Swedish punk rock legend ‘Stig Vig’ dies

Swedish punk rock legend 'Stig Vig' dies
Per Odeltorp, better known as Stig Vig, front man of Dag Vag and one of Sweden’s best known musicians, died on Sunday, aged 63.

The singer and bass player, led a group that became one of the leading lights in the growing Swedish punk rock scene in the late 1970s.

The band, formed in 1978 had a string of hits and became a household name in the early 80s, peaking in popularity with the single “Popitopp” in 1981.

24 years after splitting up, Dag Vag reunited in 2006 and recorded a new single “Cockroach,” and Odeltorp continued to record music right up to his death.

Vig’s body was found in his apartment by his 60-year-old brother Lennart.

The cause of death is still unknown, although he had been ill for some time, having suffered kidney problems for nearly a decade.

“It was me who found him. He was on Facebook at 19.00 on Sunday evening and read Sunday’s Dagens Nyheter, so it must have taken place before the newspaper came on Monday,” Vig’s brother Lennart Odeltorp told Expressen.

In 2003. Odeltorp was put on a dialysis machine three hours a day for three years, before a friend of his donated a kidney for a transplant.

Despite his health problems, Odeltorp continued to perform as Stig Vig, playing 30 concerts in 2010.

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