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Malmö mayor in new row with Sweden's Jews

23 Mar 2012, 16:18

Published: 23 Mar 2012 16:18 GMT+01:00

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"With this letter, we want to point out that Ilmar Reepalu no long has any credibility among us Jews in Sweden," reads a letter signed by the heads of the Jewish communities in Malmö, Stockholm, and Gothenburg.

"Regardless of what he says and does from now on, we don't trust him."

The letter comes following an interview published on Thursday in the liberal-leaning magazine NEO in which Reepalu discussed the "strong ties" between the Jewish community and the Sweden Democrats, a political party with a clear anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim line which has its roots in Sweden's neo-Nazi movement.

According to Reepalu, "Sweden Democrats have infiltrated the Jewish community in order to push their hate of Muslims".

The statements were immediately dismissed by Fred Kahn, chair of the Jewish Community in Malmö (Judiska församlingen) as "pure fantasy".

Reepalu, a Social Democrat, quickly backtracked on Thursday, admitting to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) daily that he "had no basis" for his claims and that he "shouldn't have said it that way".

But the back tracking came too late for the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities (Judiska centralrådet i Sverige – JC), which on Friday penned a letter to Social Democrat head Stefan Löfven blasting Reepalu's claims.

According to the Jewish leaders, the Malmö mayor has "crossed all boundaries" with his comments, especially considering that Reepalu previously laid blame on Sweden's Jews for the threats, violence, and harassment to which they've been subjected.

"We are more than upset when we today read the interview in the magazine NEO where he flagrantly accuses Jews for ties with the Sweden Democrats," they write.

"We're all too familiar with these types of conspiracy theories."

The Jewish community leaders also warned Löfven that the Social Democrats risk losing support among Sweden's Jews, many of whom are members of the party, because of Reepalu's comments.

"Many of them have recently expressed their dismay, but also sadness, about no longer being able to support a party represented by someone whose rhetoric is clearly anti-Semitic," they write.

Speaking with the TT news agency following the release of the Jewish community's letter, Reepalu once again defended himself.

"I've never been an anti-Semite and never will be," he said.

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"I've been in Israel with my children several times and explained to them the importance that Jewish culture has Europeans."

However, Reepalu ruled out taking any extraordinary measures to make amends with the Jewish community.

"What can I do? They don't listen," he said.

TT/David Landes


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Your comments about this article

17:06 March 23, 2012 by Iraniboy
Well it seems like the journalist in DN is twisting the question. The question is whether a SD member has had contacts with this JC or not. If not Reeplau is a liar! If not that is a typical price any community in relation with SD pays due to the social atmosphere in Sweden! It seems that DN and JC are bringing up another issue to hide the real issue!
17:38 March 23, 2012 by godnatt
It's perfectly clear that Reepalu and his "peace loving" anti-Semitic, genocidal constituents are the new Nazis.
17:40 March 23, 2012 by Dave N
I wonder which Sweden will get first - a Breivik or a Mohammed Merah? It may even get both.
17:45 March 23, 2012 by Svensksmith
And here I thought only America had such dumb politicians.
17:48 March 23, 2012 by guliver
I follow for a very long time the deteriorated situation of the Jews in Malmo.

Sometimes as a minority you have to take a decision even if it hurts,

so I advice the Jews who live there to leave that city, I do not know what is the situation in the other cities of Sweden , but at least I can tell them that they are wellcome in Israel,they can live here as Jews and nobody will bother them.

we wellcome academic and educated people ,my Dentist is from Sweden and he is really succssessfull here.
18:18 March 23, 2012 by motti
Unfortunately, the Jew is looked upon as the canary in the mine.The writing is on the wall and yes, Gulliver, the sooner the Jews leave the better. It is obvious they are not wanted there, the locals prefer the Moslems, so let them get on with it.
18:22 March 23, 2012 by jostein
17:40 March 23, 2012 by Dave N

I think a Breivik is highly unlikely in sweden. sweden and Norway are very different countries with very different history. sweden does not have the ww2 history of Norway with their romanticised resistence movement, there simply is no well to pour from for a swedish Breivikare.

