Driver targets police in hit-and-run attack

An unknown driver injured a police officer in Klippan, southern Sweden, in a hit-and-run attack, after being pulled over at a routine check on New Year's Eve.

The incident occurred around 2.30am on January 1st as police performed routine checks on passing cars on Storgatan in central Klippan.

The police officer had waved the driver to a halt and was finishing a breathalyzer test on another driver further up the road, the Sydsvenskan daily reported, when suddenly the car accelerated.

As the car headed in the woman officer’s direction she tried to leap out of the way.

The driver then allegedly swerved in order to hit the woman in the leg and sent her crashing to the ground on impact.

As the woman hit the frozen surface of the road she sustained a blow to the head, while the driver took off in his car. Luckily, the victim didn’t suffer any severe injuries.

Despite the woman not being 100 percent certain that the driver had intended to hit her, the perpetrator is now under suspicion of aggravated assault, alternatively attempted manslaughter, Sydsvenskan reported.

Police have vehicle descriptions and are currently carrying out an investigation to identify the driver, although no arrest has been made as of yet.

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Drivers confess to hit and run on elderly couple

A couple in their seventies were hospitalized in southern Sweden on Tuesday after they were hit by a stolen car driven by two young men, who have since confessed to the crime.

The elderly victims were found on a road in Blekinge, southern Sweden, and were immediately taken to hospital.

“When they were found, they were 14 metres away from each other. We believe this distance, together with their injuries, indicate that they were hit by a strong force,” said Malin Permborn of the local police to the Expressen newspaper.

“Both the man and woman have fractures in both legs, and the man has fractures in one arm, a crack in the head and fractures in his back,” she added.

Police later took two men in their mid-twenties in for questioning after seizing a stolen car which appeared to have been damaged in an accident. The two men confessed to the crime on Wednesday morning, and have been temporarily released.

The victims of the hit and run are both conscious, but don’t remember anything from the incident.

“They only remember that they were out together and nothing more. But they may well remember something,” Permborn told the paper.

The incident occurred in the very early hours of Tuesday morning in Olofström, west of Blekinge.

The two drivers are suspected of causing aggravated bodily harm and police are urging anyone with relevant information to make contact.

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