‘I never left my son’: floorball dad

The father of the 10 year-old boy, reportedly abandoned outside an Uppsala sporting hall for playing floorball badly, has spoken to the media for the first time, denying the incident ever occurred.

'I never left my son': floorball dad

Sveriges Radio (SR) has spoken to the father and to one of the team’s coaches, thereby breaking the past week’s silence. Both deny that there is any truth to the unpleasant story.

The abandonment caused an outrage when it became public a week ago.

Another of the floorball team’s coaches, Conny Eriksson, told local newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning that he’d found the 10 year-old boy crying outside the arena.

According to Eriksson, the boy claimed his father had left him to walk the 76 kilometres between the Fyrishov sporting hall in Uppsala and the family home in Stockholm, as a punishment for a badly played floorball match.

Confusion now reigns, following SR’s interviews with both the father and the other coach, whose version of the story differs from Conny Eriksson’s.

“After the match was over, we were all gathering to go back to the cars. One of the players was annoyed after losing the game, and left the field,” said the coach to SR.

To protect the 10-year-old boy, both the coach and the father wish to remain anonymous.

“After a while I saw the boy outside one of the entrances to Fyrishov. When I started going towards him, he went inside. That’s when I took the decision to start packing the car with the bags,” said the coach.

The coach later saw the boy standing with Conny Eriksson, who had a mobile phone in his hand.

“That’s when I said to the boy that we were going home, and I drove him over to his father who was parked on the other side. And then we went home,” said the coach.

He describes the media reports of the past week as “absolutely appalling”.

“Everyone’s just gone along with the first source, without bothering to consider if the story’s plausible,” he said.

On Sunday the floorball club from Åkersberga, a suburb north of Stockholm, will be continuing their efforts to ascertain what exactly happened after the game last week.

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Swedish daycare worker jailed for child sex abuse

A Swedish court on Friday sentenced a male daycare (dagis) worker to six and a half years in prison for four cases of rape and 20 cases of sexual assault against toddlers aged one to three in his charge.

Swedish daycare worker jailed for child sex abuse
The assaults took place at eight of the daycares where the man worked from March 2014 until June 2015. Photo: Victor Lundberg / TT

The 40-year-old man, who worked at 40 different daycares in the southern municipality of Kristianstad as a temp agency employee, pleaded guilty to the charges, a statement from the Kristianstad district court said.

The assaults took place at eight of the daycares where he worked from March 2014 until June 2015.

“The man sexually abused several girls during diaper changes. The girls were between one and three years old. The 40-year-old, documented the abuses himself with his mobile phone camera,” the court said.

“The crimes are considered aggravated because of the way he carried them out, the fact that he abused his position as a child minder, and that he abused the trust he enjoyed,” it added.

“Crimes like these are very rare,” court spokesman Markus Nilsson told the AFP news agency.

The defendant also found guilty of one charge of abusive photography and one case of aggravated child pornography for documenting the abuses and saving the photographs on his computer.

The man, whose name was not disclosed, was caught in July when he sexually abused a young girl at a theme park where he was employed.

During police interrogation he came clean about the daycare assaults and rapes.

He risked a maximum sentence of seven-and-a-half years behind bars but was given a year less than the maximum because he had collaborated with the police investigation.

The court also ordered the man to pay damages totalling 1.6 million kronor ($188,000) to his victims.