Furthermore, the extreme right of sweden to a very large degree are total peacenicks and revel in their moral superiority. The crushing of the swedish extreme right in the 1990ies and the cautionalry tale of the violent afa have formed the swedish extreme right into something rather surprising, as far as i can tell. Violence is simply seen as a very poor tactic by the majority of the extremists.
18:34 March 23, 2012 by Iraniboy
What Reepalu has said is against SD not JC. He said "Sweden Democrats have infiltrated the Jewish community in order to push their hate of Muslims". He didn't say JC has approved what SD is looking for! I personally hope this infiltration is accepted by Jews so they can influence SD in future for more religious rights which will eventually be helpful for Muslims too. Like Kosher meat for example.
18:46 March 23, 2012 by TheWatchman
This is from the same mayor who subjected Jews to accept horrible violence, vandalism and threats as a result of some warped belief that it would avenge some false genocide in Gaza and low wartime casualties, with 6000 dead over the course of 10 years including extremists. He should not even speak the word 'Jew'. Ever. Whatever he says, the opposite is true.
18:48 March 23, 2012 by irridium
yes, it must have been SD behind beating up the 80 year old rabbi and his grand daughters as well, damn SD.....
19:14 March 23, 2012 by RobinHood
The mayor obviously has powerful and controversial opinions about the Jews in his city, which he unable to keep to himself. He currently represents the city and people of Malmö, the Social Democrat party and Sweden. Does he really reflect the views of that city, that political party and that county?

The people of Malmö were well aware of the mayor's well-publicised, negative opinion of Jews before the last election; but they elected him anyway - so we know where they stand. Similarly, the Social Democrat party has been aware of the mayor's Jew bating for years, but so far, have not expelled him from the party; on the contrary, he is a senior, and respected member - so we know where they stand too. As for Sweden, I think it's time for a statement from the Prime Minister disassociating Sweden from the Malmö electorate and its repulsive mayor.
22:13 March 23, 2012 by gh2008

so you're saying that yet it is the will of the Mayor, people live in Malmö (who elected the Mayor for a second time) and the dominate political party in Malmö, you still want the Prime Minister to take an affirmative action against all you stated above!

not bad!
23:13 March 23, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar
Reepalu is a very sad, mixed up man, not suited for public office. He obviously has a sinister jews under the bed complex, and history has taught us where that can lead to.
01:25 March 24, 2012 by Uncle
"Reepalu is a very sad, mixed up man, not suited for public office."

No. He is just into kissing muslim arse, that is apparently flooding Malmö like locust and apparently is not busying itself with work like other immigrants. More than 65% of young immigrants between the ages of 18 and 35 are unemployed in Malmö according to SVT.

The methods of these peaceful individuals when they disagree with an opinion, is burning cars and beheading people. An activity that can be delayed, but not avoided.

So in order to create a picture of a "fellow", Reepalu is babbling feces, so the next hostage or mass suicide bombing situation could be negotiated with some starting bonuses. That is all. As simple as that.

What he doesn't get in his heavy, bone filled, finnish head, is that crawling as a worm at the feet of islamic fascists never did any good to anyone. They only become bolder and more aggressive in their demands. They become "insulted" by flags, "inappropriate" females, countries' anthems, dogs, pork, crosses on the necks of people, nonacceptance of burkas, visible churches, secular law, presence of living Jews in the country etc. Each disagreement deserves violent riots and eventual bending of the host nation.

If the nation is weak enough (like the African ones), it comes to the situation of Sudan, Somalia, Chad and Nigeria. Namely, blessed by the word of Allah.

Definition of a locust or a virus.

In the west the virus developed into attacking the judicial and legislative branches, or the democratic body immune systems. Or a definition of HIV.

Reepalu is an infected cell. Aftonbladet is the blood stream of the infection. SD is chemotherapy that kills friendly cells also.Virus infected cells are blaming the cure in being non-tolerant towards the virus, which is unacceptable by the entire "progressive" body.
02:03 March 24, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar

Well put!!!
04:48 March 24, 2012 by phil23456
Anyone who doesn't pay tax, aren't a citizen or has a criminal record should be unable to vote, plus citizenship should be extremely hard to get.. Sweden needs to stop giving away it's hard won land and culture. Take Saudi Arabia, christians can't even go to two of it's most holy cities, churches aren't allowed, christians can work and live in some cities but can never vote or get citizenship and conversion from islam to christianity is illegal. Europe grow some balls!
05:34 March 24, 2012 by Investor612
In 10 years the new immigrants to Europe,with the acquiesance of the impotent native Europeans who find it easier to appease than make a stand, will have driven the Jews from most of Europe.
07:38 March 24, 2012 by calebian22
"What can I do? They don't listen," he said.

