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‘It makes me sad’: Princess Madeleine

The Local · 30 Mar 2012, 08:26

Published: 30 Mar 2012 08:26 GMT+02:00

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“Of course I keep up with it (the debate) and of course I am affected by what is written. I get upset when it sounds like a live a life of luxury and don’t do anything else apart from shopping and go to restaurants,” Madeleine said in an interview published on the Royal Court website.

According to the Princess, she is kept busy both by her work at her mother’s charity, the Childhood foundation, as well as representing Sweden when she is asked to do so.

“The US is an important country for Swedish interests, both financially and culturally. I am more than willing to support and promote this,” said Madeleine.

She stressed that the truth about her expenditure had been published on the Royal Court website, that she is financing her stay in New York privately and that it is only travel which is on the behalf of Sweden that is paid by the state.

Her work at Childhood is also unpaid, according to the princess, who does not take a salary from the foundation.

“It feels like a great advantage not to have to do that, to work in a non-profit organization and help turning my mother’s vision into reality,” she said.

At the moment, Madeleine is in Sweden, visiting her family and new niece, Princess Estelle.

However, her plans are to stay and reside in the US long term, and she has recently registered her intention to do so with the Swedish tax agency.

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"That I live in the US instead of Sweden doesn’t mean that my role as Princess of Sweden alters, I will continue to promote Sweden’s interests in the US," Madeleine said.

Despite a seemingly packed schedule for the coming months she promised to be back in Stockholm in time for the baptism of Princess Estelle in May.

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Your comments about this article

09:00 March 30, 2012 by Liquidmonkey
did it sadden her as well when the swedish taxpayers paid for her wedding?

i'll never forgive the royal family for that.
09:12 March 30, 2012 by JulieLou40
@ liquidmonkey: Er, what wedding??
09:28 March 30, 2012 by adshasta
So, she has nice flat in NYC and a stack of credit cards..., that she never has to pay for...???, Will she come home some day to get married??? Ofcourse, why not.., we will all gladly pay for her royal wedding.... Don't ya just love it?
09:41 March 30, 2012 by si
I'm always a bit sceptical of the inherited rich who hide behind charities for justification of their means - a scam which is a common theme amoungst the rich and famous world over. I have witnessed while working in the UK how some of these "Charity Events" are formulated.

Events with Champaign, fine food, 3-5 course meals. Mostly the term "Charity work" for these people means - socializing with other rich people, dining, entertainment and maybe passing a few dollars into an envelope to make themselves feel better about these absurdly expensive events.
10:00 March 30, 2012 by philster61
As a taxpayer I am sad too. Having to pay for her luxury lifestyle. What is it that she actually does? Apart from being herself....
10:02 March 30, 2012 by Abe L
I care much less that our tax money is spend on a single royal families' lifestyle rather then all the expenses that come with Sweden's immigration activities.
10:04 March 30, 2012 by Liquidmonkey

oops, wrong princess.

my bad.
10:07 March 30, 2012 by Puffin
@ liquidmonkey - she's not married so I think that you have got your princesses mixed up!!

However she ought to realise that she has opportunities and a priviledged life based not on her own efforts but who her father was - perhaps a little more humility would be in order
10:18 March 30, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
If the taxpayers are only paying her travel, then that is not a huge expenditure.

Americans give more to charity than most nations, so her charity work is likely to be more successful there, in terms of the amount of funds she is able to raise.

Also good to be able to live and enjoy her life with slightly less media attention, good or bad, than she might be getting here in Sweden.
10:21 March 30, 2012 by krow
You guys that dont see good in her should go and have a life. Try and become a Prince or Princess too.
10:34 March 30, 2012 by byke
In the picture she is wearing a dress from the Victoria beckham range, anyone want to take a guess how much it cost? Good to see someone who claims to work for charity is able to take home such a large pay check.
10:38 March 30, 2012 by klubbnika

Maybe she was given that dress for free for marketing purposes. :)
11:09 March 30, 2012 by si
@krow - know her personally do you ?, Your comment "Try and become a Prince or Princess" is absurd
11:16 March 30, 2012 by Liquidmonkey

yeah, i was thinking of her sisters wedding that the swedish taxpayers were forced to pay for.
11:34 March 30, 2012 by philster61
She's sad? I'm sure she's crying into her Champagne glass.....
11:45 March 30, 2012 by johan rebel
Oh right, so she actually not doing anything whatsoever to earn a real salary. So somebody else must be paying then. If her bills are paid by her dad, and his bills are paid by the taxpayer, then the latter have every right to be upset.
12:35 March 30, 2012 by PoJo
I don't get this story. She says she feels so sad because people think she is living the good life in the US, but she's actually not??? Apparently she is working for one of those big phoney charity organizations in the big city, but she's not getting paid for it. However, she's supporting herself by her own means. Hmmm... I was not aware you could live in New York without having a salary....
13:00 March 30, 2012 by Dazzler
Hell ya! Shes hot, thus she deserves the tax money!
13:01 March 30, 2012 by Svensksmith
If she is so sad about it, she should get a real job and support herself. That might change her perspective.
13:10 March 30, 2012 by libertarianism
Waste of skin.
13:17 March 30, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar
Some cups here are running over with ignorance, petty jealousy and small minded resentment. Royalty is a part of the rich diversity of Swedish, and European history, and still has a role to play.
14:15 March 30, 2012 by Summer Dreams
14:20 March 30, 2012 by GLO
Thankyou, The Royals are rich so what. They are a GREAT face for Sweden.

Go get a job and do what YOU want, I am happy to see the next generation,out in the world, they are part of history, get over it.
14:26 March 30, 2012 by Exiled
How about removing the tax subsidy from the royal income and implementing a voluntary "royal tax subsidy", to which people can opt in or out?

Surely that would satisfy everyone, socialist, capitalist, royalist and republicans alike.
15:43 March 30, 2012 by graceolsson
I´m so SORRY, Princess Madeleine, but WE CAN´T PAY YOUR BILL.

Sad are those who need to work hardly to give you a better life. When we, Swede, are sjukskriven and Fkassan pays us money, we can´t leave Sweden. So, if we don´t know what you´re doing in NYC, why will we spend our money in vain?
17:06 March 30, 2012 by RosemarysBaby80
What exactly is promoting a country, I mean she's not walking around with a billboard strapped to her chest. Is some rich jerk going to meet her at a party and say "She was nice, I think I'll invest billions into Sweden"....?

