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Swede kills bouncer in Norway bar brawl

The Local · 5 Mar 2012, 17:02

Published: 05 Mar 2012 17:02 GMT+01:00

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“A 27-year-old man has been charged with causing bodily harm resulting in death. He denies committing an offence and said under questioning that he doesn’t recall what happened,” said prosecutor Jon H. Borgen.

Police found the woman lying on the floor after responding to a report of a fight at a pub in Porsgrunn, in southeast Norway, at 7pm on Saturday.

Early reports suggested police were unsure whether the suspect had hit the victim, whom they initially believed may have suffered a heart attack or an epileptic fit.

However, according to Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), when it later came to light that the man had assaulted other members of staff by punching them, police arrested him and brought him in for questioning.

A post mortem examination will be carried out on the female guard to establish the cause of death.

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On Monday, the 27-year-old was officially remanded into custody for four weeks under suspicion of causing the death of the security guard.

The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

17:19 March 5, 2012 by McChatter
GBH due to alcohol? Hard to believe in Norway.
17:22 March 5, 2012 by skogsbo
it's good job all door staff are such fine and honourable people, they'll make great witnesses in the investigation against their dead friend. At least there is no danger that they aggravated the situation.
17:49 March 5, 2012 by calebian22
How can a beating that causes death be mistaken for a heart attack or an epileptic fit?
17:59 March 5, 2012 by Rod Munch
Honestly, I will be shocked if this is a Swede and not a "Swede." Confrontational behavior, violence, violence against women......this has all the hallmarks.
18:07 March 5, 2012 by skogsbo
Cale, a blow to the head could trigger either, let's hope they have cctv, she could have tripped whilst trying to lamp the suspect, then banged her head on a step for all the police know, or are letting on.
18:22 March 5, 2012 by occassional
Has this "Swedish" chappy got a name?
18:26 March 5, 2012 by philster61
Am not an advocate of women security guards. No matter how much equality it stands for, a woman just is not going to be effective if you get a bunch of 6'+ big guys going for it.....
18:29 March 5, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar
I wonder what this "Swede" has for a name
18:36 March 5, 2012 by Rod Munch
Haven't been able to get ahold of a name just yet but the Norweigian paper, Dagbladet reports that he had 8 previous convictions (6 of them in Stockholm). I'm sure we will have a name soon and it won't come from Swedish media (unless it is an ethnic Swede, of course).
18:37 March 5, 2012 by Migga
The man has an egyptian father and a swedish mother. The name might be swedish but he is not an ethnic swede.
19:22 March 5, 2012 by Streja
So I am not an ethnic Swede then? Only my father is Swedish.

Migga, stop and think for just a second.
19:36 March 5, 2012 by HenryPollard
Which culture do you think prevailed in influencing his upbringing?

It's certainly a lot more acceptable to hit a woman in Egypt than it is in Sweden.
20:09 March 5, 2012 by krattan
Those damn immigrants. Always the same.

20:14 March 5, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar
An arab father and a "Swedish" mother.....Swedish can mean the man in the moon these days.
20:33 March 5, 2012 by riose
@HenryPollard Probably the father. That is why he is a muslim living in middle east, not a drunk in a bar in Norway.
20:33 March 5, 2012 by Rishonim
My condolences go out to the poor girl family. Lest hope the Norwegian justice system is less lenient that the nonsense we have here in Sweden.
20:46 March 5, 2012 by TheWatchman
When I first read this, I was thinking, that's horrible, it's predictable but drunken people are more violent than normal, even Swedes. Then the thought occurred to me, that he is a 'Swede' not a Swede.

Can someone post a link that his father was Egyptian? It is not shocking that someone from that background would do such a thing, not because they are simply immigrants, but that background specifically.

Either way, this is horrible. You Swedes need to make punishments against this stuff much harsher. Maybe he will be extradited to Norway? Even then the punishment is too low. Nothing will bring her back.
20:57 March 5, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
'Doesn't recall what happened' is the usual defense when alcohol is detected in the breath at the time of the arrest, or even if it is not. In any case alcohol was almost certainly involved.

Based on his prior convictions (which probably resulted in the injury of many other people), this homicidal loser should have been banned from any establishment that serves alcohol.

Many North American cities create lists of banned individuals based on their driver's license or official ID, and then check all ID's to see if they have been banned from that bar. With the help of the internet the ban could be made national or even pan European, wherever secure internet links can be set up, as long as authentic ID's can keep ahead of forged ID's in terms of security and verification features. If this succeeds in keeping out even half of the people who cannot control themselves after consuming alcohol then it would be worth the effort.
21:03 March 5, 2012 by Svensksmith

I'm with you. Unless a woman has extensive training in martial arts or has some type, I really don't think she should be working as a bar bouncer. It's a dangerous job.
22:18 March 5, 2012 by OUIJA
A "Swede" or a Swede hitting a woman? That does not happen in Sweden. No way. Swedish men only hit Swedish men, not women. The news is twisted. The woman attacked the Swede and he had to punch her back in self defense. And then, he claims that he does not remember what happened. Where have I heard this, over and over again? Oh yes! in Wonderland.
23:53 March 5, 2012 by EP
In Sweden??? No such things don't happen in this perfect land called Sweden (sarcasm off)
03:15 March 6, 2012 by ctinej
The heck with equal rights when it comes to police and fire fighters. Do you want a 95lb woman trying to drag your unconsious body out of a burning house?/

In this case, the poor woman was killed. If she was 6' tall and 180lbs maybe not.

