Legless man in surprise wheelchair reversal

Local health authorities in Sweden who denied an amputee a power wheelchair because they were “uncertain if the impairment was permanent", have now reversed their position on the matter.

Legless man in surprise wheelchair reversal
The man in the picture is not the man mentioned in the article

Evert Stefansson, from Nyköping in eastern Sweden, had both his legs amputated following a battle with diabetes.

Having lost both legs and with failing eyesight, Stefansson had becoming increasingly dependent on his wife Siv.

The two were hoping that local health authorities would supply them with a so-called Permobile, a power wheelchair, that he could manoeuvre himself. 

Despite having lost his legs, Stefansson’s initial application to local health authorities for the power wheelchair was nevertheless denied. 

“I was bitterly disappointed in the local authorities. I don’t feel I got the support I deserve,” Evert Stefansson told The Local at the time.

In rejecting Stefansson’s request, the Sörmland County Council argued that it was “uncertain if the impairment was permanent”.

In the wake of the shocking news, Stefansson’s wife went to the media to draw attention to what she considered to be an unjust decision.

“I got angry. It just isn’t right that he has worked all his life but now can’t do anything that he loves anymore. Not even go fishing,” she told The Local at the time.

Less than a month later, the county council has done an about face and has now granted Stefansson a so-called a Permobile.

“We’re thrilled today,” Siv Stefansson told the local Södermanlands Nyheter (DN) newspaper on Thursday.

“But it’s weird that one has to scream so loud in order to get them to listen.”

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