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Two Swedes arrested for sex crimes in New York

The Local/dl · 9 Feb 2012, 07:58

Published: 09 Feb 2012 07:58 GMT+01:00

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Niklas Adalberth, 30, and Jens Saltin, 31, were arrested on Saturday evening after allegedly attacking a 19-year-old woman from Texas at the W Hotel in Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

Referred to in the Swedish media as an “IT-millionaire”, Adalberth is a co-founder the e-payments company Klarna, which he started in 2005 with classmates from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Saltin works as Klarna's Vice President of Sales in the Netherlands.

According to court documents, the Swedes are accused of straddling the victim, tearing off her clothes, and fondling her breast.

Both Adalberth and Saltin deny the allegations, according to a statement issued by Klarna to tech news website TechCrunch.

“We are aware of the alleged incident in New York City involving Niklas Adalberth and Jens Saltin. Both Mr. Adalberth and Mr. Saltin maintain their innocence and have taken temporary leave from the company while the matter is being investigated,” the company said.

Both men have been released on $10,000 bail pending a court appearance scheduled for Friday.

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Based in Sweden, Klarna AB employs more than 600 people and has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel.

The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:58 February 9, 2012 by CanadianEh
On this website most people blame African and Asian immigrants as the culprits to sexual harassment and rape however it appears the "Viking" instinct is resurfacing and now the Swedes are doing what they forefathers were known best at. Sexual harassment and rape. So to all those bigots out there on the interwebs stop your BS, everyone is capable of disgraceful acts regardless of their origins or culture.

I hope the truth surfaces and judgement be made on the guilty party.

These guys are still innocent until proven guilty, but then again it is not what you know but what you can prove in a court of law. Unfortunately the courts will always favour the rich white man.
10:11 February 9, 2012 by HYBRED
I guess they were following their 'American Dream'

I wonder what all the Swedish commenter's that brag about Swede's being so morally and behaviorally superior over American's have to say now.
10:49 February 9, 2012 by klubbnika

Swedes can behave very differently abroad where they are not under the same social control as in Sweden. I know of Swedes complaining about an alleged dishonest behaviour of the immigrant but themselves behaving very dishonestly (criminally) when abroad.
10:55 February 9, 2012 by xcited?
I liked the answer of this Germanium Muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam : He said : Who started the first world war ? Muslims ? Who started the second world war ? Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?? No , They weren't Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly... If a non-Muslim do something bad..it is crime. But if a Muslim commit same..he is terrorist... So first remove this double standard...then come to the point
11:08 February 9, 2012 by johnny1939
How innocent can you be when you take a 19 year old girl to your hotel room? Maybe they were going to study the bible? I hope it was worth it because this is going to cost them plenty of money and time. Fools!!!
11:10 February 9, 2012 by robban70226
I guess they were following their 'Swedish way Hot rabbits out of control, They forgot that not everybody is like the Swedish way of playing after a few drinks...
11:11 February 9, 2012 by StockholmSam
From the American perspective, these were a couple of immigrants coming into the country and committing heinous acts. Funny how the shoe fits on the other foot.
11:12 February 9, 2012 by Brock_and_Roll
Nice post xcited - makes a change from a lot of the bigoted nonsense that is posted here that quite frankly makes you question whether much of Sweden is lagging 20 or 30 years behind the rest of the free world. In fact many of the posts here qould not only be regarded as repugnant in the UK, but they would quite probably be illegal.

There is a simpler saying that rings true for many conflicts over the years:

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"
11:15 February 9, 2012 by HYBRED
So a Muslim is discriminated against if he is called a terrorist instead of a criminal?

At this link it shows everyone doing their fair shrare of criminal/terrorist activities no matter what race or religion.

11:37 February 9, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
These guys could easily have afforded an expensive a discreet call girl service.

Very good chance that the executives are in fact guilty of a sexual assault, but let's keep an open mind and allow for the 1% chance that the 19 year old woman from Texas may have viewed her meeting with these two young millionaires as a get rich quick out-of-court settlement opportunity.
12:14 February 9, 2012 by sarah02
I hope it was worth it for them both because for the rest of their lives they will be looked at as the pervs/ rapists.
12:16 February 9, 2012 by EP

Swedes are the biggest hypocrites in the world so not surprising. They talk the talk but seldom do the walk, throughout history. Now where is that iron ore ... ;-)
12:51 February 9, 2012 by johnny1939

You are so right re Swedes being hypocrites, so quick pointing the fingers at others! I have lived most of my life in other countries and I see that very clearly now. But the strange thing is that most of the rest of the world seem to think that we are perfect and that Sweden is a perfect country. I do my best to dispel this as much as possible but not to much luck. Sweden's PR is too effective.

