For the love of a Swede

For the love of a Swede
We might tease them, but deep down we love our sexy Swedes. We've asked several of our friends and contributors to weigh in: What do you love about your Swede?

While dating in Sweden might come with its own kind of perils, if there’s one thing that can be said about the Swedes, it’s that they make great long-term partners.

More than a few of us have uprooted our lives on the other side of the world to join the growing ranks of love immigrants on these fair Swedish shores.

In fact, Migrationsverket reports that almost 18,000 residence permits were granted in 2011 to people in newly established relationships (married or living together less than two years) with Swedish citizens or others already living in Sweden.

That’s a lot of Swedish love. We’ve asked several of our friends and contributors to weigh in: What do you love about your Swede?

“I am absolutely certain Fred has forgotten Valentine’s Day. But then again, he is the kind of guy who brings me surprise presents throughout the year. I got a kiss and eggs for breakfast. What I love is that there is a lot of real love and consideration daily. Not a bunch of flowers followed by forgetfulness the rest of the year.” -Rupini

“I love that my Swede doesn’t fall into the ‘must buy roses’ for Valentine’s Day. That’s not to say he hasn’t done it. In fact one of the first Valentine’s we spent here Johan came home with a gift and roses. He told me about a conversation that has transpired at work. His colleague asked him if he had bought flowers/gift etc. When Johan said no (he knows I’m not all that caught up with ceremony) the colleague scared the bejubus out of him telling him about how important the whole ritual of Valentines is for an American…so Johan played the safe card. He was so sweet.” -Beth

“I love how he can’t spell – chock instead of shock, djungle instead of jungle, causious instead of cautious, etc…And how he mixes up pear and peer and bear and beer, ‘There have been sightings of brown beer in the forests in Dalarna’! I love that he can fix things – he can fix most things, computers, the house, electricity, water, tiling, gardening, the car. A real handyman. I love that he is so patient and loving. I love how he loves me and our two boys.” -Salza

“What I love about my Christina is that she’s so organized at whatever she undertakes… and that no dinner is complete without candles on the table!”


“The particular Swedishness about my Swede – that he’s very lagom, that is, not into extremes, that he’s all about ordning och reda without being authoritarian about it, that he has that curious pessimistic optimism that is so very Swedish – these are some of the things I love about my Swede. Of course I love the things that are just him, that he’s so generous and full of charm, his sense of humour and his green eyes.” -Bert

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