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Swedish Jewish leader: 'Enough is enough'

27 Mar 2012, 16:15

Published: 27 Mar 2012 16:15 GMT+02:00

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"There has to be a change in the way Ilmar Reepalu speaks and the way he behaves and in what he says and doesn't say," Lena Posner-Körösi, chair of the Jewish Community in Stockholm (Judiska Församlingen i Stockholm) told The Local.

Posner-Körösi was one of three Jewish community leaders to sign a letter sent on Friday by the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities (Judiska centralrådet i Sverige – JC) to Social Democrat party head Stefan Löfven.

"With this letter, we want to point out that Ilmar Reepalu no longer has any credibility among us Jews in Sweden," reads a letter signed by the heads of the Jewish communities in Malmö, Stockholm, and Gothenburg.

"Regardless of what he says and does from now on, we don't trust him."

The letter was sent after Reepalu suggested in an interview that the Sweden Democrats, a political party with a clear anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim line which has its roots in Sweden's neo-Nazi movement, had "infiltrated" the Jewish community in Malmö to foster anti-Muslim sentiments.

On Monday, it emerged that the Social Democrats had responded to the letter by suggesting a meeting.

"Stefan Löfven called me basically as soon as he got the letter and said he wanted to meet as soon as possible," Posner-Körösi said.

"We take this as a very positive signal that they take this matter seriously."

She added that she and others in Sweden's Jewish community have grown tired and frustrated by Reepalu's repeated "anti-Semitic" statements in recent years.

"His statements provoke a lot of strong sentiments in others. He strengthens differences instead of minimizing them and that is very problematic," said Posner-Körösi.

"Something has to be done so we don't have another round of insulting and anti-Semitic statements. Enough is enough."

Posner-Körösi emphasized she is approaching the talks, scheduled for Monday, April 2nd with Löfven and Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin, with an "open mind".

"I'm going in to listen unconditionally and have an open dialogue. We'll see what they say and let that lead us further," she said.

"We're going to play it by ear."

While refusing to elaborate on what she and other Jewish community leaders may want to achieve by the talks, Posner-Körösi said she would welcome a face-to-face meeting with Reepalu, whom she has never met.

"I wouldn't have a problem with meeting him, but he might have a problem meeting with me because I'd tell him what I think," she said.

"No bullshit. I won't tolerate it. I'm not a politician."

On Friday, following the release of the letter from Sweden's Jewish community leaders, Löfven issued a statement emphasizing the importance of relations between his party and the Jewish community.

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"I can understand their reaction and I want to be clear. It's never okay when our representatives are seen as being unclear when it comes to people's equal value," he said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Löfven confirmed for The Local that a meeting was scheduled for April 2nd but added that the Social Democrat head didn't plan to comment further on the matter until after the meeting.

Attempts by The Local to reach Reepalu for comment were unsuccessful.

David Landes


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Your comments about this article

16:45 March 27, 2012 by HungarianAmerican1975
Perfectly acceptable on their part. Now, they should all leave Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe... and go back to their desert promised land!
17:11 March 27, 2012 by andy_so

maybe all your folk around the world should do the same, and return their FLAT homeland! sound good?

stop spreading the hate people...
17:14 March 27, 2012 by Iraniboy
They should clearly say what is Anti-semism. If accusing to have connection with SD is so bad that can be considered anti-semism then SD itself should be ultra anti-semist so why aren't they complaining about it then?!
17:22 March 27, 2012 by sarah02
Did they use a flashlight under the woman's face?
17:22 March 27, 2012 by rufus.t.firefly
I am a Jew living in Stockholm, which makes me, I guess, part of Sweden's Jewish community. I haven't followed the ongoing events with Reepalu in Malmo closely, but it is obvious that his vicious Jew baiting hasn't disturbed Social Democratic leaders much, or we'd have heard a lot more about it. This invitation to talk sounds suspicious itself. Either the party takes a public stand against such speech or not. No private meetings with Jewish leaders. I want to hear it publicly, unconditionally, loudly proclaimed by the leadership of the Social Dems. And if they mean it, they should say goodbye to Reepalu.
17:30 March 27, 2012 by motti
@rufus, good for you. Never mind whether people are unable to understand just what Jew baiting and hatred is. It has been going on for so long, that many are even unaware of their biased opinions. Whether through sheer ignorance or an inability to thnk just what they would consider if this poison was dished out against them on a daily basis.

I reckon andy_so is quite correct. Still at least Hungary can boast of an excellent Nazi party, the old Arrow Cross, who thanks to Wallenberg were unable to finish off their obscene final solution. Oh yes, and Ghoulash too. Hmm, perhaps the reason ghoul comes to mind isbecause of their national dish.

For the sake of decent Americans, I do hope that you return to your beloved ancient empire, and I am sure the vast majority of the Amerindians will agreewith me. .
17:37 March 27, 2012 by Camlon
There is a major hypocricy in Sweden. When Christian Democrats suggested that some muslims were racist towards jews and made life worse for muslims in Malmø, then Mona Sahlin was quick to use the race card . You can not generalize groups like that, she said.

But when a social democratic leader state that the Jewish community is being infiltrated by a party Social Democrats hate, then it is not racism? Would you not be called a racist if a politican in power said that muslims has been infilitrated by Muslim fundamentalist. In the Swedish climate, that is exactly the same. But one of them would get a lot more attention.

Problem is, Swedish people are weak and conformists. They don't dare to stand up for their values. What we will see in the future is an escalation of racism towards jews from mainly Muslims, but also a few left wing radicals. This will be tolerated, because Swedes will do what they have done before, they just ignore it to avoid hurting muslim feelings. Some will even think they deserve it as a collective punishment for Israels actions.
17:39 March 27, 2012 by rise
Oh poor Jewish self-proclaimed victims. How sadly everything is for you in your perfectly voluntary victimized state. Get a life you pathetic crybabies!
17:47 March 27, 2012 by Camlon
From reading his past comments, rise is a native swede. Perfect example of what I wrote. Jewish racism is ok, Muslim criticism is racism. Because the government says so.