I heard may royals, politicians hide behind this excuse to do F-ck all.

@Reason abd Realism

Yeah, but America gets all its money from China. So maybe her time would be better spent there. You know, cut out da middle man!!
17:07 March 30, 2012 by kirub
I don't believe in goats.
17:47 March 30, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
I have no problem whatsoever paying taxes to subsidize the Royal Family....but Madeleine is an embarrassment to Sweden by abandoning it for New York. She should be cut off of all funds until she moves back here!
19:53 March 30, 2012 by spo10
another excuse to spend taxpayers' money...
20:22 March 30, 2012 by Opinionfool
@liquidmonket #1

Did you only have to pay for royal weddings not also forced to lose a day's pay because the royals declared a public holiday for it. That's what my English family had to put up with last year.

@the article itself

"representing Sweden when she is asked to do so."

Given how much money is being used to support them all, surely she should not need to be asked.
20:42 March 30, 2012 by byke
All I keep hearing regarding this person is the word "New York" (not Sweden)

And since she is "sad" that her employer (aka the tax payers) don't appreciate her and her choices of where or how to justify her employment. Then maybe she should "resign" and find another employer, who is willing to pay her and let her decide what her job description, hours and payment are.

Personally I think she would make a great employee working for the NY tourist board.

But Madeline is just one of many Swedish "royals" who spend public taxes, but choose to live abroad claiming they work as ambassadors to Sweden.
21:10 March 30, 2012 by Helge Krupski
Many of hypnotists (psi-operators and psi-agents of special services) are gone from public service and received money from the Princess Madeleine and her dad as "seed money" to open their own business - this is the money taxpayers of Sweden.-Me was forcibly taken away from my the apartment her hypnotist, he told me as a "made coded hypnosis in psyche Jonas Bergstrom have sympathy for the Princess Madeleine", that Princess Madeleine ordered a meeting with me, he brought me to the subway station in Kiev, there waiting for me in the car my wife Princess Madeleine, and she told me "For me, they were search the Swedish male, I like is now Jonas Bergstrom. It is a little boy, yet I have not had sexual contact with him. But I'll be his first woman. For me do not need you, even if you love me. Go away to live with Russian women to give birth children with them.Get out from my car!" - Then she came to me in Kiev. She was with a group of hypnotists, telepaths and clairvoyants (the state security services). They said they would be short her connection with Jonas Bergstrom, so they picked for her Christopher O'Neil (USA) with money. What they tried to persuade Chris O'Neil to be with her, to become a member of the royal family, he will be with a legend he are supposedly from Prince Charles, so he paid them for these services, but he said: "Princess Madeleine Bernadotte do not like me, she have no money, she has a fat figure, she have bad legs, she have the strangeness of nature".- Even at the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine, my wife asked to a group hypnotists of state service: "You make to wipe the memory in Mr. Krupski." To me, it does not show mercy from her, but they are had goodness: "If we do this, then will be destroyed the kernel of consciousness therein, and he will become handicapped person".-She was kneeling on the threshold of my church, she wrote a long letter on paper in Russian, "Forgive me!" and kept it in his hands, and so met me (before divine service). Nearby stood her father, her mother and the hypnotist. She told her father: "I tried to wipe out for you in his memory, he remembered again." I remember when I came to her apartment in Kiev, where she read the documents of the foundation her mother. There was her sexual partner hypnotist. She ordered him to destroy my memory, and agreed with him about sex with him as payment for this the act.-Abortion did Princess Madeleine from my two children.-I was became a husband for Princess Madeleine in 1995 in the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1997 we signed Swedish a document in the presence of a Swedish lawyer and we were become legally husband and my wife Princess Madeleine (me and Princess Madeleine for the marriage received the blessing from the King of Sweden in Stockholm, in Christmas 1993-1994).
23:16 March 30, 2012 by Radhus
So poor Maddy is sad. Did she lose a close family member to cancer? Did she have a miscarriage? Did she lose her job? Was she in a marriage breakup? Did she lose her home in a natural disaster? She needs to walk in the shoes of a normal hard-working, caring person and get a perspective on the word "sad". She should be nothing more than "disgruntled" about what people think of her. If she cared anything about the Swedish people she should be doing something genuine to show it.

It's only good for her that she's there, given her embarrassing history of sleeping around and making a fool of herself around Europe. She can hide there and I doubt there are many (if any) Swedish journalists who would follow her around NY.

As for her representing Sweden, there are not many Americans who even know about a Swedish royal family existing and they wouldn't care about it anyway. Therefore, anybody from Sweden living in NY should be able to represent Sweden depending on their qualifications and the situation, such as teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc,. not some puppet title like princess who wouldn't have a clue what she's talking about. She studied law at Stockholm University when I was studying there. I remember the heavy security presence whenever she had a lecture. What a waste of time and real waste of taxpayers money that was.

@ #6 Abe L

You have a point, and although I'm by no means defending immigrants but as much money and freedom as they get, they are still not living the luxurious lifestyle like the royal puppets. Most still battle to make ends meet but it's still easier than the lifestyle they came from in their countries. Plus a lot of the children of immigrants will be different. They are more likely to assimilate than their parents and work hard rather than living on welfare. The current royal children, i.e. Vic, Carl and Mad, are no different to their parents. I doubt Estelle will be any different either given the lack of intelligence in her family. The only way to abolish the royal family is for more people to stand up for Sweden. Many Swedes I know think the royals are good for Swedish PR. But it's a load of hogwash since most people outside Sweden don't know who the royals here are and wouldn't care less anyway. Sweden is rarely known for it's royals. Princess Estelle's birth didn't even get a mention in most other countries in Europe and beyond. What a wonderful PR start she's off to.