Every time that I am home I am surprised how difficult it is to live in my country these days & I wonder how come people even want to come and live there voluntarily.
13:42 February 9, 2012 by Shawntooth
imagine if the news didn't reveal the names of these 2 suspects, those frigging bigots will jump right in posting hate threads towards immigrants....that's a pattern, and you always find these bigots complying certain stereotype, middle-aged, socially frustrated, self-righteous yet lack of self-reflection, bad-mouthing everything that appears to be different from them.......
13:58 February 9, 2012 by jostein
Well, at least in the US they will get a real punishment.


Indeed, ethnic swede=always named, nonethnic swede=never named.


Its not "blaming", its sheer statistics.
14:57 February 9, 2012 by DAVID T
maybe she had big wobbly jiggly ones
15:00 February 9, 2012 by Migga
The real hypocrites in all this is The Local. There has been several cases where immigrants have violently raped, attacked and murderd swedish women. In none of those cases have the perpetrators been named. I`ve tried to let it be known in the comment section, but those comments have been removed.

Now, when it`s two ethnic Swedes, it`s a different story. You have two Swedes who is acussed to have fondeld a girls breasts, and their names are now known. You have immigrants who have been found guilty, in a court of law, and they still don`t get named.

Time to wake up people. The swedish media is so openly leftish that you turn red in the face of embarrassment. Where`s the balance? I say make everyones name known if they are accused of a crime, both immigrants and Swedes. Only then will the truth be known about who commits the worst and most crimes.
15:04 February 9, 2012 by Vill
I don't believe that woman for a second......................
15:15 February 9, 2012 by klubbnika

The Local is not a Swedish medium.
15:20 February 9, 2012 by Migga
@ klubbnika

Wow, way to read my comment and totally miss my point. The Local reports the swedish medias news, it`s an extension of the swedish media.

So, now that it`s cleared up, do you agree with my point?
15:24 February 9, 2012 by Vill
I completely agree with Migga on this topic.
16:07 February 9, 2012 by BigDogRex
$10,000 bond for an alleged sexual battery by a foreigner is low, even in New York. While they probably had to surrender their passports, all visiting foreigners are usually considered flight risks. That makes me wonder how strong the case is. If the prosecution indeed has a strong case, these guys may be in for a surprise. Unlike in Sweden, sexual battery is not a trivial charge in the U.S. and the prisons here are no country clubs.
16:19 February 9, 2012 by babychuma
Probably mistook her for a Swedish girl
16:50 February 9, 2012 by farnoxo
So lets stop being coy as the informaiton is in the public domain. The two who were arrested were executives at Klarna, namely,Jens Saltin and Niklas Adalberth. A quick persual of the new York State Court website will confirm that Niklas Adalberth and Jens Saltin have each been charged with a 'D Felony'
18:55 February 9, 2012 by Rod Munch
HIGHLY IRONIC how, since they are ethnic Swedes, there is no problem dropping their names into this article. These men are suspected and haven't even been convicted yet. Yet, since they are ethnic Swedes, we get names. Pitiful....

Now, to the people who are saying, "Hey, Swedes do it too!!" Yes, Swedes do commit rapes and violent crimes as well. No one ever said they didn't. The question is, do they do it at the same rate as their 3rd World "guests?" The answer is an obvious "no" and that is supported by a ton of statistical data. So until that data changes, the ones crying, "bigots" need to take a long, hard look at what is actually going on in society.
19:19 February 9, 2012 by zooeden
Yeah well, this case is about 2 swedes, before was about strauss, before that a senator in the US... Sex crimes has all kind of nationallities, no exception but the rule of gold is that the richer one is the easier it is to get away from...
21:07 February 9, 2012 by Shawntooth
@jostein & migga,

how many times do we have to hear the same old song again and again and again......

whenever cornered by xenophobia, you'll bring the convenient argument in reference to Muslims, when attacking, you'll just generalize all immigrants as a deviant group. whoever committed the crimes, it's either the immigrants or swedish media's fault(btw, the names were brought up by american press this time, should it happen in sweden, it's probably not gonna see the light, minimized by their corporate public affair muscles).
21:23 February 9, 2012 by Migga
@ Shawntooth

I`d suggest that you stop putting words in my mouth and saying I`ve done things that isn`t true. If you can`t disagree with my point witout doing that then there is no point commenting.

