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Does citizenship really matter?

The Local · 18 Jan 2012, 15:10

Published: 18 Jan 2012 15:10 GMT+01:00

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On Monday, Swedish integration minister Erik Ullenhag unveiled plans for a government inquiry tasked with looking into ways to give Swedish citizenship more meaning to immigrants contemplating become citizens.

As Ullenhag points out, citizenship brings with it some legal rights, such as voting, not granted to immigrants who choose to retain a mere residence or work permit.

But, in his eyes, becoming a Swedish citizen should mean something more by symbolizing people's “common future” and help create a “sense of belonging to a new country”.

Previously on The Local, contributor Ruben Brunsveld reflected on what it means to be a dual citizen as well as the emotional connection people have to their citizenship – old or new.

Is Ullenhag right to want naturalized Swedish citizens to feel the same allegiance to their adopted country as they felt for the countries of their birth?

Is it possible to stop feeling Brazilian, Lebanese, American, Chinese, Dutch, or Spanish when taking Swedish citizenship?

What does Swedish citizenship mean to people born in Sweden?

Should dual citizenship be banned altogether to force people to make a choice?

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Your comments about this article

16:09 January 18, 2012 by hipersons1
Why make this more complicated than it is: its about access and having some input in the place that you call home. If you prove that you're loyal enough to another country by living, working, paying taxes, and not committing crimes long enough, why shouldn't you have the same rights as your next door neighbors?
16:14 January 18, 2012 by Achilles7
I don't think it really matters too much what you call yourself. What matters is how you act and behave; and I don't think legally becoming a citizen of Sweden will necessarily change this.

It doesn't matter where you come from, if you are living in a foreign country you should do your upmost to adapt your lifestyle to the culture, traditions and values of that country. When in Rome, do as the Romans. You can keep your personal religious, linguistic and cultural beliefs just that - personal. Each country should have just one culture, so that everybody is marching to the same beat, and a genuine sense of community spirit is thereby created.
16:31 January 18, 2012 by Global Macro
Is citizenship merely about "living, working, paying taxes, and not committing crimes"? Are there any values that Swedes hold dear that are also important to calling oneself a Swede? Are there any "personal religous, linguistic and cultural beliefs" that are antithetical to Swedish values? In fact, it matters a lot where you come from.
16:51 January 18, 2012 by tigger007
this is a really interesting article and also i see good comments! having citizenship nowadays is about economics rather than a since of belonging. i have lived here almost 10yrs and i never thought of the idea of having swedish citizenship.maybe because i come from a most modernized country or maybe i don't feel a since of belonging(a lil bit of both to behonest).why have citizenship and you don't get the respect of being a citizen.pay taxes and being a noncriminal doesn't make you or i should say makes you deserve citienship,it's a since o belonging that what counts the most.citizenship in the past was far more respected as it is now,having citizenship is a step up in the world a status symbol(ability to move about freely)if you are from a nonmodernize country.citizenship has lost it's respect in every since of the word!
17:18 January 18, 2012 by efm
Citizenship brings people together under the same mission and value system.

As a mixed Asian Spanish descent man, I served as an Officer in a US Navy ship. Obviously all of us are US citizens but it was amazing to think how heterogenous we are! There were people from all over. Filipinos, Mexicans, Europeans, Africans, even Muslims, all in the ship, all under one flag,

same mission and, al doing their job. It really didn't matter where any of us came from. What was important is our contribution to the cause.
17:21 January 18, 2012 by Global Macro
What about freedom? Liberty? Respect for and protection of the rights of individual citizens, such as freedom of speach? Are these values that are precious to Swedes? If a person wants to immigrate to "live, work, pay taxes" or for any of many other reasons, but does not believe that these other values are important, should he be accepted as a Swedish citizen?
19:48 January 18, 2012 by Roy E
@ elm

You are obviously ignoring how people self-segregate when the ship pulls into port and they have a choice in matter. The US Navy has not triumphed over human nature. It's a far cry a 1970's Coca-Cola commerical.

