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Woman didn't want help from 'dark-skinned' clerk

TT/The Local/dl · 28 Dec 2011, 08:38

Published: 28 Dec 2011 08:38 GMT+01:00

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On two occasions within the span of a few days, the woman simply refused to go up to the desk at which the clerk in question sat, the local Nerikes Allehanda (NA) newspaper reported.

In explaining her decision, the woman explained to other clerks as well as a manager at the office that she didn't want to be served by a black person.

The incident resulted in the woman being charged with harassment, with an alternative charge of insulting behaviour.

In an initial review of the case, the Örebro District Court acquitted the woman, noting that she had never directly confronted the clerk in question about her reasons for not wanting to be served.

As the derogatory remarks were only mentioned to the clerk's colleagues, the court ruled that the woman had no intention of insulting the clerk.

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The case was nevertheless appealed to the Göta Court of Appeal, which on Tuesday ruled as well that the woman wasn't guilty of committing any crime, even if he behaviour could be viewed as insulting by the clerk.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:01 December 28, 2011 by truthworthy
that woman is a racist. pure and simple. It is just painful when someone doesnt want to interact with another human being because of their skin color. shame on you! you are disgrace to humanity.
09:22 December 28, 2011 by prince T
if this happened in a public UK office, she would not be attended to by any staff in that office. they will not have to go to court. the matter needed not to have gone to court. however i think that the system in sweden is encouraging institutionalized racism
09:24 December 28, 2011 by fedotovskiy
Racist or not - it's not you who should decide it.

Sweden now seems like the totalitarian country where everyone should have THE SAME attitude to ALL subject.

No freedom of opinions, no freedom of speech. No democracy at all

Yes, it's very common to any fascist country - to control people opinion in order to be sure that everyone have the same position.

So, truthworthy, you are probably fascist if you are against people who have different opinion than you.

What a shame! Fascism is a disgrace of humanity!
09:59 December 28, 2011 by Coaxen
@fedotovskiy: Fascism? How can you decide it? Are you trying to control the people's opinion? (sarcasm)

Jokes aside, you might as well accuse every journalist in the world of being a fascist puppet. I agree there should be different opinions on things, but you're just being a prick.
10:21 December 28, 2011 by OUIJA
fedotovskiy is right! Sweden should be called "The Soviet Union of the Kingdom of Sweden". The only ones who do not understand that Sweden is a totalitarian country where Big Brother is more and more deciding how the people should decide, eat, wear, say, behave and whatever you might think of, are the Swedes themselves.

There is a Youtube video entitled "Soviet Union of Sweden (The Naked Truth) which says in images what many do not dare saying in writing. See it and think!
10:45 December 28, 2011 by Frobobbles
Traditional racists want to be served by the 'other'. This case is something else entirely. Interesting to see that the swedish courts have taken so dearly to prosecuting this woman.
11:01 December 28, 2011 by Rishonim
This woman behavior doesn't surprise me a bit. Many Swedes don't like sitting next to dark skinned people in public transportation either. Next time you board a commuter bus or the T-banan take a good look and you will see what I am talking about. My theory is that this women disliked the dark skinned clerk because of his/her natural and permanently tanned complexion. The great advantage of dark skin people is that our skin is healthy thorough the year while the fairer skins changes depending on the month of the year. Right about now this women is most likely looking like a sort of transparent green brittle leaf with protruding veins popping out from her neck. .
11:05 December 28, 2011 by canuk
Dark skin is a protection against the sun. There is no sun here in Sweden, perhaps you should relocate to a country where your genetic advantage provides you some type of advantage.
11:08 December 28, 2011 by Kevin Harris
Fair enough, if you are guilty of harrassing or insulting someone, you should actually harrass or insult them. In this case she did not communicate with the clerk at all. The prosecutor should have picked that up.

Fortunately for the woman, being a rude idiot is not yet a crime in Sweden.
11:27 December 28, 2011 by tgolan
well well now we get into a real problem, imagine a female police stopping a man who refuses to comply ., I can't speak or be touched by a women......... stupid swedish courts, It isn't the women who was racist but the courts which allowed her to be
11:28 December 28, 2011 by canuk
She can choose who she wants service from. That is one of the freedoms that remain here in sweden for the time being. Had she shouted out racist remarks is one thing but she did not.
11:31 December 28, 2011 by Frank Arbach
What would happen if this woman had a life threatening medical condition, and the doctor/specialist who could save her life happened to be a black/'dark skinned' person?