I have question. Would Social Democrats be fine if a minister said that Muslims have been infiltrated by Muslim fundamentalists?
17:57 March 27, 2012 by Iraniboy
Sweden is the least racist country on planet. The least popular nationalist party in any given country exist in Sweden. Any remotely suspicious comment is considered very seriously. This is a good example for itself!
18:13 March 27, 2012 by Camlon
Sweden is not the least racist country on the planet, as Jewish racism is tolerated. When you accept racism on an official level, then you are not the least racist country in the world. Right now, I think Canada is the least racist country.

Also, there is a huge difference between racism and political correctness. To say that immigration is endangering Swedes, because Swedes lets in too many unqualified workers is not racism. To say that you want to limit asylum seekers is not racism. And to say that many immigrants to Sweden are not able to integrate into the society is not racism either. You don't become the least racist country by being overly sensitive for one group. That is just favouritism.

If Sweden want to resolve its problem, then it needs to make it harder for unqualified immigrants who don't contribute to Sweden, and make it easier for qualified immigrants.
18:30 March 27, 2012 by gh2008

if you don't like it, a one way ticket is something you should consider.
18:33 March 27, 2012 by Iraniboy

Jewish racism is not tolerated in Sweden. There is not a single evidence that this comment is racism. The problems of Sweden with regards to immigration is another story and it doesn't prove any racism. You re mixing separate issues.

Good old Canada! With current conservative government it is paving the way to dispose Canadian liberal values with conservative ones. I don't know how long it takes for Canada to turn into a completely different country with current pace.
18:45 March 27, 2012 by Camlon
gh2008: I would never live in Sweden, so I don't have to get a one way ticket. have however lived many years in Norway.

Iraniboy: Conservative does not mean racist, and do you think the left is always going to win?

The statement of the malmø governor is borderline racist, but one thing I can say for certain. The same statement about Muslims would have created a media storm. How do you think people would have reacted if a governor said that Muslim fundamentalists have infiltrated the Muslim community.

That would not be accepted. There is an obvious hypocrisy.
19:02 March 27, 2012 by Iraniboy

Well SD is a legal conservative political party. Besides what you just said about Muslims is not even remotely racist in many countries including Canada, let alone the fact that there is different between fundamentalists and a political party.

Conservationism doesn't mean racism but it paves the way for it. In conservative political system there is very little room for a different lifestyle which in this case it is Jewish. There is only one good way of life and that is the one conservatives say whereas in a liberal society you continue to live your own good lifestyle but you are happy to accept another one. Sweden is the most liberal country on planet and Canada is not even close apart from the fact that Canada is going on the reverse direction.
19:09 March 27, 2012 by Coaxen
Everybody should be free to express their opinions. And everybody should be free to feel offended.
19:18 March 27, 2012 by omash kavash
hehe they say he has no credit so they can degrage or grade somone hes a full mayor and we all know that and reality hurts n its true theuy fule anti islam and the guy who killed people in norway was linked to isreale honestyl islam is a way of life and its taking over
19:20 March 27, 2012 by Camlon
Iraniboy: Well it is defined as racism in Sweden. Actually, it is racism on stage 2, because in Sweden even statements such as the ones I made above are defined as racism.

For heavens sake, Mona Sahlin used the race card against the Christian Democrats for saying that Jews are being victim of hate crimes. Why? Because he later were forced to admit that Muslims and left wing radicals were the ones who did it.

In other countries, the statement about Muslim fundamentalists are defined as borderline racism. But it depends on the setting. However, if you use it as criticism of Muslims in general, like the mayor did with Jews. Then it is racism, in most countries.

With that kind of people, in power, then Sweden is not the least racist country in the world. Also, over to your liberal BS. You can not define conservative to be not open to other ways of life. And Swedes are not open at all. Do you know how people who are different from Swedes, feel in Swedes. They get excluded from the Swedish society. Sweden is a very conformist country, with little accept of alternative thoughts or lifestyles. A more correct statement is that the Sweden is the most cultural leftwing country in the world.
19:47 March 27, 2012 by Iraniboy

Well like I said, your statement is different from the one he said. He is relating a legal political system to a Jewish Council and in fact neither have rejected the idea.

Social Democrats and Christian Democrats are not good friends so I see where they are coming from. Nobody takes their disputes seriously.

Well it is just enough to say that in many countries it's been sometime since they have stopped using the word Saudi murderer or even Muslim murderer, they just use a word as general as Islamist. While behaviors of Israelis in West bank or conservative Christians in the US is not reflected on their religious background.

Well you have one bit correct about Sweden that it is a conformist country with little accept of alternative thoughts or lifestyles for their own life but they are extremely open to accept alternative thoughts or lifestyles for others. Something that is next to impossible in conservative countries like Iran, US, Israel and soon Canada!
20:31 March 27, 2012 by kiaat
@sarah02: i know, right? it is almost as if they wanted to art direct her into Damen Omen III.. the poor dear.. she looks right frightful. menacing even. could that have been the point? the scary mary jewish biddy?

yes, the jews.

i love jewish history, tradition and educated thought. but newsflash.. if you think sweden is a place for you then you need to check out the track record of the muslim influx since pizza arrived in the late 80s... the tide is against you.

pity really. as monotheistic religions go i would take judaism over the others any day! you got the longest tradition and nice events... well except the briss thing... i like my penis intact thanks v much...
21:26 March 27, 2012 by TheWatchman
I'm not sure why anyone argues that Jewish hate is not acceptable in Sweden. It is. With an equal amount of acceptance as having blonde hair. Anyone can say anything about Jews and Sweden but no one cares. The moment anyone even mentions the word Muslim in the same sentence as crime, or hatred, a flurry of protests and threats come out. It's very hypocritical but it seems that until the Swedes are persecuted themselves when they are no longer the majority, they will do nothing about it.
21:54 March 27, 2012 by Iraniboy

That's completely untrue. Nothing bad has been said about Jews to react upon that. The most probable Anti-Jewish thing in Sweden would be if SD ban Kosher and Halal meats in Sweden but I guess that wouldn't happen as other parties will oppose it.
22:42 March 27, 2012 by CJ from Sunshine Desserts
" Building a wall around themselves they are "...m. Yoda
23:05 March 27, 2012 by jack sprat
So what's fresh.

The Swedish authorities have been very contentedly casting a blind eye for quite a long time now, whilst others have done their dirty work by pressuring many Jews into leaving the city and the country.