If the nationality of the passport one carries become less of an indicator, people will increasingly resort to hyphenated descriptors. For example, 'American' tells me much less now than it once did. Further distinctions must be drawn before any useful information is to be had.
20:30 January 18, 2012 by RCWilliams
Mr. Ullenhag's timing was good - the question of what citizenship *means* in international law and policy has come up quite a lot in both practice and in the press recently. It might be easiest to say that a recent global tendency for some states to crack down on the ease with which residents can gain citizenship or with which citizens can acquire or maintain dual citizenship represents a backlash unlikely to stop a broader trend toward less restrictive and traditional approaches.

Americans over here be warned by the way - whether we are dual citizens or not it seems that Congress has decided to dump a whole lot more paperwork on us, our local banks and our non-citizen spouses.

For more on both see my blog: http://terra0nullius.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/mixed-signals-on-citizenship/
21:04 January 18, 2012 by mkdh
well i came from jordan and i got married to a swedesh woman,i,ve been here in sweden for 1 year and 8 monthes,i already take sweden as my country of origin, i defend it ,i even courge sport and care about what,s happining in sweden,as am jobb less ,i hope they dont access me or any one on how much he,s paying taxes to give him or her a citizenship,becouse love is in the heart not in money.
21:12 January 18, 2012 by efm
@ Roy E

Self segregate? you must be kidding? We don't self segregate when the ship pulls into the port. People go with their friends, and prob. according to rank, but there is nothing like I am more American than you are? Infact, having a Racial

prejudice attitude will put one off a Navy Ship fast.

Infact if you want to see how successul integration works,

look into a US Navy aircraft carrier with 5000 crew.

So what if you have a hypenated descriptor, Swedish-American,

Chinese-American,Filipino-American, it doesn't make you less of an American than someone who was born in the USA. At least that is how I feel, how I was treated. There were about 20

Americans under my command, and it did not matter that I am

Asian-Spanish American. The important point was the job I did my responsibility, and my rank.(Commissioned officers are all US citizens).
21:16 January 18, 2012 by mkdh
i mean as we see there are some swedesh originaly dont respect thier country, i dont think it will make any diffirence if they did make man choose between the twoo nationalities.
21:38 January 18, 2012 by efm
Suggestions to Ullenhag:

Swedish citizenship should be special, and to be bestowed only to those immigrants who wish to and satisfy certain criteria. They should renounce allegiance to any past foreign nation, swear loyalty only to the Swedish flag, learn and adopt to Swedish customs and tradition, learn Swedish history, even given a chance to change part of their names to be Swedish! disqualify those who's affiliation is antithetical to Swedish legal system, and YES no dual

citizenship. Either you want to be Swedish or not! In return, you should be be given the same rights as the Swedes.
23:16 January 18, 2012 by nightwolf
Citizenship does not matter as much as your ethnicity/background does!

For instance, If your ethnicity is Middle Eastern or African even if you are born in Sweden you will never be considered a "real" Swede therefore you are called "second generation". That's so simple, because you don't "look" like Swedes.
03:20 January 19, 2012 by bira
Why even contemplate banning dual citizenship? Born and raised in Sweden I've lived in the US for almost 30 years but didn't become a US citizen until Sweden changed its laws to allow dual citizenship because I didn't want to give that up, and why should I have to? Citizenship has NOTHING to do with ethnicity, it has to do with your legal rights, responsibilities (such as voting), and benefits of the country of which you are a citizen. Just because I chose to live abroad and would like the right, as a responsible contributor to this society, to influence my surroundings by voting, etc. doesn't mean I want to give up my Swedish citizenship. If I have to pay taxes and do everything else that a citizen has to do then I should also be able to take advantage of the benefits a citizen gets. It's not right, for example, to make a non-citizen pay social security taxes and then not allow that person to collect on that same social security when the time comes. Social responsibility goes both ways.
07:43 January 19, 2012 by icedearth
No one chooses his or her place of birth, nor has the control to live where he / she wants. However the individual has fulfill his/her duties, also he is entitled for rights. The individual must make sure he/she does the best towards his community.
10:35 January 19, 2012 by sharytariq
I wish number of years reduced from 5 years to less to get citizenship. I don't know what the story behind 5 years if one have permanent residence.
10:52 January 19, 2012 by DAVID T
@ mkdh