Can't see how she could be so choosy then - but there again, you never know: racism is a puzzling thing....
11:38 December 28, 2011 by Rishonim
canuk, there is sun here in Sweden but not long or strong enough to cause a spot or any possible pigment discoloration. Well, in all fairness I see people walking around with a long red lobster mark around their necks after spending 30 minutes laying on a tanning bed. ;-)
12:07 December 28, 2011 by bolababu
when i see people like this woman as i do see them everyday, i do not even feel anger, i feel pity for them, how they have built this strong steel cage around themsleves and chosen to remain in the prison of ignorance, our continent may be trash because of greedy and corrupt leaders often motivated by self-serving western governments but here we are, still going strong despite all the unjustified hate and it will take much more than your hate to get rid of us. People can't give what they don't have, if all you have is hate, then thats all you have to give.
12:20 December 28, 2011 by RobinHood
Bolababu has a point. This poor sad lady is not a criminal, but deserves our sympathy. She will live the rest of her sad life in fear and ignorance, and that is far worse than any fine the courts might impose. I feel sorry for her.
12:24 December 28, 2011 by jostein
11:01 December 28, 2011 by Rishonim

You have a point. This being the case, my question is, why does our rulers insist on colonizing us with people that just plainly are not apreciated or wanted by the indigenous population? Its not like they made into an issue in any election? Its not like they had a plebicite? They just rammed this policy of colonization through without asking anyone. Isnt it natural then that people vote with their feet? If you make such a huge change in a country without entrenching it with the people you are an extremist and your policy lacks democratic legitimacy, imho.
12:32 December 28, 2011 by Dazzler
Its her right to choose who she interacts with. There is no grey zone. Its a black or a white decision. Ooo look at the pun!
12:50 December 28, 2011 by canuk
Dazzler, that was a dazzling realization!
13:27 December 28, 2011 by Svensksmith
What's the difference between what this woman did and the Muslim woman who will not be attended to by a male doctor? It's just pure ignorance, that's all.
13:47 December 28, 2011 by zircon
Why behave like sturdy peasants?
14:25 December 28, 2011 by skatty
The fact is that most of immigrant and refugees from developing countries, especially black skins have been traditionally working in low level jobs and very seldom as clerks. Even at present people with this kind of backgrounds mostly give service to each others (I mean as clerk) like jobs with refugees' camp, translation …

Swedes generally get used to consider immigrants to be seen in factories as simple worker, or in cleaning job positions, or health care for retires, or restaurant jobs as servitors (generally low level working class for low level job positions). However, this image has been changed (from immigrant point of view and not Swedes!) by entering higher educated refugees from different part of the world in resent decades; even though mostly don't have equal chance to get job, compare with Swedes, but have remarkable abilities to compete with Swedes.

The reaction of the mentioned woman in the article is a simple example of this fact. Actually, in contrast with the majority of Swedes, she has expressed her feeling openly. Most of Swedes may accept to sit front of the mentioned clerk, but then somehow try to change the process to be considered by someone more Swedes (or more Swedish look like one), of course if there would be a possible alternative.
14:47 December 28, 2011 by Boliche
Göteborg: SJ office at train station: A "dark-skinned" guy treated me in a very rude way.

Stockholm: A "dark-skinned" woman sitting at the Tax Office (near T-Centralen) told me that what I wanted to do (inform about my new nationality) was not important and I shouldn't do it (afterwards a "non-dark-skinned girl", same office dealt with my case professionally).

Stockholm: Forex (Central Station). A "dark-skinned" guy ignored my questions and was reluctant to even look at me.

Stockholm: Vårberg Post office.The "dark-skinned" people there always (always) created problems when I was collecting my letters.


Now, I avoid "dark-skinned" people sitting in desks in public offices. Is that racism?...Not for me..I am just a "dark-skinned" guy trying to avoid conflict and optimizing the use of time.
14:52 December 28, 2011 by shozea
There are lots of educated black people here in Sweden but the system not allowed them to work in Swedish company that is why most of them are working low level job but at least respect is grunted for all human being. Most Swedish people loves animal but they don't like human being that is always unanswered question for me but i believe that human being are more than dogs, cat and any animal in your house and even its a mistake comparing them because we are in different categorize. RESPECT FOR ALL HUMAN BING
14:55 December 28, 2011 by eton75
I am sorry to say but we are all racists in some way or another . It's a disgrace that someone should think like this woman , but how many racist jokes has one made over the years . I for one am totally against racism but I am not a saint .
14:57 December 28, 2011 by jvtx3232
Absolutely crazy and galling that so-called "insulting behavior" can even be remotely considered to be a crime on any level.

Who gets to decide what the "insulting behavior" is?

I'M insulted that this woman was even brought up on charges to begin with, so therefore I'm going to charge the authorities with "insulting behavior." I'm insulted! Lol!

