New law makes snus users pay more for less

New law makes snus users pay more for less
Users of snus, or moist snuff, will get less for their money as manufacturers reduced pouch content by ten percent when the tax on tobacco was raised at the beginning of the year.

“We do not want to burden our consumers with tax on snus and for that reason we have chosen to reduce the weight of the contents of our products,” said Patrick Hildingsson, Information officer at manufacturers Swedish Match to news agency TT.

The weight of a pouch of snus used to be 1 gramme but has now been reduced to 0.9 grammes at the same time as the price was raised from 47 to 49 kronor – meaning that users get ten percent less, while paying more.

The change has angered Swedish snus enthusiasts, despite the company claiming it is done for the sake of customers.

“It isn’t too great, is it? If they are increasing the price that shouldn’t affect the content,” said one customer to TV4 News in Gothenburg.

“I think it is bad form. You are paying for it. It was the same thing with cigarettes before, although the reduced content of the pack meant you ended up paying more. So I think it is definitely bad form,” another said.

But at Swedish Match they say that it is common practice to do what they have done and that the raised price is due to an increased competition on the market.

“We have to balance our commitment towards our consumers and also fend off our competitors whilst still maintaining our profitability,” said Hildingsson.

Snus is a moist powder tobacco product, consumed by placing either a pre-packed pouch portion or loose pinch under the lip for extended periods of time.

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