Eviction threat for ‘ugly’ Swedes’ ‘gypsy’ yard

A Swedish mother and her adult son are risking eviction from their rental house in a Stockholm suburb after the new landlord claims that they oppose planned renovations, that their yard is like a ”gypsy-camp” and that the two have a problem with their personal ”exterior”.

”What he means to say is that we are ugly. Maybe we are a bit different, but this feels like discrimination,” said Anna Sundberg to newspaper Metro.

Anna Sundberg and her son have lived in the house for 27 years. Their problems began when a new landlord took over the property in 2009. Sundberg told the paper that the company wants her out so that they can renovate and give the house a luxury overhaul.

”It is all about profitability. They want us out to rent out to private companies and get paid more,” said Sundberg to Metro.

However, according to the the new landlord, Villa Nuovo, their major complaint is that they feel Sundberg is hindering the renovations by refusing the workmen entry.

Sundberg admitted that there have been discussions between her and workmen on the site, but repudiated that she had denied them access to her house.

In negotiations with the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen), who are supporting Sundberg with legal representation, Villa Nuovo argued that Sundberg and her son had disturbed the neighbours, a large property firm, as well as their clients. One of their complaints was the pairs’ appearance.

”What I have said is that you should look neat and tidy. But this is above all about a tenant who has repeatedly refused workmen entry and thereby prevented renovations. And yes, it looked like a gypsy-camp when we took over the house,” Jan-Erik Wahlberg, Villa Nuovo CEO.

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