See how that works both ways?
15:21 December 28, 2011 by shozea
@Boliche why those many black people ignore your case ? I trust what you mean if the number will be one or two but its more than two so i curious in your personality . what is your approach toward black how you treat them, how you ask them as a customer is that the same way you approach white people? but I don't think so ..... may be that why most of them are treating you rude because you are rude for them. If you rude on me i might be rude as well for you. Change your personality or behavior when you approach any people. Don't blame all of them!
15:31 December 28, 2011 by OUIJA
I do not like black. It is a very serious colour. Others do not like yellow. Some others do not like red and so on. Why should we be considered racists because we do not like the colour of the skin of some individual? Is it written in the law that we must like the colour of everybody's skin? I am just wondering!

I demand my rights to speak to, sit with, be attended by and eat near people I like. This is an almost lost right in Sweden, whether somo posters here like it or not. That is their problem, not mine.

On the other hand, I insist that @fedotovskiy is right! Sweden should be called "The Soviet Union of the Kingdom of Sweden". The only ones who do not understand that Sweden is a totalitarian country where Big Brother is more and more deciding how the people should decide, eat, wear, say, behave and whatever you might think of, are the Swedes themselves.

There is a Youtube video entitled "Soviet Union of Sweden (The Naked Truth) which says in images what many do not dare saying in writing. See it and think!
15:37 December 28, 2011 by salalah
Maybe she was afraid he would cook her for lunch...
15:44 December 28, 2011 by Abe L
@truthworthy, usually people who are labeled 'racists' often could care less about the race of skin color but are disgusted by the behavior and actions of people of such race and skin color.

It is however fine for one white person to dislike another white person because of their actions, but as soon as it involves a non-white person it's automatically racism.
16:14 December 28, 2011 by SergioSver
To have the equality of rights is not the same as to impose on everyone the same opinion or the same beliefs.

What would OUIJA or feodovsky would say if the women in question would refuse to be served by a Russian person? Or it would be legislated that people of Russian nationalities should not have access to some public services in Sweden based on their nationality only? ( Otherwise you would create equal opportunity for everyone and that is, as we found out from feodovsky, just a fascism).
16:43 December 28, 2011 by OUIJA
@Sergio Sver

IF my grandmother had wheels, she would be a bycicle. What you wrote, for me, is a typical example of the bad understanding of what logic means. Just tell me: where in the hell is written that you MUST like the colour of any body's skin? If I do not like to be served by a Russian, perhaps is because he reminds me of the persecution they have made against jews. If I do not like to sit near a German, perhaps it is because one of my relatives was gassed in Aushwitz.

Again: I demand my rights to be served, to sit near to, to eat near a, or whatever, by a person I do not like because of his/her looks, behaviour, bad manners, colour or whatever. Is there any law that forces me to do what ever I do not like to do.

IF you want to belong to the herd, that is your decision and your problem. You can do whatever you like to do, the same way I will keep on doing and thinking the way I want, whether you like it or not. And I include many of the posters in this thread.
16:57 December 28, 2011 by Zombie
I wonder if she was in the hospital dying and a black doctor saved her life. Would she have refused too?
17:08 December 28, 2011 by SergioSver

Yes there is the law and many laws in many countries that require an owner of the store for example to serve any person who may come into his store. You can not refuse the service to another person based on his color of skin, affiliation look- whether you like it or not (though you may refuse the service based on his bad behavior or bad manners -depending on the definition of these terms).

I am glad that you demand your rights to be served, but why do you think that your rights would be more important than the rights of other people. For instance, if you go to the restaurant and demand to be served, but people at the nearby table do not want you to be there, because they do not like your look, or your age, or the brand of your shoes, or wristwatches, or your smell?

Whose rights would be more important in this case? Your rights to be served or their rights not to see you there?
17:34 December 28, 2011 by OUIJA
Sergio Sver wrote "Yes there is the law and many laws in many countries that require an owner of the store for example to serve any person who may come into his store."

Comment: Since you are so highly educated, please just tell me the name of a country and the law you are talking about, so I can learn something more in life. Just one. Do your homeword and do not open your mouth before thinking. You are just vomiting.

Sergio Sver wrote: " You can not refuse the service to another person based on his color of skin, affiliation look- whether you like it or not (though you may refuse the service based on his bad behavior or bad manners -depending on the definition of these terms)".

Comment: I may refuse the service based on whatever I decide: His looks, his way of talking, his smell, etc, etc. For the same token, I do not like the way you write because of your lack

of common sense.

