Vibrating package baffles Swedish postal workers

Vibrating package baffles Swedish postal workers
Swedish chef Per Morberg reveals Hollywood plans on Skavlan talkshow.
Another thrilling week in Swedish media, but did you hear the one about the Swedish chef, the biting thief, and the vibrating package that closed down a post office? If not, The Local's News in Brief has all the answers.

Swedish Chef moves on

Swedish chef Per Morberg (no, not THE Swedish chef) is hanging up his chef hat and leaving his position on Swedish Masterchef, in search of greener pastures.

However, his days on the screen are far from over, in fact, the reason for his departure is that he has been offered a role in an American film.

Morberg appeared on TV show Skavlan, and explained that he didn’t want to lose his inner actor, even though the cookery has given him a lot.

It must be said though; he has enormous shoes to fill. The Muppets’ Swedish chef not only has his own merchandise and film appearances to his name, but he even has a google language – called “Google Bork Bork Bork.”

Vibrating package reveals surprise

A curious ticking and vibrating package in a Stockholm post office had staff membered alarmed on Thursday.

The area was cordoned off and the post office closed down, and the local police and bomb squad were called in.

The package was subsequently shot to bits by bomb technicians.

Inside, switched firmly to “on”, were the remnants of an electric toothbrush.

Milk, packaged in… poo

While there is a time and a place for toilet humour, it seems someone at an Arla dairy factory thinks that time and place is on a milk carton at work.

A startled Swede checked the “packaging date” on the top of her milk carton and found that while it said “best before March 5th” – it had apparently been packaged on “Poo the 26th” (“Bajs 26”).

Arla claims to be in the process of an investigation to find the culprit, and why they were messing around with the company’s tetra packs.

“It’s no fun when there is poop on anything you eat or drink,” said Katarina Malmström of Arla to Aftonbladet newspaper.

The family who discovered the package are certainly not crying over spilt milk, but instead have posted the picture online and caused a minor internet sensation in Sweden. Shines a whole new light on chocolate milk…

Biting woman steals pot-plant

A 32-year-old woman from Trelleborg, southern Sweden, has been charged with theft and assault after stealing a plant pot, and biting the potplants owner.

The owners of the pot chased the potty pilferer in their car after witnessing the theft and the escape via bicycle.

When they caught up with the 32-year-old, who had her pet dog in tow, the thief lashed out.

“She had crazy eyes and showed teeth,” says pot-owner’s wife in questioning, according to Metro newspaper.

The thief then bit the man on his arm, prompting him to demand the payment of his medical bills and 500 kronor ($75) in compensation for his suffering.

Sweden’s most influential tweeters revealed

Swedish comedian and author Jonas Gardell beat Twitter-veteran and foreign minister Carl Bildt as the most influential Swede in the Twittersphere, when a Swedish media group measured Twitter impact among Swedish tweeters.

According to Medieakademien there are some 200,000 Swedish twitter accounts registered and among the top fifteen only three were politicians, the remainder being comedians, journalists and artists.

So now you know exactly where the bet tweeters are @ if you want #HashtagHappiness.

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