Friday the 13th ‘not unlucky’: Swedish study

Friday the 13th 'not unlucky': Swedish study
Despite Friday the 13th having a reputation as an ill-fated day, fresh figures from Swedish insurance company Trygg-Hansa have shown that there is nothing particularly unlucky about it at all.

According to an accident investigation by the company, there are nearly 7 percent less accidents on a Friday the 13th than on any other day.

“The reported accidents are even fewer than on other Fridays, by 3 percent,” Trygg-Hansa’s Johan Eriksson told the TT news agency.

The insurance company has reviewed the past five years’ worth of accidents, which number over two million.

“If you look at the results of these investigations you can see that Friday the 13th is, in fact, a lucky day. However, for car owners it can be quite the opposite as there have been more car thefts on this particular day than any other comparable day,” Eriksson said.

Most accidents actually occur on Mondays, according to Trygg-Hansa’s review, at least that is the day most often reported as the day of the accident.

“It probably hasn’t got so much to do with accidents actually happening on Monday, rather that they occur on the weekend but aren’t reported until Monday,” said Eriksson.

A few years ago, Räddningsverket, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (now the Civil Contingencies Services or MSB) carried out similar research. Their findings also confirmed that Friday the 13th was no more unlucky than any other day.

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