Beneath its phoney facade, Sweden is still one of the most racist countries in Europe and if Adolf number two ever appeared on the scene, I imagine they'd be straight back licking his backside.

To think that the Jewish families believed they had moved to a safe haven in an enlightened Sweden supposedly prepared to turn over a new leaf.

Obviously this leopard will never change it's spots.
23:38 March 27, 2012 by blursd
I would like to point out one little fact here no one has really touched on.

How many Jewish suicide bombings, or "honor" attacks have there been in response to their "despicable" perceived affronts to the Jewish community in Sweden? None. Not a single act of violent retaliation.

How was it these "horrible" Jews decided to retaliate to such flagrant anti-semitism? They wrote A LETTER ...! A letter ...

That proves how evil these Jews really are. Meanwhile anyone who insults a certain other minority in Sweden is met with death threats, shootings, bombings, and attacks ... all of which ethnic Swedes somehow attempt to justify or excuse.

It's only taken three generations and we're already well on our way to laying the foundations for another holocaust ... proof positive from the majority of comments on this thread that anti-Semitism is alive and well. Hitler would be proud.
23:43 March 27, 2012 by Myles MacLean
This Jewish leader would condemn one man for his comments.

Let's hear what she has to say about the abuse and mistreatment Jewish solders inflict on thousands of innocent Palestinians every day in their own land.Not with words but with batons,rubber bullets, stun guns and live ammunition are these people being assaulted.Where is her condemnation for these atrocities?Perhaps it is only words that insult her sensibilities,not murderous inhumane actions.Perhaps these actions are excusable because it is Jewish people that are commiting them.

23:49 March 27, 2012 by Smiling Canuk
Sounds like Reepalu is simpling sucking up to the Muslims for their votes since there are more Muslims than Jews in Malmo. What he doesn't realize is that once they become the majority in Malmo they will elect one of their own and not him.
23:55 March 27, 2012 by blursd
@ Myles MacLean

I think you're confusing "Jews" with "Israelis."

Just because one is Jewish does not mean they are automatically Israeli as well. In fact, about one quarter of Israelis aren't Jewish, so ...

I'm Jewish. I've never even been to Israel. I'm not Israeli. I don't even speak Hebrew - yet according to you I am responsible for something a people halfway around the planet are supposedly doing - that have no relation to me whatsoever other than a shared ethnic background from 2,000 years ago.

How much sense does that make ...?
00:25 March 28, 2012 by Rod Munch
By simply having 500,000 Muslims in their country makes Sweden a racist country. As we all know, Muslims are the most racist/bigoted people on the planet.
00:53 March 28, 2012 by jack sprat
Regarding the 500,000 Muslims, it was little more than a half baked attempt by Sweden to try and clear it's concience.in the eyes of the world.

Had they been truly serious about it, then much more effort would have been put into assisting integration and equal job opporunities instead of allowing the present mess to occur..

As it is, the truth is blatantly obvious for all to see.
01:23 March 28, 2012 by Rod Munch
I agree with Jack Sprat to some extent (the part about trying to clear their conscience). However, as Sweden saw its violent crime and rape figures start to skyrocket, the decision should have been made to bring in refugees who are actually capable of integration and who generally have a positive impact on society (i.e. from Far East or Southeast Asia) rather than the Middle East/North Africa.

Blame does not rest only with the Swedish govt. though. Most of the blame should be placed on these idiots themselves who are brought to the country, given a free place to live, free education, free language lessons, free money and protection in the media. All they have to do is get an education and behave themselves. And they aren't even capable of that.

It's time Sweden found its refugees from somewhere else.
03:10 March 28, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar
Israel turned the desert wilderness into a land of plenty and prosperity. Palestinians have been put to shame and are resentful of the fantastic success that Israel has created out of a desert. The wandering Jew has always been self sufficient and enterprising where ever he goes, a valued, giving member of society, never needing handouts from charity that the haters exist on in Palestine, and in the ghettoes of Europe.
04:11 March 28, 2012 by eriktheviking
The mayor have the right to his own opinion also say his opinion in public. If the Jews don't like to hear the true, so what who cares. For thousands of years Jews have made enemies in every part of the world - ask your self why. I know you wont because you are arrogant and think you are Gods chosen, that is the biggest lie of centuries.You are all the same. When forced to admit you are a Zionist you deny it, of course you are a Zionist, why - because your "national" identity the Zionist enterprise - erected on Palestinian stolen and spoiled land - and you continue your theft and killings is being transformed to Zionism.

You all should be banned everywhere you settle, because you are up to no good you are infiltrating the world - pack your suitcase and go back to Eastern Europe from where you last came,

I am a proud Swedish viking - and we will stand our ground united !
04:44 March 28, 2012 by ajs42548
erik.. And exactly how have the Jews made enemies around the world? What did the Jews ever do to Germany that they should be killed? They were loyal, patriotic contributing members of that society. What did they do to deserve the pogroms in Russia and other countries? What did they do? Was it because they are smarter than all other ethnic groups? Is it because they value education? Is it because they work hard? Why did Ferdinand expel them from Spain? What did they ever do to him? How could the Jews steal land from the Palestinians when that land belonged to the Jews 3500nyears ago? How did the Palestinians get that land? They stole it from the Jews, just like Mohamed stole Mecca and Medina from the Jews in the 7th century.
04:48 March 28, 2012 by VicTaulic
Sweden was actually where the lost tribe of Israel settled three thousand years ago.
04:54 March 28, 2012 by strixy
So called new antisemitism is a growing trend among the new lefties who go out of their ways to appease Muslim fanatics. Since radical Muslims preach holocaust, antisemitism is a nice and easy way to win their sympathy.

Jews were exterminated in Europe during the IIWW despite not perpetrating any terrorist attacks, not engaging in suicide bombing, stoning, gang raping etc.... . End of story.
07:05 March 28, 2012 by b_raz_swed
I wonder why ethnic conflict / debate is linked to Muslims - every time. If the jews are finding it hard to live in a peaceful society like sweden - they can always go back to their frikin PROMISED LAND - an illegal and stolen land
07:38 March 28, 2012 by RobinHood
I think it might be time for The Local's moderator to wake up and do a little troll hunting. Some of the posts above are clearly in breach of The Local's terms and conditions.
08:02 March 28, 2012 by Iraniboy
Too many irrelevant comments about a billion Muslims and millions of Jews living worldwide but hardly a comment about this issue. The issue is about a guy who has speculated about a relation between a far right legal political party and a Jewish council.
08:52 March 28, 2012 by cowboykodp

As I've said in my other posts, these RACISTS and SD supporters on this forum are nothing but MOSQUITOS. They are irritating but harmless.

