Bisexual boar ‘head over squeals’ for breeding bull

A farm in southern Sweden has become the venue for a rather unusual tale of unrequited love, after a boar developed strong sexual desires for the breeding bull.

Bisexual boar 'head over squeals' for breeding bull
The pig in the picture is not the bisexual pig in the article

“He became completely smitten with him and jumped the fence to the pasture and started to court him, or rather, tried to mount him” said farmer Magnus Nyman to The Local.

“The bull was very embarrassed.”

About a year ago, Kalle, the breeding boar at the Källunda farm near Käglinge in southern Sweden, spotted the farm’s breeding bull, Sune Mangs, across the yard and fell deeply and desperately in love, or in lust, as the case may be.

“He is elegant, the most handsome bull around. The pig certainly has shown he has a good taste in bulls,” Nyman said.

However, the love is unrequited. Sune Mangs is not interested. His mind is firmly on the heifers next door.

But despite his obvious lack of interest, the persistent pig is not willing to let love’s young dream vanish. He courts the bull with fervour and every chance he gets, he runs after him, according to his owner.

“His eyes say everything. He is as bisexual as they come,” Nyman told local paper Skånskan.

“If there is anyone with a lonely gay boar in Skåne, they can come by and see if they take a fancy to each other. Kalle is worth better.”

While another gay pig wouldn’t do much good for the piglet breeding on the farm, Kalle seems to know how to separate business from pleasure, which is lucky for Nyman who has ten sows.

“He does his duty by the sows, I guess that will have to be enough for him,” Nyman told The Local.

Rebecca Martin

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