Sergio Sver wrote: "I am glad that you demand your rights to be served, but why do you think that your rights would be more important than the rights of other people. "

Comment: My rights are far more important to me than the rights of others. I do not belong to the flock like -apparently-you do.

Sergio Sver wrote: "For instance, if you go to the restaurant and demand to be served, but people at the nearby table do not want you to be there, because they do not like your look, or your age, or the brand of your shoes, or wristwatches, or your smell? Whose rights would be more important in this case? Your rights to be served or their rights not to see you there?"

Comment: My ríghts, boy, my rights. I do not give a hood of what others think about me, etc. They do not pay my rent, feed me, dress me and pay for my entertainment.

And this is the end of an useless "conversation" with someone who does not know how to think and reason; with someone who lives on the IF THIS, IF THAT, IF WHATEVER.

Sorry "boy"

P.D. I seldom sacrifice my rights for the "rights" of others. My rights are my problem; their rights is their problem. Your rights belong to the trash. That is my opinion and I have the right to say so, whether you like it or not.
18:05 December 28, 2011 by zircon
V.I.P. MR (My Rights) tag is a good idea it seems in Sweden. Every immigrant should wear one working in a public place. And that would be a serious law. And at the same time very alarming.
18:07 December 28, 2011 by SergioSver
@ OUIJA I did not want the first part of your inspiring message left to be unanswered:


"It is unlawful for a person who supplies goods or services to the public or to any section of the public:

(a) to refuse or fail on demand to supply those goods or services to another person; or

(b) to refuse or fail on demand to supply those goods or services to another person except on less favourable terms or conditions than those upon or subject to which he or she would otherwise supply those goods or services;

BY REASON OF the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of that other person or of any relative or associate of that other person. "

Section 4 of Alberta Human Rights Act-Alberta Canada:

"4 No person shall

(a) deny to any person or class of persons any goods,

services, accommodation or facilities that are customarily

available to the public, or

(b) discriminate against any person or class of persons with

respect to any goods, services, accommodation or

facilities that are customarily available to the public,

because of the race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, physical

disability, mental disability, ancestry, place of origin, marital

status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation of that

person or class of persons or of any other person or class of

persons. RSA 2000 cH-14 s4;2009 c26 s4."

and finally US Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title 7.

SEC. 2000e-2. [Section 703]

(a) Employer practices

It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer -

(1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; or

(2) to limit, segregate, or classify his employees or applicants for employment in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin."

Would it be enough or should i add dozens more, " so YOU can learn something more in life.?"
18:09 December 28, 2011 by Turko
haha..cant laugh..enoguh, the thing is that many old women, have never ever interacted with a black person before in their lifes,

I think the first blacks came to Sweden around 1960 and then only to big cities.

If you are black dont be offended it just the old lady is scared.

Who would be if its your first time?

I know for a fact that in 1974 the FIRST black person whom moved to Iceland generated huge HEADLINES on the news pappers over there, Like black man seeon on the streets of Reykjavik.

The black that were there on the base of Keflavik were not allwoed to interact with locals back in 1945-onwards.
18:10 December 28, 2011 by SergioSver
@ zircon.

I agree. I heard that was exactly what Swedish immigrants were wearing when they immigrated to the US at the end of the 19th century.
18:22 December 28, 2011 by OUIJA
@Sergio Sver

Some people's children. I want you to do your homework correctly. Please show me a law where it says that "it is unlawful"

to decide whatever you want in life. In this case, to decide who can serve you, whom do you like to be near you, whom do not you like because of his/her smell and whom don't you like because he/she is a plain nincompoop.

That is what we are talking about. Your rights to do whatever you want to do, not if it is unlawful for someone to deny whatever because it is whatever you want it to be.

Sorry "boy" You should go back to the basics of Logical thinking. By the way, many months ago, there was a master on this subject with the name of Marylin vos Savant. I do not know why did she stop commenting. I guess she faced one of the many Svers around here that did not like to be put in their places: the trash.
18:36 December 28, 2011 by SergioSver
@OUIJA Do you suffer from memory loss?

Sergio Sver wrote "Yes there is the law and many laws in many countries that require an owner of the store for example to serve any person who may come into his store."

Comment: Since you are so highly educated, please just tell me the name of a country and the law you are talking about, so I can learn something more in life. Just one.

I do not want to repeat myself but you left me with no other option:


"It is U-N-L-A-W-F-U-L for a person who supplies goods or services to the public or to any section of the public:

(a) to refuse or fail on demand to supply those goods or services to another person; or

(b) to refuse or fail on demand to supply those goods or services to another person except on less favourable terms or conditions than those upon or subject to which he or she would otherwise supply those goods or services;

BY REASON OF the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of that other person or of any relative or associate of that other person. "

NOW, you decide that you as a manufacturer would not supply any goods of X, To the person of Y, because this person is BLACK- you are resolved to do this.