We have no use for a royal family here. We have a (more or less) democratically elected government.
23:27 March 30, 2012 by wxman
I'm sure she's actually very concerned over the opinions of several modern day vassals and serfs posting here. I'll bet she has difficulty sleeping at night - - or not.
23:52 March 30, 2012 by Archie1954
The princess, one of the world's most beautiful royals already comes from a country that is head over heels above the US in every measure except extremist military action. Why would she want to live in such a third rate country? Is it to get as far away as possible from her old flame?
23:54 March 30, 2012 by Larry Thrash
There are hundreds of thousands of people free loading on the Swedish tax payers. It's politically correct to demonize a princess but not lazy people, or some immigrants.
09:18 March 31, 2012 by Helge Krupski
My statement ignored Swedish the Royal Court - to make a request to law enforcement authorities of Ukraine and Sweden for the years 1993-2007, and in the psychiatric clinic of Ukraine and Sweden about Princess of Sweden Madeleine Bernadotte...In health care facilities about abortion Princess Madeleine in Ukraine and Sweden. There are witnesses, interesting photos, videos, and documentary materials ... I was a citizen of Sweden, I had work at the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine, I received an award in Sweden for exposing the conspiracy of hypnotists in Stockholm (but her dad and she continued to work with them). But the main thing that she and her father paid a bribe to investigators in the Ukraine to escape justice ... I was able to survive after it organized an attempt on my life ... I was able to survive after the attack on my health, Princess Madeleine of Sweden with officers intelligence service was use psychotropic chemicals to me. - My memory was restored in late 2011. And I hope to help the victims' relatives ferry "Estonia" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Estonia). Since she and her dad for a psi-agents (psi-operators) in 1994, paid money for "apparatus installation techniques of hypnosis" from the closed "Institute of Applied Science" the KGB, but because of sabotage - the apparatus with the ferry (to address the Swedish Parliament) is not raise from the bottom of the sea. Then I was escape out of the Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm in Kiev. I was able to fight in the Port Stockholm, but they chased me in Kiev. Long time restored my health doctors, I went through litigations and forensics examination. Power and money have no power over me - I not only hereditary nobleman by birth, I think need to the nobleness of the soul for H.R.H. Madeleine Bernadotte and her dad.
13:14 March 31, 2012 by philster61

US is far ahead of Sweden in many things. Constitutional law is an example. Individual rights is another. Not excepting the fact that had US not taken the side of the Allies during WW2, ( something Sweden embarrassingly failed to do) Europe would be a different place than what it is.....

US is also the leading economy. Whatever happens in the US affects the whole world. US is also where the greatest innovations are from. Third world country it is not. Sweden rides upon the coattails of the US in every area. With the exception of its healthcare....
14:04 March 31, 2012 by Helge Krupski
My mother said to the Princess Madeleine, "You not do deceived my son. In our culture - one marriage for life. In our family is respected eternal love and the Christian morality." My wife, Princess Madeleine said to me: "My Duke Krupski, you're not will be to teach me. I'll do that what I want." - In Kiev Princess Madeleine brought home to me the documents signed by the Parliament of Sweden and the Royal Court - I am the Duke of Krupski (Duke of Hälsingland and Gästrikland) in 1994-1999. In Stockholm, her lawyers told me: "We have all the people in Sweden do not store faithfulness in marriage, we will make of thee a Swedish man...Princess Madeleine zanimaetsya sex life with all of us, and with the boy in the stables...". Her father the King of Sweden (in reply to my demand fidelity) told me cynically: "My daughter will be faithful to you ..." And his hypnotist (from intelligence service) forced me to sign some documents under hypnotized. - She arrived in Kiev again and told me: "I now sleep in bed Prince Said...You take a pack of dollars from us..." I said, 'You're like a prostitute to measure the love of money. You was telling me - I love you. You must live honestly, to me with husband, obey me", and etc". - She again told with hypnotist in her three-room apartment in Kiev, made sexual act with him - so pay for the service - to wipe my memory (block all memories about her). I escaped out of her apartment. - In 2006-2007, she came to me again in Kiev, with two hypnotists, and demanded of me: "You're must to remember me, I am Princess Madeleine Bernadotte from Sweden. Find me I need you!" One of its hypnotists - her regular sexual partner, whom she promised to make the Duke of Sweden, but parallel with this the same time publicly she was with Mr. Johann Bernstrem - it's a unhappy boy. She accused him in what is to blame she. She sued the money in "Klambt media group". She is fraudster. If they read my information - they will take money from unfair Princess Madeleine Bernadotte. I guess, the same thing criminal intrigue will happen with Mr. Chris O 'Neill.
17:35 March 31, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
@philster61 Spoken like a typical brainwashed Yank.
17:57 March 31, 2012 by philster61
Shpludge MaKenzie.

I'm not a yank.....
18:39 March 31, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
The Swedish royal family, like all royal families, are the keepers of the heritage. More interesting to have castles with princes, princesses, and a king and queen in them, whose role is to act as non-political examplars of the conscience and opinions of Sweden, than to replace these with a bunch of grey, faceless bureaucrats that would fill the hallways of the castles if the monarchy was abolished.

To the more cynical, the Swedish royals can be seen as a state-funded lottery. Daniel, who a few years ago was a personal trainer, has won the most recent edition of the lottery, and so he not only gets a very beautiful wife, but all of his descendents will forever live luxuriously, get to make speeches, and get various institutions named after them, etc...

Unfortunately with Madeleine in New York it is more difficult to compete for her hand in marriage from here, so the lottery is biased toward foreign bachelors at the moment, and this is a legitimate basis for dismay, particularly for single men who reside in Sweden who are are between the age of 30 and 40 I guess. At least young girls in Sweden can still chase Carl Philip if he is still single these days.
19:36 March 31, 2012 by soultraveler3
This doesn't add up.

She claims to not receive a paycheck for her charity work, but she also claims that the only thing that Swedish tax pays for is her travel.

Who is taking care of her living expenses and allowance then?

New York is not a cheap city to live in, especially when you're living the life of a princess. That must include a luxury flat, designer clothes, drivers, fine food, partying etc.

I don't think she's being purposely deceitful, but she definitely sounds naive since she doesn't think she's living a life of luxury.
20:07 March 31, 2012 by Zombie
Monarchy in 2012??