Apparently Reepalu doesn't seem to realize that Jews do listen to his comments, which is why the last bastion of Jews in Sweden is shrinking. Idiot.
08:41 March 24, 2012 by rise


Why are most of the ones interested in politic pathetic cowards? Do they feel strength through their use of political power? They are mice.
09:06 March 24, 2012 by cogito
The mayor expresses opinions that many Swedes hold. But most express their bigotry in subtler ways.
09:57 March 24, 2012 by Dazzler
#14 Post of the year! You win sir!
10:30 March 24, 2012 by cowboykodp
Uncle and Godnatt to the rescue!!!

How old are you people???

It is obvious that you people have no concept of how these prostitutes/politicians operate.

In the US, the politicians cater to Jewish Americans. They will say anything to get their support. This includes support for Israel and Muslim bashing.

So why is this situation so surprising to you geniuses???

A politician will do and say anything to get votes. If the constituents are mainly "apples", then they will bash "oranges". Thought I would make it simple to understand for people like Uncle and Godnatt.



You are absolutely right. I hear much more derogatory comments about Jews than I do about Muslims in private. Anywhere I travel in the world.

The problem is that SD is using Jews/Israel to further their cause. But no matter, SD and their buddies on these forums are like mosquitos. Irritating, but harmless.
11:52 March 24, 2012 by motti
Some politicians in the USA do cater to the jewish cause, as they appreciate that western thought is based upon Judeo/christian values. Unlike much of europe today.

cowboy does not mention the huge impact Saudi money has on the other side of the coin. Why does cowboy ignore the huge amount of money Saudi invests into US companies and organisations? In addition to the billions it pours into its embassies worldwide in order convert gullible dispirited Europeans, and to spread hate towards Israel and the Jews.

Arab oil diplomacy is choking the western values unfortunately. The oil lobby in the uSA has far more money at its disposal than the Jewish lobbie have. cowboy, why do ignore this fact, is it because you don't want the truth to be told?
12:19 March 24, 2012 by cowboykodp

THE most powerful lobby in the US is AIPAC. Bar none.

They help get the votes. As long as the politicians say the right things.

This is the truth.

More power to them.

Problem is the average American could care less about Israel or Saudi Arabia.
14:27 March 24, 2012 by Iraniboy
Well the Swedish political system and its democratic values are not even comparable with the US! The way US politicians from congress men to the presidential candidates beg for support and money in AIPAC is just horrifying. It is just shivering when they talk about sacrificing national US interests for one Israelis praty. It looked like a prostitute asking for money! Israel is far more democratic than the US. They follow their national interests with different opinions but in the US national interests are lost to the interests of one party on the Israel!!
15:09 March 24, 2012 by bcterry
These facts must really eat at the craw of muslims,

"Arab- Israel Conflict Basic Facts"


"The Arab nations are represented by 21 separate countries (see Table). There is only one Jewish nation with a tiny country, Israel. The combined territories of Arab countries is 650 fold greater than Israel (see map above comparing size of Israel versus those of Arab countries). Their population is 50 fold greater than Israel. The average per capita GDP in Arab countries is $3,700 versus $18,000 for Israel. This despite the fact that many Arab countries have world's richest oil resources."

Arab-Israeli wars

The Arab nations initiated four wars against Israel:

1948 War of Independence

1956 Sinai War

1967 Six Day War

1973 Yom Kippur War

Israel defended itself each time and won. After each war Israeli army withdrew from most of the areas it captured (see maps). (see Camp-David Accords). This is unprecedented in World history and shows Israel's willingness to reach peace even at the risk of fighting for its very existence each time anew.

Anonymous quote:

If the Arabs (Moslems) put down their weapons today there would be no more violence. If the Israelis put down their weapons today there would be no more Israel.

Think about it..."

Is there any wonder why the U.S. and the rest of the civilized world stands behind the jews and Israel?
16:33 March 24, 2012 by cowboykodp

And your point is?

What does anything you have regurgitated have to do with this article?
16:54 March 24, 2012 by bcterry
16:33 March 24, 2012 by cowboykodp


And your point is?

What does anything you have regurgitated have to do with this article?"