According to this law it is UNLAWFUL to do exactly what you've decided to do in this case.

So far you have not put me anywhere- I am still at the same place as I was before.
18:39 December 28, 2011 by dendrobates
It is understandable why this type of pointless discussions are so "popular" and a recurrent theme by TL.
19:06 December 28, 2011 by OUIJA
@sergio sver

You are hopeless. Please remain at the same place as you have always been: the trash.


You are so damn right! It has been my fault, 'cause I thought you could discuss wisely, but when you talk about apples and they keep on discussing about mangos, there is no discussion at all.

You know what I mean.
19:23 December 28, 2011 by blackmuslimstudent
Sweden is a great country and swedes are great people BUT every time I read people's comments here in the Local I feel very happy that I am student here and I am going to leave Sweden as soon as I finish my study. There is a very deep hate and contempt between the native swedes and the immigrants, it seems to me we are all sitting on A ticking time bomb of contempt and hatred.......... I hope for Sweden to be more secure, and grant its people fruitful sustenance..........with LOVE
23:01 December 28, 2011 by zakki

Look man, I am black, married to a swede and have a 10 month old son with her. I can 100 percent say I do not have hate for any group, but I see people like you very interesting. You seems to have gone down studying indept about all the theories of trashness in blacks, I think its your personal rights, But the point is why did you have the time and interest to study all these texts. Was there any interesting thing about black people. Well, dont question me about my education background, for it is irrelevant now. I will not question yours but just ask you why all these hate? Do you hate blacks because some blacks are criminals and anti social? And do you mean we do not have the same problems with other races? Friend, I have good contacts with some swedes after leaving here for 8 years. And I do not expect every Swede/other race to like me, but the point is, It takes intelligence and self respect to relate reasonably with all persons, you may choose to do otherwise, but the issue is WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Friend, you are not a better person than any other person. Seriously, the trashy theories of blacks can be used against blacks, but that will not deterr the contributions of some blacks to humanity. Live your perfect life here in Sweden and continue to preach hate and trash against innocent and unprovacative persons. I am not cursing you, but beware for the evil that men do lives after them. What are you sowing? Goodnight my friend and thank you for letting me live in your beautiful country.
23:32 December 28, 2011 by kinan
so now i can go to skatteverket for example and ask to be served by a non white person ?? Is it considered a crime or freedom ? i guess it is ok when a white person does not want to be served by a dark skinned person . BUT it is a big crime when it is the other way around ! really sweden has a broken system !
00:34 December 29, 2011 by chantal11
this article does not surprise me one bit- I find racism more prevalent in Sweden.
01:55 December 29, 2011 by Kaethar
Lol at the comments as usual. This ruling is of course completely right. An action isn't illegal simply because it's insulting. I find if someone spits on the ground in front of me insulting but I'm hardly going to take them to court for it. As for the woman in question - it's her loss. If she wants to be hateful and small-minded then that's her choice.

I don't see why posters at The Local get so worked up over issues like this. I've accepted at this point that The Local is full of everything from American right-wingers to Arab wahabists looking to vent about why they see Sweden as hell on earth. It does get tiresome though...
07:34 December 29, 2011 by fedotovskiy

"this article does not surprise me one bit- I find racism more prevalent"

Yes you are right. The sweden has lot of racists. Most of them has written their racist comments here.

If someone think that main topic of the article is RACISM I say that he is RACIST.

It's obvious for anyone who have brain that main topic of article was Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice.

It is no matter what color of skin has clerk. Is it?

If you say "yes" - congratulations! You are racist!

Would this article actually be written If clerk had big scary tatoo on his face?

I think not. It is because TL writes only Racists news.

TL staff don't care about other "cat crossed the road" small news, except this news were RACIST.

So, Sweden is full of Racism, as said chantal11, but most racist are those who see "racial problem" in any artilce.
12:39 December 29, 2011 by flintis
@ ALL, lots of talk about "black" people, wonder if any of you have ever seen a "black" person, very much doubt it, I've travelled the world & the darkest person I have ever seen is a friend, who's skin is comparable to the darkest rosewood.

The derogatives negro or "ni99er" refer to Brown skinned people

Anyway, can you blame the woman, she was probably old & scared, lets face it the picture the media paint of "coloured" people, plus the atrocities & injustices reported in Somalia, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast etc is enough to paint anyone "black" .
13:45 December 29, 2011 by Snob
Firstly that video on Communist Sweden is utterly hopeless and cheap diatribe with no evidence or facts and figures.