I and anyone with 1/2 a brain agrees with your post #29. But then you destroyed all your credibility with post #26.

So next time a criminal who is Muslim does something stupid, don't blame ALL Muslims.

Not so fun when the tables are turned, is it?

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. "

Martin Luther King, jr
09:23 March 28, 2012 by blursd
@ Cowboy

Explain to me exactly where I blamed "all Muslims everywhere" in post #26 ... I think you're putting words in my mouth I never uttered.

I never did any such thing ... if that's what you interpreted from what I wrote, then you're injecting your own biases into the issue.
09:25 March 28, 2012 by engagebrain
@eriktheviking -The mayor have the right to his own opinion also say his opinion in public.

Except when what he says is it untrue - a blatant lie, and a lie probably intended to create a rift between the Jewish and Muslim communities. Lies like this create trouble and encourage attacks on the Jewish community by ................
09:35 March 28, 2012 by rise
@ Camlon

"From reading his past comments, rise is a native swede."

Yes I am, and that isn't hard to guess since in some thread I've said as much.

"Perfect example of what I wrote. Jewish racism is ok, Muslim criticism is racism."

You're quick to jump to conclusions. If you've read anything I wrote you'd know I find many muslims stuck in the middle/dark age. I'd be glad if they do burrow themselves in the dessert they belong in.

"Because the government says so."

Again, if you'd read anything I wrote you'd know I haven't much love for politicians. In fact too many of them aren't worthy of any other treatment but scorn.

Now, racism? Well, on the planet earth there is the homo sapiens and then there's... hum, wait a minute, there is only the homo sapiens and no other human species!

I think you're confusing the word "racism" with "xenophobia". Now, xenophobia is something we are all BORN with! At least according to a study at the Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
09:54 March 28, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
Ah the Jewish, and their affinity for complaining.

If they get their interview with Reepalu they should bring up the Holocaust to gain sympathy. Because they never do that...
10:11 March 28, 2012 by blik
Just another example of SD appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Any discussion will be a farce or at worst a trap.

Self-instigated disciplinary action on behalf of SD should be forthcoming before any discussion takes place.
11:25 March 28, 2012 by towns
Well it seems this article has provoked a lot of commentary. Hopefully the comment section won't be deleted this time as it was with the article "Swedes Back Obama"

@RobinHood (#39) I see you're advocating censorship, how very thoughtful of you.

@ajs42548 (#35) Well haven't you bought into social engineering. Unlike what you think, Jews aren't always the poor little innocent victims that everybody hates. Ever heard of Lazar Kaganovich or Yakov Yurovsky? Your comments about Jews in Germany is also painfully naive. You might want to look up some names relevant to the Weimar Republic (Bernard Dernburg, Rudolf Hilferding, Hugo Hasse, Otto Landesberg, Hugo Pruess, Walther Rathenau, Kurt Eisner, Rosa Luxembourg, Gustav Landauer and Eugen Levine) to get a sense of how the "natsees" managed to gather acceptance for their anti-semitism. Of course think about the economic situation of the Weimar Republic just prior to 1933.

Another thing, to those of you saying "it's all the immigrants" fault. I don't buy that. The Swedes have nobody to blame but themselves. The Swedes were the ones who elected the politicians that advocated turning Sweden into a "Little America" by bringing in people from everywhere around the world. Even these same half-baked politicians haven't smelled the coffee yet! The Centre Party leader Annie Lööf has recently suggested DOUBLING Sweden's current immigration population. That's right! Next time you blame the immigrants you might want to look in the mirror. Maybe you shouldn't vote for Annie Lööf? (Who am I kidding, EVERY mainstream political party in Sweden is at fault, except for the Sweden D's and I'm not even an SD supporter!)

Oh another thing. I've seen a lot of comments on here comparing Sweden to Canada. This always makes me laugh. People, Sweden is a country that has been independent for about 1,000 years. It is a country where Swedes have always been the dominant ethnic groups and has for the most part been always relatively homogenous. Canada, by comparison is a country less than 150 years old that has been CREATED by immigrants at the expense of the indigenous population. In Canada's largest city, Toronto, there is not a single dominant ethnic group anymore, something like 46% of the population wasn't even born in Canada and about 50% of the population doesn't come from a European background. Canada even has over three times the population of Sweden, so stop comparing the two, please!
11:51 March 28, 2012 by engagebrain
RosemarysBaby80 wrote

'Ah the Jewish, and their affinity for complaining'

You also seem to like complaining - at least the the Jews have something legitimate to complain about, that there a few anti semites around - how would you class yourself ?
14:03 March 28, 2012 by strixy
All of you who say that Jews have no right to be in Israel show your ignorance and idiocy.

How many times is Palestine mentioned in Koran? ZERO

What does Koran say about Israeli land? THAT IT BELONGS TO THE JEWS

Checdk for yourself, it does not hurt to read a little before having an opinion.

Link: why Palestinians want this video removed.
14:54 March 28, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80

F-ck the Koran! I could right a fictional book this afternoon that says I own the southern hemisphere but that wouldn't mean it's true would it.
15:02 March 28, 2012 by engagebrain

Palestine/Israel is completely irrelevant to the question about the mayor of Malmo.The koran and bible are old books - no basis for national boundaries in the 21st century. Sweden is not mentioned in either book, but it exists.
15:17 March 28, 2012 by bcterry
Strixty, very telling factual link on israel.

"why Palestinians want this video removed."

I'm predicting we'll not hear from the regulars on this, who constantly parrot that israel is land that the jews stole from palestinians.

If any of you are interested in the stark facts, and the real truth behind the conflict over israel,


"Useful idiots for Palestine"
18:49 March 28, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
@strixy & bcterry

OMG that video was such a load of sh!t. Can you say "propaganda"?

Palestine has been a country since the 1920's. It's theirs. I can't see The USA giving itself back to the Indians, or Australia giving itself back to the Aborigines.

The term "Holy Land" shouldn't mean sh!t in this day and age. The Palestinians threw the Jews a bone and now they're using it to beat them out of their own country.

