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'Getting sexy' survey: Swedes don't come first

The Local · 28 Mar 2012, 16:36

Published: 28 Mar 2012 16:36 GMT+02:00

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In the 1980s, the sexy "Swedish bikini team" was famously used to sell beer in the United States and the 1967 Mel Brooks masterpiece "The Producers" features a scantily clad Swedish secretary who steals every scene with her hyper-sexualized aura.

In addition, a bevy of Swedish actresses have been picked to depict voluptuous "Bond girls" in 007 films throughout the years.

As it turns out, however, Swedes deliver a decidedly limp performance when it comes to a new measure of what people from different countries do when the lights go off.

Instead of looking to caress their partner in a loving embrace or get kinky between the sheets, most Swedes, 55 percent, would rather reach for the remote and zone out in front of the television after dark, a survey carried out for Björn Borg-brand underwear shows.

By comparison, only 46 percent of Swedes indicated that "getting sexy with someone" was their preferred activity when the lights go off.

According to the survey, Spaniards are the most hungry for sex, with 75 percent claiming they preferred getting sexy in the dark to anything else.

Meanwhile 61 percent of Germans, and 52 percent Americans said "getting sexy" was their top after-dark pastime.

In fact, of the nine countries included in the survey, Swedes ranked dead last when it came to the percentage of respondents who preferred to turn up the heat when they turn off the lights.

The survey also found that only 37 percent of Swedes usually had sex with the lights on, below the 44 percent average for all countries survey.

Meanwhile, Germans topped the Björn Borg survey's unofficial "kinky league", with nearly half indicating they used "tools and gadgets" during sex, more than any other country.

By comparison, only 31 percent of Swedes said that sex toys "made it more fun", with only the United States and the Netherlands ranking lower.

Swedes, rather, prefer romantic music when it comes to accessories for having "a better time in the dark", while tools and gadgets came in a close second on par with premium bedding.

The survey, released ahead of Earth Hour on March 31st and meant to promote Björn Borg's new line of glow-in-the-dark underwear, included responses from over 1,700 18- to 30-year-olds in nine different countries across the globe.

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Your comments about this article

18:47 March 28, 2012 by Rebel
Swedes are about as exciting and creative in bed as they are in education, oratory skill and individuality.
19:03 March 28, 2012 by calebian22
Well, Swedish women believe the hype, so they are dead bangs.
19:04 March 28, 2012 by Rishonim
Swedes women are as exciting in bed as a can of sardines. Though I must say the numbers are probably higher. They just don't remember.
19:51 March 28, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
As if any of you would know.
20:47 March 28, 2012 by libertarianism
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Doesn't everyone have "lights on" sex by default in the summer??
21:16 March 28, 2012 by Svensksmith
That picture is very uplifting.
21:23 March 28, 2012 by dizzymoe33
She looks cold in that picture I think someone needs to warm her up?!!

Lights on or lights off with or without toys who cares as long as people are having some form of connection with their loved one!!
21:58 March 28, 2012 by sunnchilde
I would think that the amount of sex you have depends on the lust ratio between you. You can really love someone, but not be aching to touch her all the time. Perhaps they're not in the best shape or they don't like to wear "sexy" clothes. You love them and you have sex with them, but it's not first and foremost in your mind. BUT, if your mate is Angelina Jolie in a sleazy teddy, then you're more likely to want to jump on her whenever possible. You can love someone who is not a French underwear model, but if they ARE a French underwear model, you're going to be having more sex.
22:40 March 28, 2012 by nolikegohome
i wish they had included Japan Thailand and China in the survey
02:37 March 29, 2012 by Jeff10
Dear Local:

Please be advised that I struggle to read English. Accordingly, if you could provide many more pictures, along the lines of the picture accompanying this story, then your gesture in furthering my English language comprehension skills would be most appreciated by me.

As you may know, pictures do help with learning to understand and comprehend any written language.
03:34 March 29, 2012 by Grokh
my gf is swedish and she is a goddess in bed and im brazilian, people shouldnt generalize.

it is true however that women in sweden tend to generally have low selfsteem...
04:06 March 29, 2012 by stablemate77
i find this article hard to believe..........
07:56 March 29, 2012 by donfabricio
Cause they spend all their time trying to look like men.
09:11 March 29, 2012 by rybo1
The article is a waste of space. What tripe!
09:39 March 29, 2012 by Stonebridge
The first paragraph doesn't make sense grammatically.
11:14 March 29, 2012 by RobinHood
I've had sex with several dozen Björn Borg employees; male and female. I found Swedish Björn Borg employees to be adequate. German Björn Borg employees were over-dependant on technology, and the single Bolivian Björn Borg employee I sampled was to be honest, a bit of a disappointment, but that was a three-minute knee trembler in a jammed elevator, so perhaps it wasn't a fair evaluation. By far the most boffable employees the Björn Borg corporation has to offer are the Africans.

