Stockholm man saves child from raging dog

Stockholm man saves child from raging dog
The dog in the picture is not the one mentioned in the article.
A bloodthirsty Rottweiler bit a 6-year-old boy bloody and dragged him along a gravel path in central Stockholm before a man saw the attack and kicked the dog to release its grip.

Pontus Klingspor, 38, has been voted a Swedish hero in daily Aftonbladet’s list of everyday heroes, Svenska Hjältar, after rescuing a boy from being attacked by a Rottweiler.

“I saw the Rottweiler hanging by Carl Johan’s leg. I didn’t think, I just threw my laptop case and rushed towards it,” he told daily Aftonbladet.

“I ran for 30 metres before I kicked the beast with full force.”

Estelle Nordenfalk was walking along the popular Stockholm avenue Karlavägen with her sons Carl Johan, 6, and Philip, 4, when the powerful beast got away from its owner and headed towards the boys.

Nordenfalk lifted her sons up, one in each arm, but lost her grip on the 6-year-old as he was being pulled away from her by the raging beast.

“The bloodier Carl Johan got, the more aggressive the dog became,” she told Aftonbladet.

“I just screamed. As a mother, to not be able to protect your children, it still haunts me.”

Even though about 20 people saw what was happening, Pontus Klingspor was the only one to react.

The dog released its grip on the boy when Klingspor’s first kick hit him, but the animal didn’t stop there. It came back to have another go.

After Klingspor had gripped it’s ear and neck, he was able to get the leash back on as the shocked owner came running to help.

However, as Klingspor turned around, the dog managed to free itself from its owner yet again and jumped to another attack on the helpless 6-year-old.

This time, Klingspor wrestled the dog to the ground and managed to tie it up.

Six-year-old Carl Johan suffered injuries to his calves, thighs and back, but later recovered in hospital.

“I have children of the same age myself. I didn’t think, I just reacted on instinct when I saw the beast hanging by Carl Johan’s leg,” Klingspor told Aftonbladet.

The animal was later put down with the owner’s consent.

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