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Left Party caps MP pay with new 'party tax'

The Local/dl · 9 Jan 2012, 07:58

Published: 09 Jan 2012 07:58 GMT+01:00

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The Left Party has long felt that politicians' salaries are too high and has previously had a system whereby elected officials could pay a voluntary fee of 5,000 kronor to the party coffers.

But on the final day of the party's congress on Sunday, Left Party members voted to make the fee mandatory while at the same time nearly doubling its size to around 10,000 kronor.

“Members of the Riksdag will have to donate any amount over 27,500 kronor after tax. We're talking about pre-tax incomes of about 40,000 kronor,” Left Party spokesperson Kristoffer Housset told the Dagens Nyhter (DN) newspaper.

Now any Left Party member who runs for elected office will be required to sign a contract with the party pledging to abide by the new rules.

The party also plans to make public the list of party members who have paid their fees.

According to Housset, the new system will make it harder for Left Party politicians to get re-elected if they don't abide by the rules.

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The motion passed with a clear majority, with 129 members voting in favour, while 84 voted against the tougher rules.

According to Left Party estimates, fees taken from the salaries of Riksdag members alone are expected to add about 2 million kronor to party coffers.

The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:37 January 9, 2012 by RobinHood
If they were ever elected, thay would do this to everyone else as well, so it's only fair.
08:38 January 9, 2012 by Swinglish 1
They should now follow this rule all over the world..Footballers, Movie stars, Music industry! and put all the money in hospitals and education!
12:21 January 9, 2012 by kenny8076
Swinglish that irrational... when you hold back income you hold back innovation and spending.... people cant spend what they dont have..... being forced to give you money to a cause we will inevitably read about in the papers associated with fraud waste and abuse is outrageous. No one donates in Sweden because they are taxed so much.... Americans are the least taxed in the world and donate more than anyone..... its YOUR money and you should be able to donate or save as much and to whom ever you want..... not give it to other people who perhaps didnt and dont work as hard
16:22 January 9, 2012 by J Jack
This is totalitarian. Recently I was rebuffed for saying the 'Left' were another type of communist party. Well, for once, I guess I was RIGHT. Deciding a flat wage for a diverse group of people is to ignore their different skill levels.
16:27 January 9, 2012 by Larry Thrash
Greedy Communist Party officials.
17:37 January 9, 2012 by Great Scott
I agree with RobinHood, and then Sweden would have no unemployment, no poor people, right wing fat cats, no homeless, no one on benefits, no right wing tax cheats and no idiots who want to play prime minister as they do now. Sweden would gain an envied economy, a world class welfare state, a world class education system and a world class infrastructure.
18:24 January 9, 2012 by star10
These are a bunch of people who do not anyway have better option than earn less than 27k SEK per month.
18:29 January 9, 2012 by Rey Stockholm
If the communists do this to their own, imagine what they would do to you
20:39 January 9, 2012 by swedejane
If it's required, then it's not a "donation".
20:45 January 9, 2012 by viennacalling
WOW Guys you would all be shocked to know that the Australian Prime Minister Ms J Gillard receives more than President OBama ! Yes she is on over AUD$400,000.00 per annum ! and she is a lefty! can you believe it????
07:02 January 10, 2012 by J Jack
that's why under educated kids get into politics. THE money!
16:56 January 11, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
@ Great Scott #6

Your philosophy would promote a culture of human parasites who sit around and wait for others to do the work that needs doing.

Sweden would rot from within, as the USSR did, and eventually collapse, if you further erode any incentive for gainful advancement through hard work and innovation.
17:13 January 12, 2012 by Great Scott
@Reason abd Realism

You obviously can't read, no unemployment, no poor people, no homeless and no one on benefits.

You have been misguided and misinformed, this makes people like yourself gullible to stories fed to you by the right.
17:54 January 12, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
@Great Scott

You obviously cannot read. Everyone in the USSR had 'a job' given to them by the state, so there was no unemployment, and this still led to the collapse of their economy (at best half the size of the US economy when things were 'good' there, even though it has a larger population, and the bureaucracy there today is still stiffling beyond belief).

In the same way that it is possible to be too far right, it is also possible to be too far left. Sweden is still left of center and could benefit from a rightward move, or at worst no further moves toward the left. The economy has done well here lately due in part to the so called right wing party being in power. But the after tax take home pay and buying power is still well below places like Canada for example, which also has free health care, and is not as right wing as the USA.

And incidentally I am not uninformed, having lived and workedand paid taxes for years in the USA, Canada, and Sweden.

The other problem with the left party cutting their own salaries is that, except for a handful of bright idealists, this will create a disincentive for many successful, innovative, and motivated people to stay with their party, or leave a job in the private sector to join their party.

It does not benefit the wealth of a nation to kill the incentive of those who are willing to work the hardest in order to prosper. If you think the Sweden is already too far right then it is you who is misinformed.
20:50 February 4, 2012 by AdamVikingen
You people do know that Danmark is a Leftish nation, and they are rated the most democratic nation in the world (Gapminder)

And i can say that USA is Not a democratic nation, a nation where only 33% of the populace is voting is NOT Democracy.

And saying that a nation that proclaims to be communist actually IS communist is just pure idiocy.

If anyone here have ever read the Communist manifesto they would see that neither Northkorea, Soviet, China, is in any way a socialist nation.

Cuba: is on its way towards Marxism, leaving the so called "RealSocialism" (The name for the type of govern in the east-block)

Venezuela: Has a lot of steps left to become a real socialist nation, they have had a really good start, but a lot is too centralised and they need to place a bit more money on safety, since they aren't funding safety almost at all.

Argentina: Argentina has its own kind of left-"ish" ideology, i would personally not rate it communist since it puts a bit too much effort into military, and according to the manifesto, military should not in any way be a priority.

Cyprus: (The president of Cyprus is a Marxist-leninist) I dont know much about Cyprus since i learnt just recently that they where Communists. But since they are in a struggle between the invading Greece and Turks it would be pretty hard to keep order.

Nepal: Nepal's two biggest political parties are both Communists (Marxist-Leninist and Maoists) And from all my political studies Marxist-Leninist and Maoists are not the best of friends, only the only thing Marxists and Marxist-Leninist disslikes more then maoists are Stalinists (they hate each other)

Now, how do i know these things? Well i study! In Sweden (in difference to USA) we have no kind of patriotic or propaganda teaching where we have to swear fidelity to the flag and such, we are learnt to see behind the curtains of everything and not always believing what politicians says.

Just because someone proclaiming to be democratic dose not mean they truly are!

Just because someone proclaiming to be a Socialist dose not mean that they truly is!
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