LOL, coming from the one who "regurgitated" and brought in America's support of Israel and the AIPAC lobby, which of course is totally relative to the mayor of suggesting the city's Jewish community had been "infiltrated" by Sweden Democrats to foment anti-Muslim sentiments."

About that craw thing, i rest my case.
17:38 March 24, 2012 by cowboykodp

I still don't get your point.

I'll give you a couple more tries.

I always thought Canadians were pretty smart! Whats up?
17:54 March 24, 2012 by Iraniboy

If Muslims send all European Jews to British Columbia and make it a country and stop recognizing Canada as a state and demand Canadian Army to disarm, then Canadians won't behave anything less that Palestinians I'm afraid and Muslims will not be especially popular among Canadians either!!! Think about it!
17:57 March 24, 2012 by guliver

It is one matter to go and make anti Israeli demonstration against the Israeli embassy in Sweden,or to attack phisicaly religious Jews in Sweden ,their Synangougues ,their schools ,their cemeteries.

This people are not Israeli citizens and do not live here or vote here,the attacks on these Swedish citizens is because they are Jews ,a pure anti semitic behaviour.

It will not change in Malmo because of the mayor do not like to protect these Jews,

AIPAC is the Israeli lobby in USA and USA and Sweden are different countries.

The best thing to these Jews to do is to leave that city,as I posted here they will be wellcome here,for that reason we have our state.
18:02 March 24, 2012 by bcterry
And your point on AIPAC?

My point?, simple, the ongoing persecution and hatred of jews by muslims and others, which is more than evident in Malmo, and this mayors pandering.

You did bring Israel into this, didn't you?

Others mentioned Israel as well, and well as Saudi Arabia, Arab oil etc., and the persecution of jews elsewhere.

So i throw in a little support for Jews and Israel, to pixx off the haters, and.......... ???
19:25 March 24, 2012 by guliver

The Israeli -Palestinian conflict is no reason to attack the Jews in Malmo,

The fact the are Jews does not make them responsabile for the actual policy of the

Israeli government, these people are Swedes ,live there and vote for the Swedish government, no reason to hit their schools,Synagouges,or cemeteries,
19:33 March 24, 2012 by bcterry

"If Muslims send all European Jews to British Columbia and make it a country and stop recognizing Canada as a state and demand Canadian Army to disarm, then Canadians won't behave anything less that Palestinians I'm afraid and Muslims will not be especially popular among Canadians either!!! Think about it!"

If muslims hadn't driven off the original inhabitants, jews, christians and others, of the over 50 states they conquered through physical violent aggression to claim as their own, maybe the jews would have still been living on those lands as they had been for the previous thousands of years previous to the inception of islam, instead of the U.N. having to restore their rightful homeland back to them.

The persecution of both groups in islamic states continues to this day with the same verve and vitality as always, with no end in sight.

Here in B.C., and Canada, we are, and have been for decades making retributions to the First Nations, and their land claims are currently being addressed and settled peacefully.

We are not there completely, but we are working hard towards full claim settlements.

They also get billions every year to help them.

Their culture is highly respected, and showcased. NOBODY, is rioting in the streets, and having rallies in their churches screaming death to all First Nations people. We also are not brainwashing our children to hate them either.

Muslims on the other hand, have made NO retributions at all towards those they have harmed, NOTHING, NADDA, ZILCH, and there is no evidence at all that they will ever do so.

"Think about it!"
19:43 March 24, 2012 by OUIJA

Welcome back. Your 4 months absense only strenghten your way to fight wars. Welcome to the Babel tower.

By the way, did you know that Reepalu comes from the Arabic word a.....cker. Yes. Let others google it and they will find the ethimology of his surname.
19:47 March 24, 2012 by Iraniboy
@guliver #33

I fully agree with that! It is very clear that any such attack is a criminal act that should be punished accordingly.

I find it hard to believe that some complain about political system in Sweden where almost any other government in the world has a far worse track record.
19:56 March 24, 2012 by johan rebel
The guy is a closet antisemite, which is much worse than one who has the courage to stand for his convictions.
20:15 March 24, 2012 by OUIJA
A closet antisemite imam?
22:05 March 24, 2012 by Uncle
Hello sirs. Indeed a good break cools the head down and crystallizes the thoughts.


