airport, which is served regularly by charter passenger flights and is Sweden's fourth-largest hub for cargo.

“Our patrols arrived just after the suspects had climbed out of one of the aircraft, which they had broken into,” Stefan Dangardt, police press officer in the Bergslagen region, told TT.

The people, four young men and two young women, have been questioned by police. They are suspected of serious theft as well as violation of public security laws, which forbid unauthorised access to sensitive areas such as airports.

Details of what they are suspected of stealing are unclear.

“This is far from terror or sabotage. It’s about youthful stupidity,” Dangardt said.

Five of the suspects were later released and one person remained under arrest. All six remain under suspicion of breaking the law.

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