Locked up paedophile accessed child porn

A man convicted for child pornography crimes and over seventy counts of child rape is believed to have downloaded child pornography while serving time in a Swedish psychiatric ward.

Locked up paedophile accessed child porn

Suspicions arose when personnel at the Växjö Regional Psychiatric Hospital in southern Sweden found a memory stick containing what they suspected to be child pornography.

“We don’t know how the patient got this computer memory stick, but probably he smuggled it in,” David Wirdelöv, acting head of the hospital, told the local Smålands Posten newspaper.

According to Wirdelöv, the staff of the psychiatric ward aren’t allowed to access the patients’ computer memory themselves, as that would violate the integrity of their patient.

They instead turned over their discovery to authorities, but are now working with attorneys to find a way to avoid similar issues in the future. They hope to find legal backing for hospital employees ability to view material stored on patients’ privately computers.

Prosecutor Jonny Philipsson has launched a preliminary investigation into whether or not to bring new child pornography charges against the previously convicted man.

“We have examined the evidence and I’ve given the go ahead to begin questioning those involved,” Philipsson told the paper.

Meanwhile the hospital is considering providing their own computer memory to patients, and by retaining ownership of the memory also maintaining their right to access and view its contents.

The suspect was previously convicted of over seventy charges of raping a six year old girl.

He also filmed the act and distributed the videos internationally. During the trial he stated that he just decided to ‘take the chance,’ when the young girl started spending time with him.

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