"I fully agree with that! It is very clear that any such attack is a criminal act that should be punished accordingly. "

Iraniboy. My dear. Did you hear about Stuxnet? You know - a virus that screwed up a bit centrifuges of your beloved government? You know how it worked? Quite fascinating.

One part caused excessive vibrations in the centrifuges. The other parts told the warning systems that everything is just dandy. Hundreds of centrifuges went out of commission. The weird thing is that the virus code kicks in randomly (or writes itself randomly in the centrifuges software), so erasing it one time does not help. It requires an entire overhaul of the systems.

The interesting thing about that is that this style of working was purposely fitted by "unknown hackers" to imitate the islamists behaviour in the modern world. Namely one part explodes, beheads, rapes, robs, forces, sues, cries and uses other methods of oppressed people, while the other part of the virus (you are a good example) tells the legal and judicial systems that everything is just fine.

Everything is dandy as a sunny Sunday morning. All the bad criminals that your religion gives birth to are as common as anything. That the awful muslim areas of the city, where police is afraid to enter is a common and normal result of any immigration process.

YOU are a virus. Just a different part of it. Written carefully by programmers in Al Jazeera and Mosques. Antivirus that YOU propose, which is to catch the criminals and put them to justice will not help to eradicate the virus. It will continue to kick in indefinitely, until there is a system overhaul. Particularly, closing the borders to whoever your wonderful religion ejects.

I would have an exception for people like copts - egyptian christians who are genetically connected to the real first egyptians (pharaoh times) and who are oppressed and thrown out by the muslim guests. Or, say, the kurds. Or the berbers. All that suffer from the good Allah blessing. Otherwise, Norton has a plan for you.
03:14 March 25, 2012 by ctinej
If you are a school kid, and nearly every other student hates you, is it that THEY all have a problem, or perhaps maybe YOU are worthy of being hated?

There is even a popular song from the 70s with a chorus "and everybody hates the Jews"

I think they should be asking why the whole Arab world would like to nuke Israel, why the Germans wanted them out of the country, why there is a phrase :Anti Semite?

I have good reason to not like Muslims. Primarily because they are Malignant Breeders, destroying the world with too many people. To me, their biggest crime is against Mother Nature. Soon we will run out of towels for their heads.
09:06 March 25, 2012 by gh2008
Arabs can't be antisemitic.

Arabs are Semitic.
11:28 March 25, 2012 by Iraniboy

To me it feels like that you have spent the last 4 months in a school similar to that of Alqaida's to learn how to hate. I guess you have a very miserable life with so much level of hate. Hope you get well soon.
12:53 March 25, 2012 by soultraveler3

"Problem is the average American could care less about Israel or Saudi Arabia."

This is just untrue. The ME and oil issues concern people stateside probably more than any other international issue. Liberals and conservatives in America , although their reasons are different, are aware and care.

p.s. If you're going to post comments insinuating that a large group of people are uncaring and uneducated you should take more care in your writing. The proper phrase is "couldn't care less" not could care less. If you could care less that means that you care at least a bit.
20:03 March 25, 2012 by guliver

Why every body hates Jews? oh there are articles and heavy books which were written on that issue: but some of them can be mention here:The Christian church blame them in killing God and for generation peseguitated them,They were blamed to be rich but millions of them in Russia and Polen lived in poverty for generations without civil rights, then they were blamed to be Comunists as they tried to gain civil rights after the comunist revolution,then they were blamed for keeping their religion and traditions then Hitler said they are inferiore race which has to be eliminate,then they were banned for generations from the Universities and from jobs like doctors or lawyers,then they could not buy territory in the land they lived,and if a sickness was broken in the country there were the Jews to blame,and if the economic situation was bad again the Jews and if the land lost the war again the Jews:"Juden verlassen Sie Deutscland und wandern Sie nach Palestina " said the German to my parents who were German but Jews,and now in Europe"verlassen Sie Palestina"if it was not sad it would be funny
23:56 March 25, 2012 by Uncle

This is not a hate. It is like claiming that developers of antibiotics are breeding hate and intolerance. YOUR fellows in religion purposely attack Jewish children as a "revenge" for the deeds of Israel. YOUR fellows in religion kidnap Jews in France because "all Jews are rich". YOUR area of birth has the "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" as common as subscription to Al-Jazeera. YOUR religion promotes "Mein Kampf" as the truth spoken by messengers of God.

