Family finds drunken man in 3-year-old’s bed

A family in Stenungsund, western Sweden, got a disturbing shock when they found a drunk man asleep in their three-year-old’s bed.

The father of the family woke up on Sunday morning and took his dog for a walk, before returning home and switching on the television, unaware a man was sharing his son’s bed just metres away.

“I was watching TV when the three-year-old came down and said there’s someone in my bed. He’d told his big brother that he thought it was a ghost,” the father told daily Aftonbladet.

The man got up to investigate, and discovered a drunk man passed out in the three-year-old’s bed. On closer inspection, it was discovered that the man had urinated on the mattress, and on himself.

This prompted the man to call police, after taking the family out of their rooms and onto the landing.

It is reported that the urination was the final straw for the father, who stated that he wouldn’t have involved police otherwise.

“We didn’t report the matter to the police, but when we saw what he’d done in the bed we reconsidered,” the man said.

Police at Västra Götaland have apprehended the man, who claimed he was on his way to the pub at three in the morning when he became tired and simply walked in through the home’s unlocked door.

“When we are at home, I didn’t think we needed to have the doors locked, but we certainly will from now on,” said the father to the paper.

The man is suspected by police of trespassing.

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