Just out of interest why did your Swedish wife not move to Jordan? Can't you find work in Jordan either? Wouldn't it be better for you to live in Jordan so you can get a job and not be a burden on society?
11:35 January 19, 2012 by Eva i England
I am Swedish as ffar as I'm concerned but I'm also British, having lived in England for 43 years. I had to become a British citizen in order to have my husband adopt my Swedish born daughter. I then found out that the Swedish authorities had taken my Swedish citizenship away from me in 1973 without even contacting me to give me a choice in the matter. My parents were alive in 1973 and could also have been contacted. I am disgusted with my treatment by the Swwedish state.
16:34 January 19, 2012 by efm

OK, Swedes can call you "second generation" but you are already Swede thru and thru with a diff. facade. So what?

If you have the same rights and and proper training and motivation, does that count?

Even if most consider you not one of them, you are not going away, right? There's a classification that should be given to you-- Swedish citizen!
19:46 January 19, 2012 by skatty
"The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open."

Günter Grass
20:02 January 19, 2012 by jostein
23:16 January 18, 2012 by nightwolf

If you go to a place and dont mix blood with the natives you are a colonist, not a native.This aint the US of A. This is the ancient ancestral home of the swedes. And we have nowhere else to go.
02:47 January 20, 2012 by TheWatchman
@ jostein

If you go to a place and dont mix blood with the natives you are a colonist, not a native.This aint the US of A. This is the ancient ancestral home of the swedes. And we have nowhere else to go.

I agree with this. If I moved to Sweden, I would find a Swedish girl. I sort of doubt these people from the Middle East come to Sweden because they love it so much and have true loyalty. To be honest, citizenship should be given based on loyalty to the new country, and a true respect for the regions culture and customs.
07:42 January 20, 2012 by jostein

Our crazy policies put a squeeze on people like you that do it right as well. And on all of us. I do not know what to do with the present situation.
10:53 January 20, 2012 by mkdh
@ DAVID T , i,ve been working in jordan for many years ,and i have worked here also ,i came here tosweden to work from the first place ,and am seeking job ,and by the way i dont take money from social am jobbless just for now, i have my own money ,so dont judge people who you dont know SMART ASS.
11:52 January 20, 2012 by flintis
There is a way to make Swedish citizenship more meaningful, make it harder to attain & easier to revoke along with residency permits
12:14 January 20, 2012 by dstergiou
I have recently moved to Sweden (3 years) and obviously i don't have Swedish citizenship yet. However, i am definitely going after it when i am eligible, for 2 reasons:

1) A number of interesting job positions are only open for Swedish citizens. I understand why this is the case (military, policy, parliament, etc), but i would also like to be able to work where i please without letting citizenship be a barrier

2) I consider myself a productive member of the Swedish society. I have a job that i love (since i came to Sweden), i pay my taxes, and i pose zero (or so i think) issues to the Swedish state. I am not crazy about the kind, but then again, does every Swede like monarchy?

