Disappointed robber kicks over stroller

Disappointed robber kicks over stroller
A mother of three, walking her 9-month-old baby in southern Malmö, suddenly found herself surrounded by three men, threatening to rob her.

“I have worked as a police officer for 41 years and have never heard of anything similar. It crosses the line,” said Lars-Håkan Lindholm of the Malmö police to TV3’s crime watch programme Efterlyst, which featured the case on Wednesday.

The woman had been taking a walk with her baby when three unknown men in their twenties turned up. The men tried to get her attention by calling after her, but the woman decided to ignore them and continued on her way.

Suddenly, they sprang up beside her and surrounded the stroller, blocking her way. The men asked her for money, but the woman told them that she had nothing in her wallet.

Instead the men took her mobile phone but reportedly turned aggressive when the woman wouldn’t look them in the eye. One of the men kicked the stroller to the side of the path, turning it over on its side.

The woman was frantic that her baby had been hurt by the kick but despite the rough handling, both the woman and the baby were unharmed by the incident.

“She was completely quiet in the stroller. Even after she was kicked,” the mother said to TV3.

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