I have a valid argument but you don`t adress it.
22:08 February 9, 2012 by jostein

And your argument was?

Seriously, if people brought up in a clanbased society with very strict sexual morals and then teleported to a liberal western postmodern society like the swedish one were not overrepresented in sexcrimestatistics, that would be sensational. Sociologs would pilgrimige from all over the world to see how something so strange could take place. Now, all known statistics give testimony that such a spectacular order of events is not taking place. And people like you spout opinions with absolutely no facts behind them. Back up your claims maybe?
01:49 February 10, 2012 by TheWatchman
I love how anti-Swedish everyone here is. There are many worse cultures and histories than Sweden's. These guys do not reflect how all Swedish people act, so let's not make that assumption. And to the point that Muslims aren't terrorists, sure, not all of them are, but how many Jews or Buddhists do you know that put explosive belts onto themselves and blow up pizza stores and commit similar acts of terror in the name of their god? Yeah, I didn't think so.
10:45 February 10, 2012 by klubbnika

Sweden has been a clan-based society long time before the immigrants started coming. And it still is. Just look at all the cronyism around, masked as a "social contact net".
12:43 February 10, 2012 by Samuel Nemalladinne

I really appreciate your comment, and it's very true. Am an Indian student here, i've been going through thelocal since a long time, as you said it is very true that they never bring out the names of Immigrants/Refuges or etc., who do such horrendous crimes, sometimes i worry how the future Sweden will react., this kind of bias media should be banned. It brings hatred/envy and finally results in racist feelings :( !
13:05 February 10, 2012 by Rick Methven
@Samuel Nemalladinne

What you and all the others clamouring for the names of those ACCUSED of crimes to be made public and for TL to print them, forget that under SWEDISH law, it is illegal to print the names of people who are only accused prior to trial and conviction unless the accused himself agrees to lifting that ban.

In this case they are charged in the USA that, like the UK, has not ban on making public the names of the accused. So as it is already officially in the public domain TL is free to name the accused.

What making public the identities of people only arrested under suspicion does is to undermine the chances of a fair trial as there tends to be a presumption of guilt even if there is no evidence. This can be seen in many cases like Straus-Khan in New York, convicted by the press and found not guilty in court. Or the retired teacher in Bristol labelled a murder and a beast by the press when arrested and then released without charge by the Police who finally convicted a Dutch man.

Many posters on TL are hoping and hoping that some immigrant is named and found guilty of serial rape offences, to give some credence to the old hoary that ALL immigrants are rapists ( as long as they are not white of course)

Unfortunately for them There has not been any case of serial rape in Sweden by an immigrant, but several by blond blue eyed Swedes.

I see that you as an Indian, dislike, Muslims/Refugees, but a word of warning, to the racist right you look the same and would get exactly the same treatment, however much you protest you are not one of THEM
15:47 February 10, 2012 by jostein

With clan-based i mean a society that lacks central authority and where people are forced to revert back to kinship based groups for security and justice. Maybe my english was failing me and i was using an incorrect term. Or maybe your comment was inane.

@Rick Methven

"...to give some credence to the old hoary that ALL immigrants are rapists..."

Give one example of anyone making that claim anywhere or anytime in the swedish debate the last 20 years? Ill come up with more examples of people who believe the moonlandings never took place.

You are setting up straw men, pinning them on your opponents and then shooting them down. A more constructive and less dishonest debatingstyle would be to object to what others are actually saying rather than objecting to what you pretend others are saying.

And personally, ive never met anyone who complain about Sikhs in sweden. Anyone who knows anything has the utmost respect for Sikhs. But its rare to meet them in sweden.
18:02 February 10, 2012 by raandy
People act different sometimes when away from home, as no one knows them.I doubt these two Einstein's thought they were going to have trouble with the authorities.