My point is that i am quite similar to my Swede colleagues. We work, we have a family, we are respectful and we don't cause problems. However my Swede colleagues can influence with their votes my life, while i can't. I consider this to be unfair, and getting a Swedish citizenship will allow me to influence, even with little impact
13:04 January 20, 2012 by acidcritic
Allegiance has nothing to do with living in a country. To get a "sense of belongning" to a country dependes on a number of factors nobody controls, such as race, religion, culture and the acceptance from country´s populaltion. . You can legislate against discrimination,but it is impossible to be loved by force. Be realistic, most europeans,including swedes, reject non european races and cultures. Japanese, chinese and other peoples do the same. Why one ougth to love a country which despises one?. Therefore, citizenship never will be more than a formal condition. .You cannot compel a person to love your country. You cannot compel a person to exchange his original citizenship for other. On the other hand, if a person lives in a country most of his live, he is a good person and behaves well in any circunstanes, the Estate must be compeled to offer the citizenship to the person. That without any back obligation from the person side. In actual circumstances, most people ask for sweden citizenship on opportunistic grounds and you swedes will have to accept that with resignation just becouse, under the same conditions, you will do exactly the same
17:33 January 20, 2012 by MSPhd
Any kind of person residing longer time in another nation they adapt their citizenship behavior(Ethnocentrism). Psychologically proven phenomena.

I am a citizen of this world, we humans are every where. It is stupidity to separate individuals with the name of nations, instead residency permits must be made simpler to migrating people to stay longer time if they have no criminal activities in nation.

May Sweden rich and prospering country. History is evident we INDIANS are richer than any part of this world. But time changed now we are poorest of the poor. Nothing is permanent. The ultimate service of humanity persists longer time.

Nations fight people suffer. To avoid this people must be united on above national interest. Respecting all humans equally in every nation is ultimate solution to this world to live peace.


19:50 January 20, 2012 by Avin a go
Citizenship is meaningless. Where you were born, helps the ignorant to put you in a box that they feel comfortable with. We are all divided into categories, and labelled with a description. Race, origin, color of hair, facial characteristics all used to make it easier to separate us.

We all share the same values, we all want what is best for our children, we all want peace, we all want the right to fulfill our dreams.

The problem is we want it more for ourselves than our neighbors, and as long as that sentiment continues it does matter where you come from.
19:50 January 20, 2012 by graceolsson
I´m a Swede but NEVER i will stop feeling a Brazilian. I was born in Brazil. There live my relatives, but of course, today I smile or cry with and for Swedish people.

To be a Swede is simply to meet another Swede and proudly say: You are one of mine.We belong to the same country.

My feeling of love and respect with Sweden, go beyond my life story.
22:41 January 20, 2012 by Klilje
I have dual nationality, Swedish/Australian. Swedish cause I where born, raised and educated in Sweden, althought I have only been back to Sweden 3 times in the past 38 years, it's my birthright to retain my Swedish citizen-ship.

I also have Australian citizen-ship cause I choose to live and work in Australia and is a part of the Australian community, hence my dual nationality have nothing to do with either travel, taxes, religious or political reasons.
23:21 January 20, 2012 by DAVID T
@ mkdh

That was exactly the sort of answer I was expecting from someone like you - you didn't answer the question

Just out of interest why did your Swedish wife not move to Jordan?

Why do you have to stay here?
01:01 January 21, 2012 by hackie
@DAVID T (#17 and #31)

What is your problem? Why can't you see beyond your nose? Why are you using a pain killer on the pain that is not yours? He chose to come to Sweden, So? What problem do you have with that? He chose to come to Sweden simply because he is unbiased like you. When will your brain stop thinking in this stupid way? Do you want to hear your history? Do you even have any job yourself? How much tax have you paid in your lifetime? If you can't answer those questions, you are the biggest loser of the 21st century. It is the empty barrels like you that make the loudest noise. Get a life and stop intruding into people's personal life you dumb ass.
02:33 January 21, 2012 by swenrika
different Angle...

I was born on earth and thus am a citizen of earth. I should be free to move about all of earth's beautiful places, meet interesting people and interact with different CULTURES.

The limitation was set by ourselves upon ourselves. No country belongs to one group, well now it does, but it should not be. We should be free to move as we wish and set up shop where we wish. The ground principles of all modern nations is the same, don't steal my stuff, pay the government lots of money so they can waste it, don't kill (although at some point I'm sure we could have done this to a few people) and a few other basic rules we all seem to agree on.