I'm planning to have sex with several more Björn Borg employees in 2012, I'll tell you how it went next year.
11:31 March 29, 2012 by Abe L
Doesn't matter, at the end of the line the average looking female in Sweden is a beauty queen compared to most other (non-Nordic) countries. Swedes are just spoiled, growing up in an environment with so many good looking women and living in a country where it's completely normal for a bad looking and unappealing guy to score a good looking chick.
14:01 March 29, 2012 by fikatid
They are as good as manikins. They look good but they are just there with no thrills.

Spaniards are the best for sure.
09:46 March 30, 2012 by Richie35
Jeff10 you are not the only one who thinks it's easier to learn from pictures :) and Abe L, I agree, ordinary looking Swedish women are still better looking that most other nationality's.
10:09 March 30, 2012 by klubbnika


Don't flatter yourself, Abe. Sweidish women are very picky when it comes to men's looks. If you ain't pretty, your onlychance is to find "love" in countries like Thailand.
12:39 March 30, 2012 by philster61
Abe L.

You need to get out more.... Swedish women are so far up themselves they can't smell their own BS.... Unless you are feminine looking Swedish guy who probably has more temper tantrums than his female counterpart, you will have a low success rate with these so called "Swedish beauties"...Swedish women are into themselves, not sex, not love, having sex with a Swedish woman probably ranks along watching grass grow for sheer excitement.

Its a well known fact the sexiest women in the world are the Brazilians.....
13:14 March 30, 2012 by klubbnika


Sour grapes, buddy?

And what is exactly wrong with women being into themselves? Men have successfully been into themselves for a long long time.
13:32 March 30, 2012 by arri
haha! that's just funny!
20:44 March 30, 2012 by sgbsse
somehow I don't think look is that important. Tiger Wood's wife is so much better looking than all those women that he was fooling around with. Grokh is right about

"people shouldnt generalize". My husband is Swedish, I'm Chinese - we have been together for 20+ years and sex is at least once a day for us. But I do not agree with his comment that "it is true however that women in sweden tend to generally have low selfsteem" . The Swedish women that I've known over the years are very confident.
00:50 March 31, 2012 by Tanskalainen
Now, now, now everyone knows those Liechtensteiner women can really squeeze the juice out of a cucumber.
08:26 March 31, 2012 by philster61

The sour grapes became wine a long time ago... Sure, if you think that women who are into nothing but themselves are worth worshipping then that's entirely your prerogative. Swedish women lost the plot years ago. Women here so shallow that for anybody unfamiliar with how they are, it must be a heartbreaking scenario.....

And whilst Swedish men rank up there with women when it comes to femininity, its no surprise you should say something as lame as "men have been into themselves for a long time"......
10:36 March 31, 2012 by stabbull
hahahahahahha! this discussion is very laughable, i can't wait to tell it to my swedish girlfriend.
13:06 March 31, 2012 by SimonDMontfort
Why compare the Swedes with other nationalities? If the survey was only of Swedes, THEN they would be the 'top' for "Getting sexy"
14:07 April 2, 2012 by klubbnika


"Sure, if you think that women who are into nothing but themselves are worth worshipping then that's entirely your prerogative."

Women have worshipped men who were into themselves for a long time. I bet you don't find it problematic. Why should the opposite situation be judged differently?

"Swedish women lost the plot years ago. Women here so shallow that for anybody unfamiliar with how they are, it must be a heartbreaking scenario."

And you are comparing to the women in what country?

Or why don't you just admit that, while you think it's totally OK for men to judge women by their looks, the prospect of women doing the same to men scares the s**t out of you.

"And whilst Swedish men rank up there with women when it comes to femininity.."

Tall and athletic built Swedish men are feminine in your eyes? So what is masculine for you - having a huge beer belly, big ears and being short, like men in the UK for example?

"its no surprise you should say something as lame as "men have been into themselves for a long time".

Since when saying truth is being lame?
19:50 April 2, 2012 by ingvar
It's not about a worship or something. It's just pure physiology. An average Swedish women is frigid comparing with an average South European woman for example. Swedish women have sex mostly because of social reasons. They don't actually need it.
21:49 April 2, 2012 by planet.sweden
It's sad but true, but most Swedish women are a bit dull in bed (compared with other European nationalities).

But then sex is often an extension of people's personality and to expect a nation of equality obsessed engineers who deplore individulism, and think 'lagom' is a virtue, to suddenly become all hot, individualistic, and non lagom in the bedroom, is well being a bit too hopeful.

That's the bad news. The good news is that some of the hottest women on the planet live close by to Sweden so there's always the chance to get away for a weekend!
17:02 April 3, 2012 by klubbnika


"Swedish women have sex mostly because of social reasons. They don't actually need it. "


Women are a bit more complex than men when it comes to "needing" sex.
16:15 August 13, 2012 by alecLoTh
I didn't sample many Swedish women while I was there, but the gf I was with was a sack of potatoes.

If she was a measure of the general performance, then I'm sad to say it is very, very low.

I've since moved on and often look back thinking w.t.f? In comparison, UK babes.....it's not even a doubt who wins hands down.
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