No I'm not an anti Semite. I love Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart....

BTW if you want to see what really happening watch this Louis Theroux documentary.

20:08 March 28, 2012 by motti
I have seen the one sided Louis Theroux documentary, a normal piece of leftwing BBC propaganda. Some posts on this site are abnormally stupid, incorrect and absolute lies with no intention of putting through an honest debate.

It is not the Jews killing Palestinians, it is the other way around, as after Toulouse that should be apparent. You Arab supporters need to question your own bias and ask what sort of "war" it is when a person decides to murder children intentionally. The Fogel family slaughtered, with a 31/2 month baby had it's head almost totally severed from the shoulders (babies don't have real neck. The babies crime was to be Jewish. Daiel Pearl, the journalist had his head decapitated because he was Jewish.

We then read about Jews being cry babies because we lost 6milliom i.e. 1/3rd of the total Jewish population. what utterly disgusting people. Have you no shame? I asppreciate you are ignorant morons, and perhaps you chose not to read historical facts before you decide to write your worthless hate.

no wonder Europe is on such a steady decline.. Very soon you will be at the same level as your Arab friends i.e. the ones without oil.

Rosemary, before 1948, the Palestinians were the Jews, not the Arabs. They refused to be called Palestinian because it was a British colonial term. They had no other name themselves except the majority speaking Syrian and Saudi Arab dialects.

The country before 1918 was under Ottoman control and was neglected, a real backwater. try reading Mark Twain;s book "Innocents Abroad.."The Arabs gained the promised independence with new countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq etc. All that was left was the land promised to the Jews, the land west and east of the Jordan River until Britain took the 75% eastern section and gave it to the Saudi Hashemite Prince, leaving a small part west of the river.

The basic problem that people in the west appear not to underrstand is the fact that Muslims do not want to live under a non Muslim dominated and run government. Just look at the problems around the world.

Also as a "chosen" people. In Jewish tradition it was the Jews who chose the one God before anyone else, while all others were pagan.

I trust this brings a little understanding to those who want to understand
20:17 March 28, 2012 by strixy

That's nice although 1920 means little considering the fact that the land was a Jewish kingdom some 3000 ago when Arabs still prayed to their animalistic gods... .
21:20 March 28, 2012 by guliver
b raz swed

The Jews of course are wellcome in Israel.

Your European friends participated passivily and activily in perseguiting the Jews all over Europe for generations , and taking from them their houses and the things they owened , sending them to KZ and murdering them.

we are the children of these victims and we heard the truth from our parents.

And do not give us moral about "stollen land" before you look in the mirror or in your hands which are red from Jewish blood.

Petah Tikva

22:15 March 28, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
Wow, just 3 posts later and already 2 mentions of the holocaust being used to try and gain sympathy. I've never met a Russian that constantly complained about what happened there (20+million murdered, starved, worked to death, before WW2 even started).

I don't care if you think your "chosen" or if you where the first people to worship one god, why should that give you any credibility? In the REAL world, the world where extra terrestrial beings don't walk the streets and tap people on the head. Or can even offer reasonable doubt that a god does exist. In THIS world it shouldn't matter what you think your imaginary friend in the sky told you.
02:57 March 29, 2012 by blik
RosemarysBaby80's choice of tag name is very curious indeed considering her vile postings.

Rosemary's Baby of course being the famous 1968 film produced by Roman Polanski which is quite remarkable in it's self, considering it was only a freak of fate he survived the Krakow holocaust during the German occupation of Poland.

Now that brings us to the 80.

Well I must say it is very noble of you indeed to post your IQ for all to see.
08:15 March 29, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80

I love the way you try to cover your own intellectual insecurities by posting in a down spoken manner and using phases such as "very curious indeeeed", "very noble of you indeeeed".

Yeah, Roman Polanski likes to have sex with 13 year old girls as well. It doesn't mean it has anything to do with my choice of username. (FYI, 80 is the year I was born)

By attacking someones username the only persons intelligence you're discrediting is your own my friend. Think of something useful to post then come back later, and try again.


So "one sided" is spending 80% of the documentary with Jewish settlers and letting them speak for themselves?
09:44 March 29, 2012 by rise
@ motti

"We then read about Jews being cry babies because we lost 6milliom i.e. 1/3rd of the total Jewish population. what utterly disgusting people. Have you no shame?"

If it is my words you are twisting I would ask you to please stop it; the words were about the article above, not about the 1940's! Jews are trying to manipulate people to tears with their innocent roe deer gaze. It doesn't work on me; not even my parents were born until many a year after the WWII had ended. To me it doesn't matter whether the Holocaust occurred in the 20'th, the 17'th or the 13'th century. I care more for things happening now during the life time of my own.
10:04 March 29, 2012 by strixy

Seriously, go and do some reading.

FYI, my post about the Palestine lie was a reply to previous posts about the 'stolen land'. Surprisingly, the fact that this issue was brought up at the very beginning did not seem to bother you at all. Only my reply did.

This is just sad.

It's not Jews that want to impose their values upon Europe and the rest of the world. Haven't you noticed yet?

As someone has quite rightly pointed out, Europe has little moral authority to judge Jews considering what went on before and during the IIWW. There were trains to Auschwitz from every single European country.

Plus really, it was the UN that founded Israel in 1948, so blaming Jews for it makes very little sense.
10:35 March 29, 2012 by motti
The jews were called cry babies, my post was a reaction to that. People should consider the holocaust happened in our lifetime, with some survivors still alive. we are not discussing medieval history. If we do not learn from the past, what is there to stop it happening again. I have no doubt that some of you are shameless enough to wish it.

Recently on TV,an old film "The Battle of Britain" was shown, finishing with a list of those from abroad who fought with the RAF. It used to list one from Palestine. This has now had to be dropped, in place it now says Israel. So please read again what I posted. Malicious allegations without an y honest substance is just hateful propaganda for the Arab/Socialist/Nazi cause that you espouse.

I really do believe that Europe is is sinking even faster due to it's having sureended it's Judeo Christian past. So when Sharia law takes over, I am sure you will drink a glass of non alcoholic to Mecca, thank Allah that the Jews are no more in Europe and watch the everexpanding importance of an Asia that welcomes the spirit of the Jews and Israel. Yep, what goes round, comes round.