It is important to have a sense of belonging to a culture, but even a native swede may be more attracted to a Latin culture as an example, so let him ,it has nothing to do with citizenship, it should not even matter.

Don't we all just want to live in peace and harmony, earn a living so we can live well, build a Jacuzzi and possibly go on holiday to far away places... ?

Fantasy world, just thought I'd ask..

@Avin a go my thoughts too :)
14:03 January 21, 2012 by phil23456
The Native culture should come first and always be protected, Citizenship should only be granted to people that have the ability to adapt.
15:12 January 21, 2012 by DAVID T
@ hackie

you must be his wife then as you seem to have intimate knowledge of why he moved to Sweden - I'm not disputing the fact he came to Sweden to be unemployed I'm just asking why he and his Swedish wife chose to settle here and not in Jordan. I'm wondering why Sweden is better than Jordan. Are you some sort of nazi that doesn't like people asking questions or is it your time of month?
18:47 January 21, 2012 by mkdh
@ DAVID T , this person is no one i know ,but do you know why he,s defending me? because this person know how to talk to people and respect others, i guess its hard for you to understand ,it seems like a racist is a racist , like he or she said go get your self busy and stay out of peoples personal life.
19:50 January 21, 2012 by Johnchjw
The Swedish citizenship should be given only after the applicant passes a test in

-language (Swedish)

- basic knowledge of Swedish history ( for example who was Vasa)

- basic knowledge of how the Swedish society works.

USA and other countries have this test before they offer the citizenship.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of people with Swedish citizenship that can not speak Swedish nor do they know that Sweden is a Kingdom.

Sweden has much to learn from USA and Canada.
21:48 January 21, 2012 by DAVID T
@ mkdh

As I suspected you cannot answer a simple question and just turn to insluts - that's typical of people like you. Hope you are enjoying Sweden - here you are aloud to ask questions
22:35 January 21, 2012 by TheWatchman
@ David T

I think you were too harsh on the lad. Not all his people are bad, even a lot of them are just turning Sweden into a slum and crime-ridden place. He seems like a decent guy from what I read, but I agree that it is a rather simple thing to answer.
23:40 January 21, 2012 by jomamas
Ethnicity trumps citizenship.

Citzenship is just a legal, national, bureaucratic derivative of ethnic culture.

This is why the West must massively curtain immigration from the 3rd world and keep it to small levels.

Swedes are the world's #1 hypocrites on this: on paper, they want 'lot's of immigrant's because they think they are nice and caring - and yet - in reality, Swedes are the most insular people on the planet who would rarely be friends with anyone who is Arab or Black.


Let America take all those people, it's a country defined on the basis of 'ideals' and not culture.
11:02 January 22, 2012 by Bolinb
I am an Australian. I live in Sweden with my Swedish Partner. We chose to live here because her daughter is still in school and wants to finish (in Sweden). I will become a swedish citizen so that I have the right to live in this country and be part of my new family. Why should I have to pay several thousand crowns every 5 years to be ALLOWED to stay with my new family? Why should I not have the right to have a say in how this country treats me and my family and where my taxes go? I lived for 2 years with no support from Australia or Sweden and have proved that I desire to live here by supporting myself for that time. Is that not a contributing fact? I love Australia, I think there are more and better jobs there and I think it is a more tolerant country than Sweden, But this is where I choose to live as this is where my new family is. I will become a Dual citizen as I do not wish to throw away my Australian roots just yet. Perhaps if Sweden and Australia go to war against each other I will have to choose, But not till then. If I commit to protecting Sweden and ensuring its way of life is improved (where I can) then am I not entitled to be part of Swedish life? I wish to live in Australia but my wife and her children do not so "I CHOOSE TO BECOME SWEDISH" I think that counts for more than someone that is born Swedish and neither knows or cares about the rest of the world. I lived for many years around and with some ignorant Aussies and I have more respect for people that choose to become Australian than those who are but don't care.
14:00 January 22, 2012 by Migga
@ Bolinb

Ah yeas the allmighty and tolerant aussies. They are so nice and open. Right?