Doesn't make sense at all to keep these leeches of the people still in society living luxury lives while everybody else as to work hard..
20:39 March 31, 2012 by Helge Krupski
Princess Madeleine Bernadotte in Kiev gave me a lot shame on public, humiliation and insult to human dignity, she gave me moral suffering, she has broken my personal life and my career in the work (she went to my bosses - I was forced to resign). This was recorded on video, photo, there are witnesses, fixed in law enforcement. Witnesses shame were hundreds and thousands of people. For me was shown on the mobile phone video of her, pictures, and documents the investigators... they and said, "Krupski, it is your wife H.R.H. Princess Madeleine Bernadotte - moral ugliness and moral turpitude". But her father had gave paid bribes to investigators, to prevent a fair trial. She was involved in the assassination attempt on my life and my health, etc.. She had never talked with me as a wife with her husband - always only through the mediation of hypnotists and the like. And a group of hypnotists (they were fulfilled her whims) had already written to The Royal Court in writing about her treason against me, her moral instability. In one of my many visits to the palace in Stockholm, the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf showed me a document of its payment services to the KGB (FSB) in Russia - the "zeroing" my memory. - Forever for me to remain a symbol of the Holy Mother Virgin Mary and my Ukrainian mother, my love of motherhood. When I was in the hospital, next to me was just my Ukrainian mom, she sang Ukrainian songs to me, she showed me pictures from my childhood that so that I can returned my memory... Because psychotropic chemicals, which pricked in me and forced me drank in Stockholm and Kiev - I could not speak, not look, I could not write a statement to law enforcement agencies - made me incapable. My Swedish wife H.R.H. Madeleine Bernadotte not was with me in the most difficult days. - For high title "H.R.H. Princess" in Madeleine Bernadotte not enough Christian way of life. Her dad did not even honestly was sat down to play chess with me - he was with man-telepathic the ability to, to know my thoughts (outside the rules).
21:56 March 31, 2012 by kingdavid
I am not a Swedish citizen and I obviously don't pay any money to support her so I really have no right to comment on that. I would think that the Swedish family owns some land and does have private wealth though, right? Maybe she draws on that to live in New York, I don't know. Anyway the main reason I am commenting is because am I the only one who read this whole Kiev, hypnotists, stuff? It is hilarious! Whoever Helge Krupski is, dude keep on going this is really great material!
22:18 March 31, 2012 by Helge Krupski
So what H.R.H. Princess Madeleine Bernadotte made ordered indicated use apply to me - some elements of this is in the "Hypnosis Show Mr. Dmitry Dombrowski". The hypnotist make influences, after blocking of memory: one boy can not even remember his own the personal name!!! Link - www . youtube . com/watch?v=ZsRnEf-vJAU (Her brother H.R.H. Philip Bernadotte was a witness to this, when their family was in the embassies in Kiev...when applied to me psi-agent Intelligent Service of Ukraine...This man was on the list worker in the palace King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf ).
22:35 March 31, 2012 by kingdavid
Fantastic that someone with psi-ops experience, that lives in the fast changing world of international intrigue and leads a life of diplomacy, and the former and current husband (I am not sure) of Madeleine Bernadotte has the time to share all of this with us the ignorant masses readers of the local of sweden. Where do you find the time Helge? I would like to thank you for sharing your genuine true "top secret" information with the rest of the world via the world's most important and significant newspaper the "Local" of sweden. Nay today Helge you and you alone have brought to light the biggest, most meaningful, and important cover up of dare I say all time. Madeleine Bernadotte involving herself with the Swedish embassy in Ukraine and employing hypnotists to marry you. Who would have known? Stop the presses.
23:34 March 31, 2012 by Helge Krupski
Out of pocket taxpayers paid the King of Sweden to buy it. This apparatus is a real - his model can be seen in a documentary film "Зов Бездны" (in Russian). This is information about that lab KGB (FSB) in Russia, .. (in one reference 1-6 parts of a single film): in this film shows "apparatus installation techniques of hypnosis" for officers of the GRU (the KGB) special forces, actors-hypnotists, political leaders, etc: 1) http://www.1tv.ru/documentary/fi=5822; 2) http://tvroscosmos.ru/?page=zov_bezdna - My investigator told me: "The King of Sweden and his daughter committed a criminal offense - it was an attempt on the life and health you. Because your testimony to attach to juridically the corpus of investigative materials - they are even in Strasbourg will be condemned". I have seen from the "Office for Combating Organized Crime," a list of apartments, cars, bank transfers the money - Bernadotte left a large footprint in Kiev! Especially the video group sex with her... From Madeleine Bernadotte stank - she was use elk meat in the food (for her was sent her father a parcel from Sweden in Kiev), but the more disgusted, to she and her father - a moral freaks! There are clean-living journalists and cops...do make inquiries to law enforcement authorities of Ukraine about Madeleine Bernadotte, in the psychiatric clinic about her in the Ukraine and Sweden, about her abortion in medical clinic in Ukraine...Freedom of speech! Freedom of the press! Human rights! Who is banned?