Have a happy......
11:00 March 29, 2012 by strixy

"To me it doesn't matter whether the Holocaust occurred in the 20'th, the 17'th or the 13'th century. I care more for things happening now during the life time of my own."

Then you are an ignorant and ignorance is dangerous.

History will repeat itself as soon as it is forgotten.

Credit crunch? It happened before - in the 1920's when bankers would lend people more money than their properties were worth because they believed prices would just go up. Sounds familiar?

This is what happens when you forget history. Thanks to uneducated ignorants we will soon have another Holocaust, just unsure who will be the victims this time. Probably Jews again since the attitude towards dangerous Muslim fundamentalists resembles appeasing nazis before the IIWW started, so one can assume they are safe.
11:04 March 29, 2012 by cowboykodp
Hey motti;

Its you who should be ashamed of yourself now.

You just proved with your above comment that Reepalu might be on to something.

"Arab/Nazi/ Sharia". All SD propaganda.

I don't prescribe to Reepalu's devisive language, but you just blew it.
11:34 March 29, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
@strixy & others

Stop milking the holocaust!!

My main gripe with the Jewish in Palestine is the under-handed way (like the West Bank settlements and the blocking of water to Palestine) they're trying to push Palestinians out of their own homes and country.

Have you read Genesis? It's a fairy tale. Granted the most violent and vile fairy tale ever imagined, but still a fairy tail, and no excuse for the actions of the Jews. Nothing "Abraham" supposedly said should apply in the REAL world.

I am not a Nazi sympathizer and truly believe what happened to the Jews (and Gypsies and homosexuals and disabled) during WW2 was horrific. But for f-cks sake, stop milking it. Nothing about the Nazi regime apply's to anything happening in Europe today. And any Neo Nazi's that do exist are walking talking jokes.

Even though comments directed at me may suggest otherwise, in regards to Palestine, I share the popular opinion of the western world.
11:53 March 29, 2012 by rise
*sigh* What a boring discussion.
15:39 March 29, 2012 by strixy

If you want to read something truly violent, try Koran. Both Tora and Bible are not to be understood literally. Unlike Islam, Judaism and Christianity have reformed. Radical Jews are frowned upon even in Israel! When religous radicalism raised its head in Israel a few months ago (some sad individual made remarks about how a girl was dressed), there was a protest that attracted nearly 10000 people. It was encouraged both by politicians and religious leaders. Pretty sound response for a country you'd like to see as religiously biased.

A lot of what went off before the IIWW applies to Europe today, I suggest you do some reading. Start from Norman Davies.

Your comment about 'Gypsies, homosexuals and Jews' during Holocaust shows how little you know about the history of your own continent.
17:09 March 29, 2012 by Bleichroeder
Nothing like reading the inherent flaw in the arguments of some "Jew Lovers" here:

"If you don't like being abused - go BACK to your country" - i.e. Israel

And at the same breath "the took the country from the Arabs"

Make a decision than, the Jews are Swedes or not? It is obvious that their presence in Sweden since at least 1670 is not enough for some people.
17:18 March 29, 2012 by salescopy
Go read this open letter from a Canadian.

17:20 March 29, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80

Are you saying Gypsies and Homosexuals weren't also targeted by the Nazi's? Please explain yourself seeing as you like to try and give the impression your so learned.

ps. Your not fooling anyone;)
17:37 March 29, 2012 by bcterry
Report abuse »


17:18 March 29, 2012 by salescopy

Go read this open letter from a Canadian.

http://tinyurl.com/bs8oxkf "

Your link doesn't work.

Try it.
19:07 March 29, 2012 by stevo1
the problem is Jews thinking they have more rights than anybody or any other race!

I'm sick of anyone from a minority or race that thinks they deserve better than a common man/woman on the street.

Seriously, Jews left their own country and traveled globally to make new lives only to tell the rest of us how to behave, what to say etc etc.

Frankly, maybe they all need to head back to their country of origin to where some one actually gives a sh*t to what they say. Maybe Hitler had a point, to try and save the rest of the world this bullsh*t!!

Call me anti semetic, but 'enough is a fuckn enough'!!!
20:15 March 29, 2012 by guliver

"chosen people ecc" we stand here all with feet on the ground nobody asks you to love us ,with our enemies we get along, just leave the Jews in Sweden in peace they are not responsabile for what happen in Israel.

Rice:for you the holocaust says nothing -for me it says everything as I was born to a mother who the Nazies killedher 4 sisters one brother and parents in front of her eyes, and it is not easy to remain in good health after that including the KZ time,she is still alive and I am still alive to remember how it was to grew in that family-so maybe you do not care I do.!

Stevo1I do agree with you in one point

all the Jews have to live in our country, they have to learn from their 2500 years of perseguitations in Europe
20:56 March 29, 2012 by strixy

Final solution was something designed exclusively for Jews.

While passive homosexuals were being targeted (as well as those who were prostitutes), a lot of influential SS officials were homosexuals themselves and enjoyed the company of young Aryan boys from Waffen SS and HJ.

With regards to the Travellers ('Gypsies'), some tribes were regarded as closely related to Aryans and treated favourably. 'Gypsies' were persecuted not because of their racial origin but mainly because of their antisocial behaviour.

In Auschwitz 'Gypsies' were the only one group allowed to stay with their families in a family camp.

"The Nazis are not entirely responsible for the policies that came to be formulated with regard to the Sinta and Roma from 1933 to 1945. In fact, they inherited a set of legal formulations and policies from the post World War I era. By 1926 Bavaria had passed the Law for the Combating of Gypsies, Travellers and the Workshy (literally, the work-shy), requiring the Rom to produce documentation of regular paid employment. Failure to do so was punishable by up to two years in the workhouse."

To your surprise, 'Gypsies' were captured and sterilised long before the IIWW broke out. Nazis simply upheld such treatment.

All of the groups above as well as the disabled and the mentally ill were targeted by the nazis. However, this is not what we are talking here about. What we are talking about is the fact that sadly only Jews faced abuse not only from the nazis but from their own neighbours - citizens of the invaded countries. This was not the fate of any other group. Jews, perceived as 'wealthy outsiders' were taken advantage of when they were the most vulnerable. Maybe familiarise yourself with the works of Jan T. Gross.