IN most cases, the drunk gets the death punishment for being drunk, when he comes at a little cop with a big gun. Again, if the cop was 6'6 and 250 lbs ,the drunk may still be alive.

Im still cheering for the American female basketball players who trounced the guy who stole their cell phone.

Sadly the drunk was some arab again.
05:35 March 6, 2012 by johnoleson
"Some arab again"? Well hey fellow world citizen, don't you know, he was a Swede of world decent. Don't you know all cultures are equal and each have their own merits, none better, none worse...........NOT!
06:53 March 6, 2012 by jostein
A drunken fool is a drunken fool. Some people cant handle drink. And he knew that when he got drunk. The consequences are on his head and i hope the norwdgian law does not hold back.
08:36 March 6, 2012 by the fonz
I accept thios could have happened to a bloke too ... but a female bouncer?? C'mon let's be real. Female bouncers will turn people away, ask them to leave etc but when things get tasty - ?????????

Not sexist - just realist.
09:53 March 6, 2012 by Danne8
You say immigrants, I say you ignorants...

10:39 March 6, 2012 by Ugly Indian
migga blame it to muslims yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

just joking on a serious note sad incident R.I.P :(
10:50 March 6, 2012 by B Slick
When they say "swede" we must assume that the person in question is a swedish citizen, its just that simple. The problem is that sweden and norway put such little value on a persons life that this monster will soon be "walking the streets" in a few short years, at most.
11:17 March 6, 2012 by OUIJA
03:15 March 6, 2012 by ctinej

"The heck with equal rights when it comes to police and fire fighters. Do you want a 95lb woman trying to drag your unconsious body out of a burning house?"

You really won the NINCOMPOOP PRIZE 2012. I would not care who drags my unconscious body out of a burning house if he/she saves my life.

And your "Sadly the drunk was some arab again." says everything about you. A Swede would never hit and kill a woman in anyplace, just the Arabs.

Racism, racism.Where have I heard that word?
12:35 March 6, 2012 by Migga
@ Danne8

What is it that you wanna prove with that report? Of course there is domestic violence in Europe and Sweden. But why do you only show a report from Europe? Why not show both sides? Also, this case isn`t about domestic violence but I`ll entertain you.

On page 15 the majority of people in Sweden is aware of domestic violence. They are aware because they talk about it more openly then in other countries.

Sweden is further ahead then any other country.

And if you look on page 46 you see that all Swedes think it`s unaceptable, 99%. So Swedes talk about it and think it`s unaceptable. They also score amongst the best on allmost all the other questions. I`d say they are furthest ahead in reducing domestic violence figures. Just to be aware and inform people about it as a problem is a way of combating domestic violence, which you can read on page 117.

I bet you that those figures won`t even be close for example in Egypt where this mans father came from. And where do you think he got his bad view on women, which made him do this act? I bet it was from his father.

@ Ugly Indian

I haven`t said anything about muslims. Where in my post do I say anything about that? I don`t even know if the man is muslim or not. Keep to the truth and what I actually wrote. If you wanna make stuff up then keep it to yourself.
14:25 March 6, 2012 by maxbrando
The press/media just doesn't get it. People WANT TO KNOW the name and background of this creep. So what if he is a Muslim. We have a right to know the name of the accused.
20:44 March 6, 2012 by zooeden
I am lost here!!!
10:21 March 7, 2012 by OUIJA
Me too, me too, me too! Are you happy now TL? I wrote more than 10 characters.
20:02 March 7, 2012 by Rick Methven
@ MaxBrando

Who are you to demand anything? what right have you got to know anything, you are just another racist slob.You most probably do not even know the name of your father
20:07 March 7, 2012 by Rod Munch
@Rick Methven- And who are you to tell him what he should and should not want? And what's the deal with calling him a "racist?" By doing that you are assuming that if criminals' names were provided, they would all be Middle Eastern/N. African aren't you? Contribute something meaningful to the discussion or don't participate.
21:01 March 7, 2012 by stevo1
yes, security staff are always courteous and dont use violence, and aren't aggressive, and are generally upstanding honest people.

no CCTV, must be a very reputable establishment as well.

shame the lass died, from a suspected heart attack (not a stroke that would concur a blow to the head), maybe it was too many red bulls in short succession, rather than grabbing the closest foreigner to blame.
09:46 March 8, 2012 by Rick Methven
@Rod Munch

What is an American racist doing posting on a Swedish web site?

I suppose you have been banned from everywhere else.

You use the standard troll phrase of contributing something meaningful when you have never contributed anything meaningful or positive in your life.
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