212 cannabis plants found ‘dumped’ in lake

212 cannabis plants found 'dumped' in lake
A man who was out walking near Asige, southern Sweden, came across an unusual sight in a popular swimming location when he discovered over 200 cannabis plants and gear for indoor cultivation dumped in the lake.

“It took a little time to drag it all out,” said Susann Redenfors of the Falkenberg police to Hallans Nyheter newspaper (HN).

The man who made the find was out for a stroll at 9.00am on Sunday morning when he came upon the dumped marijuana in Nyhagasjön, a lake several kilometres east of Asige, near Falkenberg.

He called the police who retrieved the plants, as well as equipment for cultivating the plants at an indoor facility, including pots and electric lighting for keeping the plants warm and light.

The police reported that the number of plants totaled 212.

According to the police, many factors point to the possibility that the perpetrator drove up to the lake and dumped the contraband from a vehicle’s cargo space.

“If there’s someone who’s seen something or as something to tell us, then please let us know,” Redenfors told the paper.

Meanwhile, the cannabis cultivation equipment is being analyzed by police in the hope of finding any traces that may leads to the owner.

The incident is being labelled as a violation against narcotics laws.

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