And eugenics itself, perfected by Hitler, comes from the West. It is the West that bred these demons.
21:29 March 29, 2012 by guliver

'"for tousendesthe Jews made enemies"-not making enemies but perseguitated because their religion and race.

"deny to be Zionists" 7 millions Jews here are proud to be Zionists.

"stolen lands" lands occuppied through repeated wars initiated by the arabs.

"killing Palestinians" what about the Israeli civilians women children old people killed by arab terrorism during the last 64 years.

"pack your suitcase and go to east Europe"-why ? to give you a chance to do another holocaust, the time is change ny dear our blood is no more cheap
23:11 March 29, 2012 by Bleichroeder

Your type is all we Jews need in order to remember to stay alert and strong. I am sure that a strong Israeli Jew is your biggest nightmare.
09:23 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
@strixy Fist off, I feel I need to tell you that it's an unhealthy amount of effort you put into your post, which basicly is just an elaborate way of saying what I already said, "the Jews weren't alone".

I don't know if your Jewish, but I want to thank you and many others in this forum, for all your help in proving my original point (#45). That (many) Jews will bring up the holocaust at every chance they get, and use it as a way to get what they want. EVEN THOUGH it happened nearly 70 years ago. You need to move on.

The Jewish are not the only race/culture to have had monstrosities commited against you. But no doubt, they milk it more than any other.
10:33 March 30, 2012 by KFF
It was totally wrong of Reepalu to say that sweden democrats try to infiltrate the jewish community of Malmö. It's more the other way around that jews from southern Sweden join SD, where they puch their own agendas. The internet tabloid Avpixlat (close to SD) would never have got off the ground without the dedicated jews that run it.

The jewish drive to get things done is positive. The negative is that the jews in SD is mostly interested in jewish identity politics with the concerns that come with it. They want to import the middle east conflict into Sweden and create an environment of good(jews/christians) and evil(muslim). Their foreign policy focus is staunchly neoconservative and pro-Israel. This, at the same time that they don't care about non-muslim immigration. They happily accept for example christian assyrian immigration and sub-saharan african as long as it's christians. From an ethnic swedish perspective on the other hand the religion is pretty irrelevant of the people we get swamped with, which in the long run will render our desctruction in a project completely payed for through the tax system by the swedish working class.

Lena Posner-Körösi is a hardcore jewish nationalist convinced that "antisemitism" is everywhere. She is a neoconservative and an Israel-firster. What differs her from SD is that she fears the pretty non-existent antisemitism of swedes more than the antisemitism of swedish immigrants and thus supports a completely open border policy towards the third world, instead of the completely open border policy but no muslims version of the sweden democrat jews, since she for whatever reason thinks that that's good for the swedish jewish community. She is also critical of free speech since it's the start of intolerance.

That is the background of the story.

Ethnic swedes has for twenty years been driven out from Malmö due to the drastic state-supported ethnic shifts. Swedes are targets for hate crimes (for example group rapes, robberies etc) for a long time without any reaction. A girl was beat down without reason and had her teeth smashed out in Vännäs a couple of years ago. At the same time another girl was kidnapped and raped for a couple of days in the same area by immigrants. The reaction of the girls friends (16 year olds) was to throw rocks at the windows of the immigrant clan. The rapes and assaults was not reported in media to any degree but the rock throwing was and a lot of ink was wasted to condemn swedish neverending racism and intolerance. The state organized a pro immigrant demonstration in the village a couple of days later by bussing in left wing multicult students from the close by university town Umeå. That's the crap that swedes has to accept each and every day. We don't call it racism against swedes. We are called racists for mentioning it, though. And the self-proclaimed victim groups cannot be racist by definition even if they rape, rob and assault people just because they are white.
12:48 March 30, 2012 by strixy

I hate to tell you this but when it comes to history 'moving on' cannot mean forgetting. For the reasons I specified in my earlier posts.

Do not try to twist things and cover your own ignorance by telling me I put unhealthy effort into discussing things. To your dismay, I do not have to do any research to post what i post, I am simply quite fluent in the subject.

And as we all know, it is good co comment on things we actually have an idea about... .
13:28 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80

Thanks for informing me during your posts when I've been "surprised" and "dismayed" etc. Otherwise I would never had guessed.

FYI, I never said "forget" anything.

ps. Seek help. I'll be there for you:)
14:13 March 30, 2012 by guliver

"the Jews bring up the Holocaust to get what they want"

and what do the Jews in Sweden want? they want to pray quitly in their Synagouges,they want no anti semitic attacks verbal or phisicly on them and their families, they want to walk in the streets peacefully without getting racists remarks.they want their cemeteries to be protected from vandalism,and when all of this happen naturly they bring the events of Holocaust up, also in Germany between 1933-1938 it started in that way ,the Jews were murded immediatly.

And yes you are right also other people suffered all around Europe ,but that does not justify the attacks on the Jewish community in Malmo today.
14:55 March 30, 2012 by strixy

"the Jews bring up the Holocaust to get what they want"

Typical post-nazi thinking. I reccoment a video 'useful idiots of Palestine'.

I don't know about you, but as far as I am concerned it is not Jews that bring up racism every single time they cannot get what they want.

Holocaust happened not only because of Hitler but because other nations refused to deal with him quickly and efficiently. They were appeasing the monster hoping it would calm down just like now they are appeasing a different kind of monster... . Same mistake happening again.

If it was you who had lost all your family in Holocaust I would like to see your face when someone told you to get over it.
15:52 March 30, 2012 by muhtia
I do not understand why Jews are so much pampered. They might think that they are special but they do not matter more than any other race. There has been deregatory remarks about Muslims and other minorities but no group has been called by a political party to clear things up. The way Jews talk and act seems as if they own this country and if I may remind them how their ambassador acted in an uncivilised manner when he tore off a poster of a Palestinians. Some Jewish newspaper threaten indirectly that incidents like Brevik shooting spree would happen in Sweden, just because many Swedes talk truth about Jewish atrocities.
16:39 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
@guliver; Please enlighten me as to when these things (violence, abuse, etc) have happened in Sweden in recent times.