16:58 April 1, 2012 by kirub
Helge Krupski, you rock man.

To YRH Madeleine- http://youtu.be/k5eHKysZnM0
21:28 April 1, 2012 by Helge Krupski
In 1999-2000, King of Sweden has influenced changed the rules: 2 year engagement and marriage. He concealed the illegality of divorce, my marriage with Princess Madeleine. - The whole royal family Bernadotte treated teeth by a dentist in Kiev, who was sexually active with Princess Madeleine. He gave me to listen to a tape recording of his intimate relations with her. King of Sweden paid and ordered for hypnotists (officer FSB Russia) forced me be witness his conflict with this dentist. This dentist took a metal ashtray hit on the head of the King of Sweden (to blood). He left a scar. The dentist in Kiev has signed a Contract with the Royal Family Bernadotte - to treat their teeth. I saw Madeleine there, and Philip, Victoria, their mother and father, and Daniel. The dentist forced King of Sweden made investment: the opening of the bank, the construction of a multistory building, etc. in Kiev. He showed documents on which his is looking for Swedish lawyers. In Kiev, the number of people as 50% population of Sweden. In Kiev, several dozen dental clinics, but in one place we met... It is not accidental publication in Sweden of communication with the King of Sweden a gangster with a Slavonic surname. - Hypnotists, and she told me in Kiev: Princess Madeleine has become a prostitute-concubine in the fund of her mother - her sex with a financial donor to Egypt, after - he will be give finance a project to fund her mother. Now it's evolving relationship to the example of Chris O'neill of USA (about it officially announced the Royal Court of Sweden), now I'm waiting for when they will draw up a financial "project" to fund her mother. This is a work of Princess Madeleine in "charity"... - Princess Madeleine was came to see me in Kiev - did not want to wear on her a dress portrait of the pope (because of her involvement in the intrigues of his), after she not came to awarding of the Nobel Laureates, and now she does not want to go back to Sweden... - When I escaped from the palace of the royal family Bernadotte from Stockholm ... I remember, they was fed me potatoes and herring, were forced me to drink under a hypnosis psychotropic chemicals... it was my birthday 24-26 years. King of Sweden told me: "You love my daughter and my daughter love you - you will not have freedom."
01:46 April 2, 2012 by cantfry55
Please continue to send beautiful, rich Swedish women to the US. We'll make room. :)
08:27 April 3, 2012 by Helge Krupski
My mom said to Princess Madeleine: "You must wait for the return of memory my son's - he will be yours." But Princess Madeleine lived in Kiev active sex life with different men, she abused my trust, she hypnotists used against me. She walked only in nightclubs (without me), restaurants and bars (sex in the toilet and under the table with a condom and blowjob), she not was 18 years (1994-2000), but her father told me not to touch her. For her especially was become rejoice together with her hypnotist - under hypnosis make me stand (publicly in Kiev), she beat me, I was can not defend himself (I could not even run away from her), she struck me as a sadist, and she accused me that I can not her remember. But the Ukrainian police arrested her, where she showed the Swedish documents that I was her lawful husband, and she was has the right to beat me. - She is as spider "Southern black widow" - she ordered a hypnotist, that every woman next to me make they raped her, that make me to be alone. - I can name the address of apartments, what she paid to avoid a court in Kiev - will be interesting journalistic investigation. - King of Sweden had the compromising on the group hypnotists, hypnotists have compromising on the King of Sweden (participation in his criminal schemes). King of Sweden was paying body his own daughter - for silence hypnotists...in Kiev was the turn in different the bed, in which will be lies Princess Madeleine. After, the King of Sweden offered me publicly announce about my marriage with his daughter. - But Princess Madeleine came to me with her sexual partner (officer hypnotist) in my hands was a book and I answered her question, she laughed like an idiot, the hypnotist said, "Maddie, go to have sex with me, he did not remember you..." On another occasion: "She can make for you only a blowjob, because a Swedish people is moral perverts...she is for you not interesting woman". - She has worked in the supermarket for the sale of household appliances in Kiev, she a well-studied Russian language. - In her palace in Stockholm, her lawyer told me he was having sex with her with a condom, then he told me: "You want to be a Protestant?.."
18:50 April 3, 2012 by kirub
H Kupriski- I haven't laughed in ages.
07:14 April 4, 2012 by SecondGen
Hmmm, You lost me at "You want to be a Protestant?.."

