‘Getting sexy’ survey: Swedes don’t come first

While Swedes' supposed penchant for sex is a recurring theme in popular culture, a recent survey calls into question just how eager Swedes may be to get it on when the lights go off.

'Getting sexy' survey: Swedes don't come first

In the 1980s, the sexy “Swedish bikini team” was famously used to sell beer in the United States and the 1967 Mel Brooks masterpiece “The Producers” features a scantily clad Swedish secretary who steals every scene with her hyper-sexualized aura.

In addition, a bevy of Swedish actresses have been picked to depict voluptuous “Bond girls” in 007 films throughout the years.

As it turns out, however, Swedes deliver a decidedly limp performance when it comes to a new measure of what people from different countries do when the lights go off.

Instead of looking to caress their partner in a loving embrace or get kinky between the sheets, most Swedes, 55 percent, would rather reach for the remote and zone out in front of the television after dark, a survey carried out for Björn Borg-brand underwear shows.

By comparison, only 46 percent of Swedes indicated that “getting sexy with someone” was their preferred activity when the lights go off.

According to the survey, Spaniards are the most hungry for sex, with 75 percent claiming they preferred getting sexy in the dark to anything else.

Meanwhile 61 percent of Germans, and 52 percent Americans said “getting sexy” was their top after-dark pastime.

In fact, of the nine countries included in the survey, Swedes ranked dead last when it came to the percentage of respondents who preferred to turn up the heat when they turn off the lights.

The survey also found that only 37 percent of Swedes usually had sex with the lights on, below the 44 percent average for all countries survey.

Meanwhile, Germans topped the Björn Borg survey’s unofficial “kinky league”, with nearly half indicating they used “tools and gadgets” during sex, more than any other country.

By comparison, only 31 percent of Swedes said that sex toys “made it more fun”, with only the United States and the Netherlands ranking lower.

Swedes, rather, prefer romantic music when it comes to accessories for having “a better time in the dark”, while tools and gadgets came in a close second on par with premium bedding.

The survey, released ahead of Earth Hour on March 31st and meant to promote Björn Borg’s new line of glow-in-the-dark underwear, included responses from over 1,700 18- to 30-year-olds in nine different countries across the globe.

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