More importantly I have been observing blogs in Sweden and some issues:

1.0 There is a perception that tolerance is some kind of imposed from the elites and is a construct of totalitarian state...which is funny since authoritarianism breeds prejudice along fascist lines!!

2.0 There is little empathy between average citizens and not activists elites and the immigrants. There seems to be complete disconnect unlike Britain or for that Germany where many ordinary white people have developed social connections with immigrants through cuisine, shopping and other daily chores..

3.0 Multi-culturalism is highly resented and there is a visceral malice towards immigrants and perceived to be responsible for the demise of the welfare state!!

4.0 There has been no discussions or debates about social cohesion and tolerance and more a matter of legal injunctions...

5.0 Very Very strangely multi-culti is seen as something elitist in nature...surprise surprise and from my exposure to Swedish elites in private and government sector there is very little or no representation of immigrants in the elite class. Look if they were so fond of immigrants then they would have welcomed them in their own club!!
17:15 December 29, 2011 by efm
It is very obvious that Sweden and it's people from the comments here have not learn that Overt racism is harmful and

detrimental for it's future.

If you idiots accept immigrants, it is your responsibility that they become active and productive in society, and that means giving them the minimum rights to do their work and for your stupid citizen to accept and react to them as real people. If nobody interacts with this black person and there is a long line, the system is bogged down.

What if you are dying and a black doctor is on duty?

Anti racism laws are in order, you foolish swedes!
19:10 December 29, 2011 by Snob

But I sense across Sweden people resent multikulti and strange very strange feel they have been foisted on the population, the masses...so the rationale for integration is just missing.

Why should they be in the first place here??? They never ACCEPTED immigrants in true sense of the word.

Stupid sociology deptts dont pay enough attention to these issues only go on a liberal rant. We need scholarly work explaining what really happened in society with regards to immigrants...our intellectuals are way too liberal and stupid to acknowledge mass sentiments.

I suspect Swedish society did not go through liberal wave like old colonial powers or war-guilty Germany. In fact follow the German edition and you dont find such terribly strong sentiments...
19:25 December 29, 2011 by Kaethar
@Snob: You're ignoring the fact that the vast majority of commentators at the Local are not Swedish. Most are immigrants to Sweden and a fair few have nothing to do with Sweden at all. Links to the Local articles are regularly posted at sites like Stormfront for example. It's a bit of a strange assumption to make as well since it doesn't make sense that Swedes would be members of an English-speaking site for Swedish news...
20:45 December 29, 2011 by efm

Somebody admitted these immigrants & refugees! It's your dumb

goverment!. OK now you have thousands upon thousands of these folks, being marginalized, not treated well, ignored, and being confined to the lowest paying job you swedes don't want.

You tip your noses up in the air, as if they don't exist.

How convinient. No wonder they hate you. It's your problem.

If they are good enough to clean your offices and roads, as they move up, they should be good enough to work in any job.

If you don't allow that due to your own narrow mindedness

and racism, you've got big problems as they are not going to go away. You portray yourself as good people, in reality

you are prob. 50 years behind other countries in terms of

equal rights and plain descency. BTW my wife is Swede, I should be careful.
21:45 December 29, 2011 by Snob
I agree with you efm...its just I am wondering how and why things are so despicable in Sweden with regards to immigrants. I can moan and groan but its important to analyze in a cold rational way this totally irrational unjustified feelings towards the immigrants...I wish to understand and maybe you can ask your wife.

My concern is too quick and too often we are making value judgement about far-right as bad and ugly and we all agree right, but still I wish to find out the reasons behind it....

As far Kaethar:

I went by the anti-immigrant reactions on the website of this paper, so I presumed they would be Swedish. More importantly I have been studying the discourse of new far-right in Europe and as Mr. Barosso said in EU parliament that the far-left and far-right are united in their hatred for EU which is strange. In these far-right material I keenly observe this correlation between democracy and ability or freedom to be racist....and multi kulti is totalitarianism again I dont quite understand.

So not just confining to this website but in general it seems that nordic societies have become so degenerate that we have to be racist to express democratic feelings!!!
22:17 December 29, 2011 by efm
Antipathy to newcomers is present in all culture, both white, blacks, muslims, asians, whatever. However the receiving nations as it matures and understand the value of immigrants realizes that these people are a source of talents, resources,

work(high tech or labor), and they should be utilize in the best manner, so that they become self sufficient and become taxpaying members of society. This is where the Stupid Swedes are not there yet. It is similar to the Southern whites USA

before the civil rights era. My Swedish wife & I now lives in the USA. She realizes how it is to be on the opposite side of the deal. She speaks in a heavy Swedish accent and people here

can tell right away she is not American. It amazes her that

America is very heterogenous, and some of those

rudeness to people, is not acceptable here!
02:18 December 30, 2011 by b-c
Wow, I feel very sorry for this woman or man to be treated like this by this ignorant idiot.


