‘Dapper’ Stockholm axe man attacks 71-year-old

'Dapper' Stockholm axe man attacks 71-year-old
A 71-year-old was attacked in central Stockholm at the end of January by a “well-dressed” man, threatening to kill him while splitting his skull in two with an axe.

“I just want to kill you,” the axe-wielding assailant said to his elderly victim, according to daily Aftonbladet.

Early in the morning on January 22nd, 71-year-old “Roland” got dressed and went out for his daily morning walk in the Södermalm area of Stockholm where he lives.

A short while into his walk he suddenly heard “sneaking” steps behind him, and turning around saw a man wielding an axe. The blow hit him over his right eye, splitting his frontal bone in two.

“After that I shouted that I didn’t have any money. He answered ‘I am not after your money’. He dealt another blow with the axe but I managed to raise my arm. So he broke my arm with the handle,” Roland told the paper.

When his attacker tried for the third time to strike him with the axe, Roland managed to get hold of the handle and after a short struggle, the man just gave up his attempt and left.

“He just took off as if nothing had happened. He was swinging the axe as he went, as if it was a spring day and the birds were singing,” said Roland to Aftonbladet.

Roland described the man as “well dressed”, newly shaven, and with tidy thick dark hair.

“And these staring black eyes. I was afraid when I saw them. I have never seen eyes like that before,” he told the paper.

With the help of Roland’s description, the police were able to make a phantom image of the man and last week, a 34-year-old criminology and psychology student was brought in for questioning.

His flat, where he was forcibly apprehended by police, is located some 100 metres from where the attack took place.

As it turned out, the 34-year-old was sectioned last year after an argument with his mother got out of hand. However, he was released shortly after, according to the paper.

He was remanded into custody last Friday and the prosecutor has until this Friday to present evidence indicating his involvement in the axe incident as well as other crimes committed in the area, or he will be released again.

“We are carrying out investigations that will either confirm his involvement or write him off as a suspect. When these are concluded I will decide,” said prosecutor Joakim Eriksson to Aftonbladet.

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