I can see where the attention of people like HK might annoy her.

Seems to me Sweden hasn't treated her well though. I would have thought the former boyfriend lawyer would have trouble finding clients but apparently Sweden latched onto him and ejected her.
07:16 April 4, 2012 by Helge Krupski
Her dad said: "In my palace there was no officers-hypnotists". They told me: "We have documents and photos - about work in his". I have 1 meter 85 centimeters of growth, I was engaged in sports Boxing and Sambo (martial art), I was serve in Air force army. But it did not help in dealing with hypnotists. On the feast of St. Lucy in Palace of Stockholm came into my room Princess Madeleine. She had artificial wings on his back like an Angel. She was a very good girl! Part of hypnotists attacked her - I began to defend it. I managed to beat three the person up to blood. But others they gave me a syringe to the neck injection psychoactive chemicals (them were more). Then, investigators questioned pilots from the diplomatic flight of Sweden - so was they sent me to Kiev. In the Embassy of Sweden was a scandal, hypnotists told me: "We'll find a wife for you, and for Princess Madeleine we will be find a male". After this Princess Madeleine has become a monster! - Technique "power of hypnosis", remote power influence, set for officers on the equipment in the laboratory of the KGB. This is "Russian Style" Non-contact fight (Science Psychophysics). Energy Fight on distance against firearms and cutting weapons, and against the muscles are very strong athletes - weapons of the elite element of the officers of Russian Security Services "GRU", main Intelligence Directorate of the FSB - www . youtube .c om/watch?v=IRP1OP69Clo.
00:05 April 5, 2012 by kingdavid
On a serious note I think I have a pretty easy solution to Madeleine's financial issues that have been questioned by the Swedish people. Madeleine Bernadotte is one of the best dressed young women in the world, for my tastes she is the best dressed young woman in the world. She has a definite talent for fashion. She should develop that talent. She should design appropriate, stylish, and cheap clothing for young girls. She could sell her clothing to Target, WalMart, or even H&M. 50% of the profits could go to World Childhood Foundation, and she could keep 50% of the profits. With that money maybe she could fund her own life. She could live where she wants, travel where she wants, come home when she wants to, and date whoever she wants, without her parents having any say. She is an individual and to me it seems like she wants to start living live one. If she paid her own way, I doubt the Swedes would have anything to complain about. As if it is not obvious, the truth about why she lives in the United States is because she is just a 29 year old girl who wants to live as normal of a life as possible, without constantly being in the public eye and while not being hounded by paparazzi, this is understandable. She cannot have that in Sweden or anywhere else in Europe, here in the U.S. the press couldn't care less about her (she has never appeared in "People" or "US" magazine which are the equivalents of "Hello" and "Hola" in Europe). If you were to ask her if being a royal is a blessing or a curse, I suspect you would get a very long answer. As an American citizen I welcome her here (we need all the hot women we can get, girls here aren't as hot as the ones in Sweden!). If she wishes to stay permanently then so be it.
07:35 April 5, 2012 by Helge Krupski
- Her father King of Sweden handed Princess Madeleine to a psychiatric clinic in Sweden, when she applied to the social services and juvenile justice to help... In one of our meetings, I was kneeling in front of Princess Madeleine, hypnotists was brought me from the laboratory of the KGB from Moscow, thither was me sent to her daddy, I was glad her. Her dad said to her: "I again call psychiatrists against you if you kiss him, you stop when he was on his knees..." She stood like a statue of the dead. Behind my back were hypnotists who served the King of Sweden, whose names they do know, but they spoke in Russian, so the King of Sweden, too, learned the Russian language! He told me: "Krupski, I am your king!" They hide this fact in their biographies. -King of Sweden and his daughter replaced an apartment in Stockholm (ground floor, window to the courtyard), because the Swedish police opened a criminal case against him (there were witnesses and photos), but they did not have my report of witness - his hypnotists forcibly taken away from me in Kiev, I was forced to live with them under hypnosis with injections of psychotropic chemicals... I was a student, my family and students in the Ukrainian prosecutor's officer said about my disappearance, me the obsess this Bernadotte. So it was a lot of times, and in the archives of prosecutors and police documents was piling up...- In 1994-1997 years, at hotel "Green Hill Bay 5*" (Alanya-Turkey) King of Sweden gave the money to build this hotel on my name they used in the Contract that gave for citizen Turkey (they took my passport), but I did not get the money, when make a Contract was near me Princess Madeleine with an idiotic smile and her hypnotists, for me in Ukraine said it is a criminal scheme "money Laundering". Like it was with four hotels in Egypt (to German and Russian men), in Montenegro (to Russian men). Near hotel "Kemal Bay", where was resting officers-hypnotists from Ukraine (Princess Madeleine gave money for them). Even in "Hamam" with me she was took her hypnotists. I remember 1994-1997 all of their family in the hotel "Green Hill Bay 5 *" - I was forced to fly there, she was in the embrace these hypnotists.
22:27 April 5, 2012 by DAVID T
I'd give her one
09:50 April 6, 2012 by Helge Krupski
-Another hotel-2 hours to travel from the hotel Green Hill Bay. I do not own these hotels, but money is the King of Sweden gave to his hypnotists for "my hotels".- Princess Madeleine and her father gave own an apartment (Kiev, Peremohy prosp. house n.1 or3), where she had sex with employees of the Embassy-the apartment given as a bribe for his silence an employee of the Embassy of Sweden, because prosecutors and police investigators in Ukraine made inquiries about the scandal in Embassy. Then the hypnotists blackmailed them of this fact and took 3 vacant seats in this Embassy.-After her group sex Princess Madeleine was arrested for a traffic violation in Kiev, and then she had sex with a policeman who take the examen for obtaining the right driver (State Automobile Inspection of Ukraine), she again had that idiots smile when I listen to them a conflict, they told: "All Swedes are silent and do not save the fidelity to spouse".-Princess Madeleine for the King of Sweden said, "Dad thank you, you paid money to the KGB Russia - they found Mr. Krupski and forced his for me". In the palace of Stockholm for me the King said: "It's not terrible-my daughter was in group sex, but your title of Duke of Halsingland and Gastrikland". His Swedish lawyer the Royal Court told me again, "Here in Sweden everybody so do.You must become a Swedish Protestant, not Orthodox, not Catholic". I said, "One marriage of a lifetime in the Orthodox Church there is no divorce marriage (divorce only the death of a spouse), wife should live only with her husband-Princess Madeleine is my wife for all life, she must obey me, but not you.But you made Princess Madeleine your whore"-them a hypnotist worked against me as the intermediary (suppressed by force of will and my critical thinking is off), afterwards...in my memory there is no road - I was at once in Kiev.- King was could put them in a Swedish prison, but he used the Swedish investigation materials to blackmail them, obey of this group to serve him. Princess Madeleine has become prostitute-concubine for hypnotists (will her dad) and for financial donor (money in fund her mom).Even for the organization of a line of jeans Princess Madeleine her hypnotists have helped. They told me:"She organized a fund of her mother in Russia, where the 2 men-her sexual partners (in St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl)". Development of hypnotists are in the USA, China and other, not only Russia (mydoubts.net/weird-cia-programs). I was in the apartment of the Princess Madeleine in Manhattan (I saw her with the hypnotists her "friends")-I told it for her father:"Bordel". DNA analysis of Prince Charles and Chris O'neill able to uncover fraud Chris O'neill, and specialist parapsychologist psi-operator be able to "strip information" about hypnotists were use hypnosis to contact Princess Madeleine and Chris O'neill from them aura (biofield) even if everybody will told deception.