It's true that racists are all over the place with their propaganda and lies right now (one obvious example is the organized hateful spam in comments on news websites). But believe me, there's a lot of people in Sweden who are open-minded and will always fight against racism and injustice. The racists annoying campaigns may make them seem stronger than they are, but the percentage of the Swedish population who in polls claim to be positive or very positive to immigration is in majority by a VERY large margin, and this standpoint is actually increasing year by year. I'm also worried about racism, I'm just saying it's not all black or white.
11:29 December 30, 2011 by Snob
@ efm

American society explored race issues openly and Sweden never does and did in the past. US is a multi-cultural society with an ethos based on renewal and growth through assimilation of newcomers. In Sweden's case this model does not apply since in my view the welfare state is a ethnocentric construct just look at the support of eugenics even by respected thinkers like Myrdal....so the welfare state is based on an 'exclusionary' mechanism and the incredible elite consensus and general consensual model which you fine unlike say UK where the employers and trade unions fight is because the insiders gather and gang up to prevent the outsider taking over.

Sweden and rest of Nordic societies are really at a crossroad and they need to open and debate and discuss race and immigration issues...the intellectuals are just keeping quiet thinking all problems will disappear.


I think polls reflect one reality but there is a growing organized far-right which is catering to the anger of a marginalized segment, and is strong just look at Breivik. In fact our stupid policy and sociology deptts in this country should be closed down, the film-makers are depicting a closer reality like Mind the Crap film where they show this remote located far-right groups well-armed and ready to launch a battle...

Sweden is drifting towards social and racial conflict and its too simplistic to say well all are not racists!! We know that and it does not help if 2% are wrecking havoc, I recollect a meeting between Swedes and Germans in 1990s with regards to racism and immigration, we could not even imagine a far-right winning seats even in municipal elections....then!!

Look now they are in parliament and besides if the racist section is disgruntled then we need to ask what is going on??

16:49 December 30, 2011 by tadchem
It is still not illegal to be stupid.
17:07 December 30, 2011 by mcarroll1
What a lot of comments. Seems like everyone has an opinion. I'm glad the woman had freedom to choose but it is a bit sad she chose as she did. Try it and see - if the guy is rude or unprofessional you can report him. God knows there are enough rude and unprofessional white people to serve you. Pity about the deeply held racist views of all colours here and everywhere. There is trouble ahead for everyone if we dont give all nationalities a chance. Remember you can complain if you have a problem afterwards. How many of us complain if a white gives us crap service. Most people are trying to do a good job irrespective of colour but there are always a few who are useless again irrespective of colour.
21:29 December 30, 2011 by cslagenhop
Here in the US we have had dark skinned clerks for some time now. Often people think they are slower, but in the past several years they have become faster, except at the driver-license bureau. Of course, even the light and medium skinned clerks at the driver-license bureau are slow, so that is not a valid comparrison.
21:47 December 30, 2011 by Global Macro
It is important to recognize that there are two issues here. First, is whether it is regrettable that this woman demonstrated a racist behavior with respect to a clerk. I think it was very narrow minded of her to refuse service from someone merely because of his race. The second issue is whether it is a proper role of government to enforce conformity in attitudes. While her behavior was not defensible, the government should not be empowered to inquire into people's attitudes. She was punished merely by having to defend herself in the legal proceedings, and that also is very regrettable. That represents a threat to all freedom loving Swedes.
03:21 December 31, 2011 by efm
Sweden is far from becoming USA or Canada. It's not going to happen any soon. I suggest that if Swedes are not ready or willing to give any newcomer a fair shake in life-- then don't take them in! If the local Swedes can handle their

whole economy from the highest job to the lowest menial jobs, more power to them. But it is so hypocritical to defend a very elemental level of protocol of bias

and bigotry as somewhat other than naked racism. It's OK to be ethnocentric,

but in this global economy, the whole nation of Sweden is just a small speck

in the sea of humanity.

