Five Swedish songs that never made Eurovision

Five Swedish songs that never made Eurovision
As Sweden is gearing up for the fest that is the Melodifestivalen, Swedish living rooms are being prepared for Sweden’s greatest television event invading the country for six weeks every year.

Large quantities of snacks are being purchased, sofa cushions are being fluffed and remote controls are being hijacked as families all over the country get ready for the extravaganza that is the Swedish competition.

Every year there is a flurry of excitement as the candidates are presented, with many eager fans choosing their favourites early on in the competition.

The artist finally selected to represent the country in Europe does not always win, but takes their rightful place in (Swedish) Eurovision song contest history.

However, ever since the very first time the competition was shown on TV, many artists and acts that weren’t picked to represent Sweden have come and gone, vanishing into the mists of time as soon as their few minutes in the limelight were over,

At The Local we believe that there are many which deserve to be brought up, dusted off and given a new chance to entertain.

Whether they’re worth remembering or perhaps best forgotten, we think it’s always worth a look into Sweden’s colourful (and sometimes shockingly colourful) melodifestival history books.

So pull up a chair, get yourself comfortable and above all, enjoy the musical tidbits from the competition’s past.

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