@strixo; Seems like your stuck on repeat buddy. My heritage lies with an Irish convict, sent to a prison labour camp in Australia. I don't hold any grudges with the English or even blame them for thinking the Irish were 2nd class citizens. Or for using Aussies as canon fodder in Gallipoli WW1. Time has changed. England has changed. The world has changed. No one (today) is responsible for the things that happened back then. And all I do is laugh if someone tries to make a joke about me being a convict.

It's called moving on. The Jews will only f-ck themselves over if they don't do the same.
17:11 March 30, 2012 by bcterry
@strixo; Seems like your stuck on repeat buddy. My heritage lies with an Irish convict, sent to a prison labour camp in Australia. I don't hold any grudges with the English or even blame them for thinking the Irish were 2nd class citizens."

When you can show the the Irish have been persecuted relentlessly for centuries, that millions were slaughtered for the crime of being Irish as a final solution, or that they have been persecuted even 1% as much as the jews, then your eq
17:33 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80

It's not a competition you tool. Merely an example of how not to be a whiny Douche bag.
18:24 March 30, 2012 by Camlon
muhtia: Which mayor has said comments such as "muslims have been infiltrated by islamic fundementalists", and "if muslims want to not get attacked, then they should come out and oppose Palestines action against Israelis". Not only that, but this is a mayor who has done nothing to prevent hate crimes against jews in Malmø, and they can't protest, because the police will not guarantee their security.

There is no comparison, and any mayor who said anything similar towards Muslims, would have to go. In fact, the only reason Social Democrats now care, is because he made his racism public. This will make Social Democrats lose votes. If they really cared, then they would have fired him a long time ago.
18:54 March 30, 2012 by bcterry
17:33 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80


It's not a competition you tool. Merely an example of how not to be a whiny Douche bag. "

Your attempt at equivalence is desperate, pathetic, insulting to jews, and scraps the bottom of the barrel, ..... you "tool".
20:17 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80

wow... That's twice now you've totally missed the point... And I'm pretty certain at this point you wont understand it without the aid of illustrations.

(Your just some stupid kid aren't you?)
20:21 March 30, 2012 by motti
rosemary baby, as a good Irish stock, you should leave Australia and hand the land back to the Aborigines. They were the ones your ancestors shot dead as sport, because they were so backward. You are a Jew hater, of that there is no doubt, you and a number of others. If you don't like the Jews fighting back, then don't start. Pick on the Irish Nazis under de Valera. Were you or your famlies supporters of this man? If not, you should have been, as you fit the bill perfectly.
20:28 March 30, 2012 by guliver

Swedish politician Ove Sviden"Jews are behind 9/11 and the holocaust 15/5/12

2009-attack on orthodox Rabbi Kesselman ,a young man shouted:heil hitler. and pushed him from the bus almost under the weels another car.-Malmo 2009.

during 2009 65 incidences in Malmo , insulting and threating verbaly the Jews who came from their pray in Malmo[according the Malmo police},many episodes of signing Svastika on the Jewish institutes in Malmo.

2009 a Swedish Journal accuse Israel on kidneping young Palestinians in order to commerce their organ -an ugly old new blood lebell.

2009- many cases of devastating stones at the Jewish cemetray in Malmo.

For more recent events you can apply to Malmo police.

by the way many incidents were not reported by the Jews who understood that not much will be done by the city hall.

And travell to Malmo to see how many security misures the Jews need for their daily life in Malmo.

My dentist was born in Malmo and he travel from time to time to visit his old mother,from him I got part of the information
21:44 March 30, 2012 by bcterry

You can see those same things that are happening in Malmo in many other cities.

Yet it's, "just get over it", "whiny douche bags", "move on", etc., etc.

I'm an agnostic atheist, i have examined the history of the persecution, hate, and genocide against your people, and it SHOULD sicken any clear thinking individual.

Muslim arabs call for "death to all jews", they teach their children to hate, the koran is full of hate and calls for violence against jews, i could go on, but those are only some of the reasons i stand firmly in support, and against what you have gone through for centuries, and that same crap that continues to this day.
21:54 March 30, 2012 by strixy

Well, only ignorance can explain the fact that you call a 'whiney douche bag' someone who merely points out that Holocaust had more than one director.

Well, ignorance and stupidity. Only stupid people resort to name calling when they run out of arguments.

Personally I do not hold any grudges against anyone. But pointing out that bad stuff had happened before Holocaust has nothing to do with it.
23:45 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
Stripy; "only stupid people resort to name calling". I'm sure if you look up "hypocrite" in the dictionary, you'll find that little gem as a example.

@motti; yes yes, I'm a Jew hater, your a Jew hater, everyone's a Jew hater Yah! Yah!! (FYI, I live in Sweden)

It seems due to short sightedness, a few have not been able to understand why i mentioned my Irish heritage. Those few are retarded, and don't deserve another explanation.

02:22 March 31, 2012 by strixy

I suggest you do the reading yourself since quite obviously you do not understand the meaning of the word 'hypocrite'. otherwise you'd realise it simply does not apply here at all ;)

Yes, I do understand why you have brought up your Irish heritage here. The problem is, I think it only proves that you are completely ignorant. :)
08:09 March 31, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80

Hyp-o-crite. (noun). 1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion. 2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

ignorant", "stupid", etc. It's all name calling. Thus placing you firmly within the definition of "hypocrite".

This has all become very boring and repetitive. I'm way past being sick of arguing with you (and the rest) like an old married couple. Feel free to keep talking about me, feeling sorry for yourselves and being the Jewish equivalents of feminist, who's reason for whinging became redundant in the western world many years ago, and have resorted to looking for problems which BARELY exist or order to maintain your identity and affinity for complaining. Just don't expect any more responses from me on this comments bar.

Maybe we'll all meet again on a fresher topic.
10:35 March 31, 2012 by Iraniboy
Any doubt about Reepalu's comment see this!?

12:43 March 31, 2012 by guliver

Thank you I guess you can not change the mind of Rosemarysbaby80 about the Jews, but the problem is that he is not the only one in Europe and got many supporters,

The Jewish hate in Europe exsist for 2500 years and their are articles and heavy rsearch books on this argument,in contrast to what Rosemarysbaby writes it is not a problem of the Holocaust which took place 70 years ago but it is an actual problem of bothering and attacking Jews all over Europe today, every week is documented another hate episode ,the fact the Rosemarysbaby close his eyes and put his hands on his ears does not say it does not happen.
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