My Swedish wife, sometimes still have her "nativistic, provincial tone, but she knows that is not going to cut it here in the USA, where she is reminded everyday, that she is the minority. At least she is lucky, that the American whites, blacks, Asian, Hispanic, and African neighbors are treating her better

than her viking compatriot, who would not even talk to a black man!
05:37 December 31, 2011 by Donna Liga
I don't think it's the "tolerance" that some Swedes on this website are against. I honestly do think that they feel violated by the government imposing on them what to think and how to feel, what kind of values they should have. Hence, It won't be long before Sweden will start pushing for pedophile groups like Vereniging Martijn in Holland and Danish pedophile association. Freedom of thought and speech all the way, right? who cares about the danger of racism, ignorance because the history of racism and ignorance (or hate crimes that occur everyday) hasn't proven enough of its danger to the humanity and progress. (I am beihg sarcastic, in case some slow ones don't get it). Neither do they care what "not being want to be served" means for blacks in terms of them getting a job in the future. I can only assume these Swedes would feel very grateful for the freedom of express and thinking, if the shoe was to be on the other foot. In these situations, I am sure they would say, "hej, I'm a Swede and this group of people totally do not want to sit by me or talk to me or do not want to be served by me because I'm a Swede. I can't complain because I totally respect their freedom, I will let them be. So when I have children in the future, they will grow up in an environment where they are always discriminated against just like me right now or it will even get worse. But who cares! freedom is more important!" Good luck with you and your pedophile groups.
11:15 December 31, 2011 by Snob

" I suggest that if Swedes are not ready or willing to give any newcomer a fair shake in life-- then don't take them in! "

When I read the posts and the far-right text carefully its clear that a lot of the Swedes feel that they never welcomed the strangers but were imposed on by the elites this alien population. Working with immigrant groups in UK I am shocked and dismayed at the level of 'isolation' practiced in Sweden by ethnic Swedes, we have this question; my best friend is an immigrants...tell me more and this is a breaker for racist views when people admit they went drinking and dining with immigrants next door.


I am appalled by the lack of films and books on immigrant experiences even compared to Germany, where Turkish film directors portrayed the immigrant life in Berlin and their interactions with Germans and so are the British like Hanif Kureishi. Swedish civil society has abstained from any active engagement with the immigrants and you have this pathetic image of satellite TV antennas beaming arabic programs in immigrant homes. There are very few programs where the populations are meeting through sports, fests and other events.

I predict that nordic societies will face and particularly Sweden the most acute civil crisis in coming years with a weak collectivist spirit anyway prevalent in Sweden...there is no cultural tradition or legacy of festivals like these Carnivals of Germany and Spain or beer festivals where the intermingling can happen...

Our cultural elites frowned upon these popular forums and promoted trashy art shows with provocative themes which conservative minorities would recoil in horror!!

On a side note someone recently brought out the incredible loser Sweden has been in the global game, 20 years ago Swedish companies were 14 who counted as global leaders in the Fortune 500 list and guess how many in 2011?? All blue-chip companies have eroded their worth and marketshare steadily...maybe this racism and immigrant apathy is part of broader frustration with the processes of globalization.

3...this is the worst performance in business world in EU.
12:57 December 31, 2011 by Summer Dreams
the funny thing about all of this debate is that you all have the power to make the change but you all sit here and do nothing.

what can anyone tell me they have done to stop such hate?

its all Swede VS blacks VS whites VS whatever!

why cant we all erase the evil from our minds and start showing more love and care for each other right here.

lets make a change now.
17:16 December 31, 2011 by marcelj
When I look to nature I see birds of a feather flock together. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with "your own". Governments and the PC globalists will never change this, not ever.
17:30 December 31, 2011 by Snob
summer dreams

Things are not that simple....its not some rainbow school song!!

Human beings are animals and civilized at the same time...
23:43 December 31, 2011 by hogar2010
Good for her. I wouldn't want to be served by negro.
00:48 January 1, 2012 by Summer Dreams
@ hogar2010


whats wrong with negro serving
11:34 January 1, 2012 by Snob
@ hogar 2010

I don't want to be served by a white lower class trash like you! I only prefer sophisticated good middle-class people....how about that now???

The problem is Sweden needs a good old-fashioned class structure which keeps trashes and laddies like hogar in their place....Class system is great!!
20:04 January 6, 2012 by Just_Kidding
Oh, the next time I go to an office, I would wait to be served by the youngest and hottest officer and will ignore all the older ones that might be willing to help me. Apparently it is one of my rights to choose to interact by anyone that I like.
10:10 January 17, 2012 by Kareen
Shame on you woman! But I forgive you for being ignorant and un exposed! For thinking the world begins and ends in Sweden! I have seen very very very ignorant Swedes and this woman fits the type. But for the courts to say that she didnt make any crime is criminial itself! She told all sundray that she didnt like the "black" clerk!! Whatelse do the courts need? An in your face direct slap? Shame on the courts too and those judges must be racist as well.
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