You are not in Kanas anymore Todo.

Those Sweet Swedish cheeks are in for a work out. yeha
18:03 February 10, 2012 by Fredio
@ xcited?

'Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?? No ,'

Maybe the others can be marked 'right', But to the one above, the answer is not 'NO', but Yes, and maybe worse!

The truth is that the Arabs/Muslims are no better, in fact from African point of view they are even worse in every evil against Black/Africans. Arabs/Muslims still see black/Africans as slaves, even treats them worse.

I sometimes read or hear about some of them blabbing that their lands are occupied and they never occupy other people's land, and they are being discriminated against etc.... Yet they don't even know or care to know they are the worst in occupying other people's land!

Almost every part of Africa is occupied by same 'ungrateful' Arabs/Muslims, who like the West abused the hospitality of Africans, who welcomed them with open arms and heart, only for them to see that gesture as weakness and easy object of abuse and enslavement.

Their despicable evil slaughtering of innocent 'black Africans' still ongoing in Libya and many other Arab occupied places in Africa will soon back fire, if they keep that path. Because soon I believe black Africans rise up and demand that they leave Africa entirely, it may sound impossible, nothing is impossible, if the Mighty Roman Empire could crumble.

So, when Arabs/Muslims want to complain or criticize the West for 'racism', they should first check their own record, past and present against others. It only make them look like kettle calling pot black.

In the final analysis, what is keeping human race from moving forward, rather than a step forward, ten backward, is the stupid quest of some thinking only of dominating others, looking down at others and sometimes over-rating themselves to make them look 'superior', at the end of the day, a slave owner remains a hostage of his slave.

When human beinsg remove the sick idea of conquest, greed, selfishness and bullying others, then the space in Sweden could be enough for all inhabitant of the world to live in and have fun.
18:09 February 10, 2012 by HYBRED
Rick Methven is absolutely right. When a crime in Sweden is put here on The Local almost automatically a immigrant is to blame. And then the frenzy begins. People jump all over each other to get their immigrant blames in. And there are a few of them I am sure get aroused from it. But as usual, because it was Swede's in New York it had to be that the girl is lying like some say above. Like the two reporters in Ethiopia, so many here it is just the government there wanting something. But many here just refuse to think that they might actually be guilty as charged.
21:21 February 10, 2012 by jostein

Unlike you i actually check out who is accused of the crime. Which is published on various places on the net. If its an immigrant, its an immigrant. If its a swede, its a swede. Your problem is not posters on thelocal but rather reality itself. The situation in sweden is insane. And the mediaclimate as well.

I can only talk about my personal stance of course. But my first reaction was thats it good that they have real punishment in america when i read this story. And i certainly did NOT excuse ideologicals who have been spending their youths undermining democracy in whatever stalinist party they are members of and then hires armed people to enter a country illegally and get 12 people killed in a shootout with that countries military forces. Methinks your reading is exttremely selective.
22:06 February 10, 2012 by HYBRED

I somewhat agree with you, but I think you misinterpeted what I wrote or I could have wrote it different. But the comments here are based upon the published article above. And most of the time there are to many facts of the story that are lacking. However nearly everytime violent story written here immigrants quickly get the blame. Thats the reality I see.
22:22 February 10, 2012 by jostein

Thats due to three reasons. One is that its human nature. The odd one out has been burned on stakes for crimes they were or were not guilty of since well before the middle ages. The second is that swedish media has been lying about the effects of immigration for 20 years and driving their own agenda. Now everyone just assumes its an immigrant if its not explicitly stated in the article that its a swede. Thirdly, some crimes have immigrants as perps 90% of the time, or more. I could write why and who and that its perfectly understandable and 100% not acceptable to a swede who has not even been asked about this massive wave of immigration. But then this post might get reported and deleted.
04:46 February 12, 2012 by rise

I agree. Already when I was a teenager in the 1980's I became aware of the fact that just for the sake of not discriminating so called asylum seekers Swedes are instead discriminating themselves. And that is outrageous! There's no balance. And today the situation has even worsened.

Just as my signature suggests I want Swedes to wake up!
20:20 February 13, 2012 by Khaliil
@ Rod Munch Have you included sexual offenses by ethnic Swedes against animals?

What a wonderful 'Christian' nation.
19:16 March 2, 2012 by jostein

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