Drowsy thieves nabbed sleeping in stolen car

Drowsy thieves nabbed sleeping in stolen car
The car in the picture is not the car mentioned in the article
When police in southern Sweden went to check up on a car, parked carelessly near a perilous crossing, they found the two car thieves fast asleep in the stolen vehicle.

Around 4am on Sunday morning, police in Helsingborg in southern Sweden received a call about a car, parked in a perilous manner near a busy crossing, according to local paper Helsingborgs Dagblad (HD).

However, when police arrived on the scene they were flabbergasted to discover that the car had not been abandoned. Instead there were two men seemingly asleep inside the vehicle.

After the officers looked up the car’s licence plate they also realized that the car did not likely belong to the two sleeping men, as it had been reported stolen some time earlier.

Officers managed to rouse the two men and arrested them on suspicion of car theft.

The two suspects were 23 and 31 years old respectively. Both men are from Sweden’s southernmost county Skåne.

Apart from the car theft, the younger man is also under suspicion of narcotics crimes, as he showed signs of being under the influence of drugs at the time of the arrest.

Police officers brought the two pooped out pilferers with them to the station for questioning but both were released again after 8.20am on Sunday pending the preliminary investigation, reports HD.

The car was allegedly stolen from a farm near Vallåkra. It is still unclear how long the men were in possession of the vehicle.

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