Every area that is infected by inflow of muslims from Philippines to Chad is bathing in blood, injustice, hate and oppression. Religious, sexual and ethnic minorities are shrinking a crazy speed in countries blessed by YOUR religion. Women situation is degrading to the levels of Medieval times in the regions ruled by YOUR religion. Jews are afraid to be seen as such on the streets of Europe because of members of YOUR religion. Police is not entering areas that are deemed as hopeless and are dominated by the members of YOUR religion all over western Europe.

YOUR people breed hate and oppression. You are just a tool in the entire virus system - sitting here and trying to convince everyone that disliking the effects of the disease is an intolerance and hate towards the innocent and well meaning cute little virus. You are WILLINGLY using methods similar to those of Goebbels ministry of propaganda.

I will get "well" whenever I will feel that the flood of your ideology will stop be vomited into Europe and those who already managed to get citizenship will be worked with until they accept the freedom and democracy ideals of this society. They will be working. They will stop flooding prisons. They will be a functioning part of society, or just legally and rightfully ejected back to the hell they created with their own hands, like in Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and (how not) Iran.
03:46 March 26, 2012 by blik
Shame on you Sweden for maintaining this sad, pathetic, drunken old Communist in office.
17:59 March 26, 2012 by motti
@cowboy. Yes the Jewish lobby is powerful. But it does not necessarily get it't way all the time.

You make no mention of CAIR The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is tied with Hamas. This lobby has been very succesful, so much so, that many americans have actually woken up to the beginning of a serious potential problem Just as Europe has today. The Muslims are putting for election many of their own and ordinary Muslims are encouraged/threatened to vote for them.This lobby, backed by Saudi $billions and allied with the oil lobby is very strong, The Jews don't have that much money in comparison and are unable to buy off so many as the Muslims.do.

You are wrong regarding many ordinary Americans though. The Churches are against Israel because a) they are scared for the congregants in Islamic dominated lands, b)It is against the idea of it's being without Jesus.

You may dislike/detest/hate the idea of Jewish thought and law being the cornerstone of western values. However, most americans and otherdecent non Europeans appreciate it. Unlike the Mayor of Malmoe and others who think like him. A former mayor of London, "Red" Ken Livingstone has so annoyed many here, that even many stalwart Labour supporters will not vote for him, as his "Jewish" comments are on par with the Estonian above. He does welcome hardline Mullahs who call for the death of Jews, and visited an infamous mosque in London that is associated with the same message.

So will you view CAIR and read of the comments made? Go on I dare you!
23:56 March 26, 2012 by bcterry
"Omar M. Ahmad, chairman of the board of the Council on American-Islamic relations, spoke before a packed crowd at the Flamingo Palace banquet hall on Peralta Boulevard, urging Muslims not to shirk their duty of sharing the Islamic faith with those who are "on the wrong side."

Muslim institutions, schools and economic power should be strengthened in America, he said. Those who stay in America should be "open to society without melting (into it)," keeping mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam, he said.

"If you choose to live here (in America) … you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam," he said.

Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant, he said. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth, he said."
17:26 March 27, 2012 by Iraniboy
Last week a Muslims woman in the US was killed in racially motivated murder in a very disgusting way but it was hardly a mention in the media. The week after 15 innocent Afghans killed by a person who was filled with an hatred similar to that of people like @bcterry and @uncle and...

1 billions Muslims and if any criminal raise up among them it becomes a headline. This covert and coward media to spread the hate among people of the world to justify security spending and arm deals is approaching a disgusting and dangerous limit. I'm happy that I live in a country that is not surrounded by such hate and hateful people.
14:36 March 28, 2012 by kanel_bulle
As a jew, I love reading a lot of the above comments, as all this about us being so powerful, rich and controlling the world is news to me, and its great to think that I could be so powerful. It sure beats reading all the other news about anti-semitism, bombings and hate directed at us.
18:35 March 28, 2012 by Svensksmith
Reepalu is just pimping for votes. There's a lot more Muslims in Malmö than Jews.
13:31 April 1, 2012 by motti
bcterry, uncle and guliver, you really answer the idiots so well. They can only makde malicious comments, often knowlingly untruthful. You, on the other hand, answer conciselyand honestly.