I`d suggest that you Youtube "Cronulla Beach Riots" and have a look at how tolerant the aussies really are. You will never see that in Sweden so I wonder who it is who are the most tolerant.

Also just because there are more jobs in Australia it doesn`t make it better. And jobs being better is just your opinion. Considering what you have said so far I wouldn`t take your opinion to heart.
15:26 January 22, 2012 by phil23456

If you new anything about Australia you would realise that the cronulla riots were a result of years of Muslim Lebanese Australians causing trouble and the locals getting sick of it. The last straw that caused the riots was a life guard getting bashed for no reason by a group of Lebanese males,
15:55 January 22, 2012 by Migga
@ phil23456

I know alot about Australia. That`s why I knew about the cronulla riots. And I also know why it started.

But it doesn`t make it right. There is no excuse to go around, medieval style, and attack innocent people just because of their skincolour. Swedes knows this but it seems that the oh so tolerant Aussies have ways to go.

I just find it funny seeing this Australian guy coming in here, sitting on his high horse, talking about how intolerant Swedes are when Aussies are just the same and even worse.
15:38 January 23, 2012 by Global Macro
If it is found that a substantial increase in crime, violence and civil unrest is associated with a particular ethnic immigrant group, is that a sensible reason to exclude that group from immigrating to Sweden? If a particular ethnic immigrant group does not assimilate well into Swedish life, is that a reason to exclude that group from immigrating to Swedent?
19:49 January 23, 2012 by Rod Munch
@global Macro- Yes and Yes.
22:03 January 23, 2012 by efm
@global macro

No and No with reservation as, there are also some parts of the said group that can be outstanding citizens too.

Can't make a claim that all Australians are like Assangge!
22:19 January 23, 2012 by JoeE
I find it interesting being a Swedish-American looking into these issues. The United States is made up of immigrants. Almost all of us, other than the Native Americans, have a hyphen in front of American. I have a deep connection to Sweden being that it's my ancestral home land. I live in a place that is much like Sweden, cold and Northern. My grandparents grew up speaking Swedish, which I am learning now myself. I doubt I will ever live in Sweden, though I have many family and friends I visit over there as often as I can. Why one would want to become a citizen without having some connection to the heritage and pride in all things Swedish is beyond me. It would seem to me that moving to a country simply to take advantage of a better life is good, unless it starts to degrade the culture that already exists. Degrade by which I mean change to something other than Swedish. I agree that if one is going to move to Sweden to live there, they should learn the language, understand the culture and history, and take pride in that country. Sweden is most definitely not the USA, which is a country created by many cultures. Sweden is a country with a distinct way of life and should be proud of that. The melting pot ideology already has a place in this world, it's called the USA. Also, this idea of taking in other cultures as refugees, while I can agree is a nice idea in a humanitarian sense, is impossible to consider a wise decision. Sweden is a country of 9 million people. It's small. How many refugees and unfortunate non-Swedish people can Sweden take in without altering it's own spirit and way of life? Keep Sweden Swedish. It's ok to be proud and Nationalistic. That's not racism. It's being unfront and honest about what effects certain ideology can have culturally as well as economically within your homeland.
12:05 January 24, 2012 by si
Agree with Migga - Sitting on a bus in oz last year when a non-english speaking tourist (judging by the camera) boarded without understanding the ticket he had bought - after a couple of mins of broken enlgish with the bus driver - there was a call to "get off the bus" and then a "yeah go back to where you came from" followed by a few more calls of "go home" (randomly placed people). Sure don't get that in Sweden...
17:23 January 24, 2012 by efm
@Joe E

The word "degrade" and "without altering it's own spirit and way of life" disturbs me as an American, And I'm not Swede.

