Sweden readies for daylight savings time

Sweden readies for daylight savings time
Don't forget to set clocks forward one hour on Saturday night. Once again, the time has come to change to daylight savings time.

From 1.59am on the night between Saturday and Sunday, the clock ticks over directly to 3am, marking the start for longer and brighter evenings in Sweden

When we change to daylight savings time, heart attack cases rise temporarily, according to local newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning.

The increase is due to our rising one hour earlier than normal. After a week heart attack rates are back down to normal, showed a study published in journal Sleep Medicine.

It has been known for some time that the risk of heart attack is higher on Mondays than on other week days. Therefore, doctor Rickard Ljung advocates sleeping in on Monday.

Sweden introduced daylight savings time in 1980, and since 1997 all EU countries change to daylight savings simultaneously: on the last Sunday in March.

However, Sweden attempted daylight savings time as early as 1916. The attempt was not repeated the next year, as farmers had so many complaints of cows being harder to milk.

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