14:21 April 7, 2012 by kirub
HK, are you writing a book here? Is your name btw Borat of Sweden?
15:08 April 7, 2012 by Helge Krupski
- Forensic expert can by dint of "regressive hypnosis" obtain information in the protocol about past his and her, external signs and names of hypnotists, circumstances "nested program behavior" (psycho-technology), lie detector (polygraph), etc. - kirub...Search, Look about me, my surname in the Swedish parliament - they did registration the Diploma of the Duke of Halsingland and Gastrikland, what gave from the Royal Court of Sweden (in 1994-1999). Princess Madeleine Bernadotte did show me this Diploma in Kiev (Ukraine). - The decision did to abort (kill my child from my wife Princess Madeleine Bernadotte), made King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his hypnotists. Afterward, I told him at the palace in Stockholm about the rape of his daughter two hypnotists in her room, but he had said to hypnotist: "Make blocking memory is Mr. Krupski, and send his to Kiev." In Kiev, the King of Sweden came to my apartment with a hypnotist employee of the Embassy of Sweden, who had raped his daughter ... Then she came with him to my apartment ... These peculiarities in their behavior...they are perverts and degenerates. - I remember the location rooms of the palace Bernadotte, and place things. - King of Sweden gave me email address so I wrote him about my commemorate. But he sent hypnotists against me in Kiev - they were had bullied, steal my thing, destroying information. And always he gave contacts for his daughter of these hypnotists. - But, now, one hypnotist have 15 years in prison from 2011, five hypnotists found dead in Ukraine, seventh found dead in Russia in his own car (he FSB general). But that's not all hypnotists who worked in Stockholm at the King of Sweden - he gave citizenship of Sweden and awards to many hypnotists (I've seen their listings in the Parliament of Sweden and the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine).
18:22 April 7, 2012 by kirub
HK Looking forward to your book in the local bookstores.
19:54 April 7, 2012 by Helge Krupski
While you wait she "international crook (swindler, adventurer, shady dealer)" makes the case!.. I know that - in mind Prince Said they made "blocking memory". Need expertise with Prince Said and analysis of documents "World Childhood Foundation". Still other victims of her scam... If the prosecutors "tracking information"... She already took the money from the "Sonnenverlag GmbH & Co KG" and "Klambt publishing house" (Klambt media group). Although they wrote the truth about her.
20:47 April 7, 2012 by kirub
HK turn your writing to car making and see what Princess Madeleine would turn into. Sports car or woodenbox on four wheels.
12:59 April 8, 2012 by Helge Krupski
It is not logical. Princess Madeleine bragged to me about it. I hope and lawyer Jonas Bergström will be know it or his friends. When in consciousness (information field) Mr. Jonas Bergström examination make - there are traces of coding hypnosis. - This provocation is clear - in a private letter, I did not give the information for psevdo "kirub" (abraham lezama), because I demanded just the open comment. He apparently wants to be a mediator, or earn something from it, but I make decisions that do. I'm not interested in publishing for the money - for me was offered 3 million money for book in the U.S. about Princess Madeleine ... - Previously, banks robbed just using handtools and pistols, and now - with the help of a computer. But them are caught, police and prosecutors! And crime with hypnosis - a new era criminogenic situation. I know the U.S. feminist publication "How to rob a millionaire a male". - Therefore, her relationship with Mr. Chris O'neill (U.S.) is doomed to the decay...need to watch observe... and the information I gave. European citizens are defenseless against such organized crime - total control of personal life. If someone would be something like that meet - my comments will help. - There are many interesting comments and issues asks in the beginning about citizen of Sweden Ms. Madeleine Bernadotte...but they do not answer, only I gave the answer. - As for the "you Princess become"...Bernadotte family own joke, "Marshal of France" in palace... the outcome of random events, not noble became King of Sweden, who had a tattoo on the body of "The Death of Kings" (ancestor of an adventurer)... This explains why genetically Princess Madeleine not has an innate nobility of character of the soul, just the right juridically inherited the title.
16:56 April 8, 2012 by kirub
Don't lose your sense of humor now.
17:38 April 9, 2012 by salalah
HK, didn't they give you the meds today?
15:49 April 10, 2012 by Helge Krupski
salalah, thanks for the humor "meds" :) Carefully re-read, analyze. Too bad people on the ferry Estonia - 852 died. I advise you read about special chemicals Intelligence Service any State in world (for example Laboratory KGB № 12), you to understand... Unfortunately, there people is judged by many of the pictures of Princess Madeleine, but I knew her personally in 1993-2007, and in this period time they pursued me. In this is the difference of reasoning about her, and different perceptions of information.
21:58 April 10, 2012 by kingdavid
Kirub-good stuff. Helge at this point I would love if Madeleine's hypnotists in Kiev could hypnotize you to shut up. You are one of two possibilities-a complete schizophrenic (I spent some time in medical school so I know of what I speak) or a fiction writer with a very very vivid imagination. Either way this is not the platform for your material. It is ironic, you talking about all these covert agencies, if I was in charge of the security of Sweden's royal family, I would start a file on you immediately. Just for you to register on the local they already have your email, finding out who you are and whether you pose any real world threat is not difficult.
09:12 April 11, 2012 by Helge Krupski
kingdavid, you you are very frank schizophrenic - your delusions of grandeur in pseudonym "King" and it too the "complex Napoleon" (diagnosis from normology)...you strip the mask "David"...you hide your real face as woman Princess Madeleine Bernadotte - "Anna Svensson" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Madeleine,_Duchess_of_H%C3%A4lsingland_and_G%C3%A4strikland). In a social network under the pseudonym (in Russian) "Alon Carlsen" she wrote to me: "Look at my photos, remember me ..." (in 2010). - there were pictures of the royal family of Sweden. Thanks, you have shown yourself - you are powerless in your anger. You are a lout like she. I did make a decision what to do me, not you. But your threats - this is your pathology of unwarranted aggression. I advise you to drink antidepressants, like her dad showed me the King of Sweden he eat, but I refused. Because I have sanguine temperament and I am free man European - I feel wonderful without hypnosis, and without chemicals. You is real a fiction writer :) - you're a clown, for me cheerfully with you. Adequately, you to shut up, if you can not take a document from the Parliament of Sweden Registered on my diploma a certificate of Duke's and marriage with Princess Madeleine - the whole Royal Court is liars. - And it means you have an interest to support them... - You promised to ask her - then ask her why in her the official biography not described the study of Russian language (www.kungahuset.se/royalcourt/royalfamily/hrhprincessmadeleine/biography.4.7eb872b11280345f9fc80002093.html). She has two profile in Russian social network "VKontakte", she is a member Russian group of "Russian people in Sweden" (pages "Madeleine Swedish Princess" and "Madeleine Bernadotte"). - What I wrote here - it's not the whole truth information about her. - - If you ask at royal family Bernadotte telephone number and address hypnotists for your criminal actions - you are waiting for surprises... Thank you for your threats - so it will be easier to find a "customer" :)
14:12 April 11, 2012 by kirub
HK, smartness comes out in many sorts, but yours in our century beats all.