The words connotes arrogance, and nativistic hypocracy.
18:15 January 24, 2012 by Rod Munch
I think something needs to be cleared up here. The only immigrants that cause debate and controversy are the Middle Eastern/African ones. I've never heard anyone complain about any other minority here in Sweden except the Roma and even the "PC-brigade" complains about them too. All other minority groups in Sweden seem to be able to adapt to the country and keep themselves from over-representation in violent crime and rape statistics.
01:51 January 25, 2012 by TheWatchman
@ efm

So for the let's be realistic. Let's say about 1/1000 of these people are not a drain on Sweden's welfare, are not causing violence, are not raping Swedish women, are not trying to change how Sweden's society works, are not trying to make their religion more powerful and have more influence than that of Sweden's and are outstanding citizens.

So you're saying that it is worth inviting them over when there are other groups of people such as Jews, Koreans and other Eastern Orientals, British, Irish, French, Germans etc who do any of those things less than 0.01% (just a comparison, don't claim it's a statistic) of the time? THOSE are the people who should be let in, because they actually help the country, and are not the ones who the majority of the time cause more harm than good, despite there being good individuals.
15:13 January 25, 2012 by Roy E

JoeE actually makes perfect sense.

Look, you're a bit lost and confused. You claim to be a Mexican/Asian/American and you are hanging out on a Swedish oriented website. That says something in and of itself. I'm sorry that you do not have an identify or heritage to which you anchor your being, but it does not give you any claim to any moral high ground. In fact, your pose is a bit absurd.

You do not have a substantive identity, therefore others are wrong to defend theirs? That's ridiculous. Arrogant, also.
22:30 January 25, 2012 by Baned
@JoeE "Keep Sweden Swedish." How do you propose that? First we'd have to figure out what Swedish is. Eye and hair color are out - have you seen the royal family? Swedish descendants then ... no that won't work either, our current queen is German/Brazilian with some Portuguese ancestry. In fact, there were quite a few Swedish queens from Germany and even some Swedish kings that didn't know the language. So language, hair and eye color, pedigree are all out. Sooo umm ... what do you propose? Perhaps bring back measuring of the skulls?

Back in the day, great-great-grandparents would proclaim that the "ruckus" coming out of the big, black plates must have been the devil's music. Then the cassette tape came, cd's before mp3s ... it's 2012! People everywhere are taking advantage of the airline deals - cultures are meshing, nothing is "pure". And what does pure mean anyway?

Being against the amount of refugees Sweden accepts and how it's handled is one thing, but to boldly state, "Keep Sweden Swedish" at the same time saying, "Why one would want to become a citizen without having some connection to the heritage and pride in all things Swedish is beyond me" --- and you're American. Really ... it can't be so hard to understand.
00:22 January 26, 2012 by Roy E

The answer to your dilemma is quite simple. You've got it precisely backwards. First , one would start by identifying what it obviously is not.

But you know that.

Your deliberate desire to obfuscate betrays your agenda which, when you come right down to it , amounts to cultural assassination.
15:57 January 26, 2012 by VicTaulic
I don't know if it matters. But I sure like the picture of those leggy girls!
18:44 January 26, 2012 by mibrooks27
It is being PROUD of being Swedish. As for immigrants, Sweden should be taking all of those expatriate's back, whose grandparents emigrated to the US. before everyone else. Most of the American's would be delighted to return HOME. (And most of them already speak some Swedish and would love to learn more.)
03:03 January 27, 2012 by willard olson
My grandparents came to the US from Arvika and Slemtegen. I have great pride in being Swedish. This, I think, has two components. One is genetic. All of us with Swedish genetics are rather unique in the world--we are all brothers and sisters. There is also another view-- the wonderful reputation we have for tolerance and peaceful behavior. This is something that belies our ancestral reputation for Viking violence; yet, it is not far off. Hunters are not violent per se, they possess what most prosecutors lack-- a sense of discretion. Discretion could be defined as the ability to know when to act and when to withhold action. I hope that Sweden will remain Swedish both genetically and behaviorally. I also hope to visit my cousins in Arvika,Slemtegen and Orebro before I die.
14:07 January 28, 2012 by jostein
@willard olson

Unfortunately, all the sensible swedes left sweden long ago. What remains are useful idiots and suicidal maniacs. Turn your back on this sorry place and learn from our mistakes. Beware the politicals. Beware those that pretend to be goody goodier than all others, they carry murder in their hearts.
12:46 January 29, 2012 by SimonDMontfort
Citizenship DOES matter; its the acceptance, by an individual, of responsibilities towards a state/nation - in return for certain rights.

