Police waive speeding tickets in 120 zones

Police waive speeding tickets in 120 zones
Police have stopped reporting speedsters on certain roads in Sweden after a glitch in the law governing maximum speeds suddenly made it impossible to implement, according to a new report in Swedish paper Teknikens Värld (TV).

When the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) recently decided that seven Swedish highways are safe enough for a speed limit of 120 km/h, they made a mistake in the legislative text, according to TV.

”Vehicles are prohibited from reaching a higher speed than 110 km/h. The Transport Administration will issue guidelines stating that the top speed allowed on a motorway should be 120 km/h,” the text reads.

Due to the confusing text, the Swedish National Police Board (Rikspolisstyrelsen) in December 2011 sent out guidelines not to issue speeding tickets to people caught driving too fast on those particular roads.

“Since the law itself is so unclear, our staff will not report anyone driving faster than 120 km/h at present,” said Anders Arvidsson of the agency to the paper.

This does not, however, mean that drivers are free to drive at any speed they like, according to Arvidsson.

“There just isn’t scope to implement the law and those driving 120 km/h are breaking the law without knowing it, as the highest speed allowed is still 110km/h. We chose to not report on speeding at all to avoid the discussion,” Arvidsson said to the paper.

The roads affected are:

E4 North Uppsala – Mehedeby

E18 West Enköping

E20 West Mariefred – Eskilstuna

E4 North Gränna – Linköping

E4 Strömsnäsbruk – south Örkelljunga

E6 Båstad – Heberg, varying speeds

E6 Heberg – South Värö-Backa

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