" I did make a decision what to do me, not you."

"Because I have sanguine temperament and I am free man European - I feel wonderful without hypnosis, and without chemicals."

Just two examples of how you play with words/ syntaxis and your audience. People nowadays keep to the facts or literally copying everything they see or read, but not you.

Also this is benign if science ever came this far.
21:07 April 11, 2012 by Vermaldeehide
Jealous much?
00:21 April 12, 2012 by kingdavid
I do not hide under any masks. My name is David Sebastian Aschinberg and I live in Chicago, IL, USA, if you have a personal problem with me Helge, I suggest that you come get me. In July I will be visiting Sweden, I would like to see what personal insults you would lob at Madeleine or me in my face, instead of hiding behind a keyboard and computer. You know nothing about me, more importantly you have no idea who I am. I use king david as the name on this because I respect his supposed biblical achievements, I especially like the David vs Goliath story and I believe that it is relatable to many current day situations (people against all odds, David, taking on and beating the world, Goliath). And yes I am a big fan of Napoleon, I think he wanted freedom of religion and civil rights for all, regardless of his methods, and I respect that the man was clearly ahead of his time. I can't believe I am even replying, but as far as your social network references in Russia or whatever, for your information people put up tons of fake accounts using Madeleine Bernadotte's name, people that are her fans or deranged (I would not be surprised if you yourself created those accounts you refer to) upload her picture and act like they are her on facebook for example. You can see the same with Charlotte Casiraghi, or quite frankly any high profile or famous person. Any ordinary idiot of 12 years old knows that, and I am not surprised in the least that you don't, you having so much knowledge of international intrigue and you can't even figure out something children know. Lets say every single thing you said was true, who cares? If you were/are Madeleine's husband and all of that happened to you and she did all of the things you mention, "The Local of Sweden" is the best platform for you to voice your anger and resentment? You are aware and involved with all these covert agencies and this is how you choose to get your revenge? You are a douche bag and very desperate, your comments stink of someone who never has sex and has way too much time on his hands to personally attack and insult a young lady that has never hurt a fly. You should be ashamed of yourself, and this is all I have to say about the matter. I am protecting a girl here, I don't care if she knows who I am or not, it is irrelevant, what in the hell are you doing?
08:53 April 12, 2012 by Helge Krupski
kingdavid (David Sebastian Aschinberg), unfortunately, there people is judged by many of the pictures of Princess Madeleine, but I knew her personally in 1993-2007, and in this period time they pursued me. In this is the difference of reasoning about her, and different perceptions of information. - You talk as emotionally no mature boy...these your provocations about arrival in Sweden...You have a mismatch of calendar age of the body and psyche - of Developmental psychology (age-related). If you stink at reading the text - you must wash your computer monitor (certainly you make it splashed). - For me do not interested to know who you are. You're not protecting "girls" - you have a personal interest in woman Princesse Madeleine and your "PR" of your profession (your ambitions). You're just a liar like Princess Madeleine deceived me - I think you're her friend (it means you have personal contact with her). You and Princess Madeleine the same.
14:46 April 12, 2012 by kirub
Who's next on your 'blacklist' HK?
22:20 April 13, 2012 by Helge Krupski
kingdavid (David Sebastian Aschinberg), I gave to analyze your text for expert. I was told that you have a very low medical qualifications, you are violating professional ethics. Not paper certificate, but your manner of presentation of thought. About you told citizen of the U.S. from Chicago: "He is loser, incorrectly expressed on the national question, not connected with his direct responsibilities, I confessed to him about his national origin". I have analyzed your text #72 - you did not respond professionally about your complex Napoleon... you've got a weak education as has Princess Madeleine. The Security Service of the King of Sweden - the cesspit, if you are going to Sweden - where is your place. Good luck! You want to cling to the Royal family - this is your inferiority complex. When you grow up out of your infantilism - then you'll understand. You must work over their intellectual qualities, you must read more the book - perhaps become you will be better than she... She did not made happy stable not a single person from males... And you have a worry.
00:59 April 20, 2012 by kingdavid
If any of you are interested Helge Krupski goes by the name "Oleg Kroupski" on facebook, if all his insights and incredible in depth analysis does not leave you begging for less, check him out on facebook. You don't have to be his friend to read his material, maybe he wants it that way,or maybe he doesn't know how to turn on the privacy settings. But, apparently I am the one that "hides behind masks".
09:09 April 20, 2012 by Helge Krupski
kingdavid (David Sebastian Aschinberg), you must remember (1995-1998) ... you're sitting, near standing Princess Madeleine, your friend (the hypnotist) told me he was introduced you with her... You said: "I make sexual life with Princess Madeleine." Princess Madeleine said: "I like with him." Such manners do not have a decent girl from a noble family. But such vulgar manners of her and you. Your behavior was a boor, a neurotic fits of aggression and provocation in the conflict. I told you this in person! David Aschinberg have been accused of pedophilia. I have no illusions about her. Although the # 75 you write it again...in the face say to you. - In 2010 the was you asking work in fund her mother, but with these qualities you are dangerous for children (October 18, 2010 at 11:22 PM ). - On a wall in Facebook you candidly wrote about her in 2012 about the Princess Madeleine, "This is my girl." You did a correspondence with her at midnight in the distance. Obviously, now you wrote about you your problem in # 75: "someone who never has sex". Because she are forced to destroy her profile "Madeleine Theresa Amelia Bernadotte" www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002579320269). - When you will be in Sweden, you not do forget - look on the head of the scar her father King of Sweden (# 52) ... You remind about you for them - will notice the Bernadotte family you...you do not have enough the attention, something from your childhood... :) She has a manic list of victories over men (Martin Trottsig there in the not first place ...). It is no accident you're here, no accident do you go it is in Sweden ... I wish you success.
23:45 April 21, 2012 by kingdavid
So now you call me a child molester? No one has ever called me that. That is pretty much the worst thing you can say to anyone, and especially someone that is a stranger to you. I went to med school to become a child psychiatrist and help troubled children, my family are all pediatricians, and you have the gall to say that to me? What is next that I am a mass murderer? You are dirty, rotten , filth, that has a need to denigrate other people you do not even know. And I do not know Madeleine or any of the Bernadottes personally. I am just a regular guy, I don't hang out with celebrities or royals. If my plan was to get her attention I could just go to New York, where she lives and that is only a 2 hour flight from Chicago. As far as I know she has a boyfriend that she is very happy with, that is great for her, I am happy for her. I am going to Sweden on a cultural mission, to do some light sight seeing and partying. I have never been to Scandinavia that is the reason I am going, it has nothing to do with the Bernadottes. Do I think she is attractive? Yes. Do I think she seems like a good person? Yes, but so do hundreds of thousands of other regular people.
08:21 April 22, 2012 by Helge Krupski
kingdavid (David Sebastian Aschinberg), U.S. law enforcement agencies has information about you, Princess Madeleine came to Kiev and told me publicly, that you beat her, physically and mentally jeered. You must was to go to jail for pedophilia, but her father the King of Sweden gave his personal document, in which he wrote - he released in the U.S. her to you in bed for sex (underage own daughter to his not had 18 years, but you already had more than 18 years). You blackmailed her father what you may tell about the group of hypnotists, so he gave this the letter to U.S. law enforcement agencies, so that not judged you as a pedophile. He's an idiot and a pervert, as indeed you are. Because of this intrigue is interesting that King of Sweden gave his blessing to her and me to marriage, we became husband and wife, but her father, the King of Sweden demanded from me "do not touch her" until 18 years (that is only after 2000 I could be in bed with her)... But until that time, she often came to Kiev and publicly talked about her sexual life with different men in Asia, Europe, etc. Princess Madeleine has always demonstrated its idiotic smile for me - she had no sense of shamefacedness and conscience, she is not a modest woman. At the same time, I demanded of her and her father moral stability and fidelity to me. But they did convinced me - is a model of the "Swedish family"... - She persuaded be the Prince of Sweden to one officer-hypnotist , she sexually lived with him in an apartment in Kiev, she was preparing to eat for his, she for Swedish lawyers the Royal Swedish Court said of that fact! She promised him to strip the title me of Duke of Halsingland and Gastrikland. When he learned that he would not will be Prince of Sweden, but just the Duke - he refused to be her husband after me, he refused to learn the Swedish language. Me was forced to go under hypnosis to this apartment, and Princess Madeleine told me to be with them in bed for third - I was escaped from them. Princess Madeleine could not create a true Christian family! - Another hypnotist (an employee of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine) forced me come into her apartment in Kiev. There Princess Madeleine asked me to be a third into their bed for sex. I asked to Princess Madeleine: "Why this male will be fertilization his children in your uterus and they will be with my surname???". She gave me my passport in Sweden, and said that I are her official husband. In this apartment other a hypnotist come and bring my passport of citizen of Ukraine. There was a conflict - a hypnotist from the Embassy of Sweden threatened with a pistol and demanded to admit: "This is an territory of Sweden." But I was rescued from the perversions of Princess Madeleine - law enforcement officers was help me escape with my a Ukrainian passport.
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