One day you might be called on to fight in a war. As efm has indicated (above), one could be in the military and no matter what 'background' you are from its important to pull together and be selfless (as opposed to selfish)

I just don't see the Swedes as having ANY concept of 'the common good' or being interested in anything other than 'I must come before you in the queue - my rights outweigh yours' . To me, SWEDISH citizenship is absolutely meaningless... but don't let me stop anyone if they want to apply for it. LOL!!
17:16 January 31, 2012 by efm
@ roy E

You are being ridiculous. Mine is just an opinion and this is a public web site. And I have a substantive identity- I'm American!(legally and figuratively, culturally).

You guys can't take other opinions! hahaha.
00:04 December 3, 2012 by lordmagneto
@SimonDMontfort, "...or being interested in anything other than 'I must come before you in the queue - my rights outweigh yours' " Yeah, what's up with that with the queue things? I am an American who will get the Swedish citizenship so that I can partake in Swedish voting here.
Today's headlines
Gothenburg 'one of Europe's most segregated cities'
An Isis flag in Kirkuk, Iraq. Photo: Uncredited/AP

One in ten school students in Gothenburg's north-eastern suburbs sympathize with religious extremist organizations, according to a survey.

Julian Assange
Sweden won't suspend Assange warrant for funeral
Assange has been in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. Photo: Alastair Grant/AP

The WikiLeaks founder has requested a temporary suspension of an arrest warrant so he could leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the funeral of his mentor.

Swedish football diehard who went viral doesn't get the fuss
Possibly the most dedicated fan in the world. Photo: Patric Söderström/TT

A picture of Gefle IF celebrating with the only fan to make a 1164km round trip to see them has gone viral. The Local spoke to the diehard in question.

'I want to see women priests in the Catholic Church'
Archbishop Antje Jackelén meeting Pope Francis earlier in 2016. Photo: L'Osservatore Romano/AP

'I told the pope last year during a speech it is time to no longer speak for women about women, but to speak with women,' Sweden's Archbishop says.

Sweden one of world's easiest places to do business: report
A meeting at a Stockholm office. Photo: Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

It is easier to do business in Sweden now than it was last year, according to a World Bank report.

This Swede has built a procrastinator's dream
Anders Åberg has built a website that allows you to hear what’s going on above the Earth. Photo: Personal & NASA

Ever wondered what's going on in the sky above the earth and in space? Now you can hear for yourself.

Presented by Malmö Tourism
Seven reasons why Malmö is the football capital of Sweden
Players from FC Rosengård, Sweden's most successful women's football team. Photo: Hangsna

It’s official, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

Fake police car driver seized after confronting real police
File photo of a police car. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Three men in a fake police car were left red-faced after they tried to stop a man in southern Sweden who turned out to be an off-duty officer.

This tiny bird can fly for ten months straight: scientists
The common swift while not in flight. Photo: Madis Veskimeister/Wikimedia

Swedish scientists have found that this bird stays in the air for almost a year without landing.

Why the Pope is visiting Sweden next week
Pope Francis in the Vatican. Photo: AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

Pope to nail reconciliation agenda to Lutherans' door in southern Sweden.

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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
The Local Voices
Antonio, 19, is a Syrian refugee and porn actor hoping to change perceptions of refugees
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
People-watching: October 26th
Sweden cuts 2016 refugee forecast
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Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
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'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
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Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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