what is the answe?. Those with hate in their bellies, will never succumb to the truth, as they hate it. At least by answering the way you do, those with a quest to understand, will at least have an insight as to what the main problems are. Those who hate, will look for any opening to spill their venomous comments. They are not just anti Jerwish or Israel. They are just losers with a huge chip on their shoulders, with nothing to look forward to but more misery. As for the Muslims who attack us? Well they can never forgive the lowly disrespected Jew for discarding second rate dhimmitude and winning the wars. I suppose we must look at all the Jews and Israelis who have achieved so much, and such a small percentage of the world's population.
21:13 April 1, 2012 by Greysuede
Herr Reepalu is hard-working man of his own country and entitled to freedom of speech as everyone else. To deviate his words in the media and make him a scapegoat arranged by the Social Democrats isn't a noble deed!

Traditional "abuse" and "persecution" business towards especially Jews, Arabs, etc. in Europe, particularly Scandinavia are exaggerated to manipulate the things to take under control the political and economical situation in Europe.

Nobody has ever asked them, the eternal moaners to be here if they don't like it they are free to leave Europe to take their "problems" away...!
10:05 April 2, 2012 by wawi
To Cowboy, at this time Jews number a bit less than 6 million in the U.S. of A. while the Moslem population exeeds 7 million, thus few politicians pander to the so-called Jewish vote. As stated earlier by Motti, one week of Saudi oil profits far exeeds the accumulated wealth of AIPAC. As for AIPAC being the largest lobbier in the US, it is simply not true, but an oft repeated lie, that has taken hold amongst the gullible, in fact, the AIPAC lobby lags behind the Pensioners lobby, the Unions and a number of corporations. Lobbying of course is not just money, if you can send an Albert Einstein down to Washington to lobby a few politicians he will carry more weight than Borje Salming. Please note that all the Saudis have to do is pick up the phone and say, do what we request or we cut off the oil and send it to China. No amount of lobbying can beat that, my friend. Now please take a step back from your Anti-Zionist feeders and think out of the box, realize where the real power lies, please. As for the mayor, he is a confused individual who needs a course in self-awareness.
17:32 April 4, 2012 by ilan
Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad Slams Egypt over Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip, and Says: "Half of the Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis" Al-Hekma TV (Egypt)


"Hamas Interior Minister Slams Egypt over Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip: We are Egyptians!"
14:25 April 26, 2012 by Marc the Texan
Oh puh-lease! Rabid anti-semite.
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The unique story of Stockholm's floating libraries
The Stockholm archipelago book boat. Photo: Roger Hill.

Writer Roger Hill details his journeys on the boats that carry books over Stockholm's waterways and to its most remote places.

Refugee crisis
Second Stockholm asylum centre fire in a week
The new incident follows a similar fire in Fagersjö last week (pictured). Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Police suspect arson in the blaze, as well as a similar incident which occurred last Sunday.

More misery for Ericsson as losses pile up
Ericsson interim CEO Jan Frykhammar presenting its third quarter results. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

The bad news just keeps coming from the Swedish telecoms giant.

Facebook 'sorry' for removing Swedish cancer video
A computer displaying Facebook's landing page. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The social media giant had censored a video explaining how women should check for suspicious lumps in their breasts.

Watch this amazing footage of Sweden’s landscapes
A still from the aerial footage of Sweden. Photo: Nate Summer-Cook

The spectacular drone footage captures both Sweden's south and the opposite extreme, thousands of kilometres north.

Sweden could be allowed to keep border controls: EU
Police ID checks at Hyllie station in southern Sweden. Photo: Stig-Åke Jönsson/TT

Sweden could be allowed to keep ID controls on its border with Denmark beyond the current end date of November, following discussions among EU leaders in Brussels last night.

Why women in Sweden will work for free by November
File photo of a woman working in a Swedish office. Photo: Anders Willund/TT

A new study into the gender pay gap suggests Sweden still has some work to do.

Look familiar? Meet your jawbone's ancestor
Thank God for evolution, eh?

There's something fishy about the human jawbone – it has its origins in the placodermi, a jowly species of fish that lived 400 million years ago, Swedish and Chinese researchers say.

Isis claims unremarked arson attack in Malmö
The arson attack took place on Norra Grängesbergsgatan in Malmö. File photo: Emil Langvad/TT

An arson attack in Malmö that caused only minor damage and was barely reported in the media has been claimed by terror group Isis.

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