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Reepalu's future 'hangs in the balance'

30 Mar 2012, 15:10

Published: 30 Mar 2012 15:10 GMT+02:00

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Reepalu sparked a scandal last week in an interview with liberal-leaning magazine NEO in which he discussed the "strong ties" between the Jewish community and the Sweden Democrats, a political party with a clear anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim line which has its roots in Sweden's neo-Nazi movement.

According to Reepalu, "Sweden Democrats have infiltrated the Jewish community in order to push their hate of Muslims".

While he later admitted he had “no basis” for the claims, party colleagues fear that his latest comments may have already put his future as Malmö mayor in doubt.

"Reepalu has damaged the party with his comments. It is an embarrassment and very bad for the party," Milan Obradovic, a Social Democrat on Malmö’s local council, tells The Local.

"If this were to happen again then he would probably have to resign."

Last weekend’s election of a new chair of Malmö’s Social Democrats was dominated by discussions over Reepalu’s remarks, which have infuriated the Jewish community.

Obradovic says young Social Democrats in particular have turned their back on the city’s 68-year old mayor.

"Many young people said they felt Reepalu’s comments were racist and that he doesn’t represent them. Older members of the party know Reepalu well and know that he isn’t a racist," he says.

"He has done a lot of tremendous work for the city but that can get forgotten when he says things like this. What he said was totally unacceptable."

Obradovic explains that Reepalu can't simply defend the comments as a "misunderstanding" or by claiming his views don't represent those of the Social Democrats.

“Even if he was making these comments as a private individual, as a politician you are always representing the party when you do interviews," he says.

"He needs to think before he speaks in future."

Joakim Sandell, the newly elected chair of the Social Democrats in Malmö, says he was stunned when he learned of Reepalu's comments, which prompted Jewish leaders to write an angry letter to party head Stefan Löfven demanding action.

“When I read what he had said I couldn’t believe it," Sandell tells The Local.

"As a politician it is never good if you have to apologize for your comments but what he said was inappropriate."

Sandell adds it was right for Reepalu to apologize, but dares not speculate as to what would have happened if Reepalu hadn’t reacted.

Regardless, Sandell plans on taking up the matter at next week’s emergency talks with Löfven and goes on to emphasize that Reepalu has done a lot for the city, despite the numerous public gaffes which have shattered his reputation among Jews in Malmö and elsewhere.

“Reepalu is a good politician who has done fine work for Malmö and our party. I think most people still have confidence in him," says Sandell.

Meanwhile journalist Paulina Neuding, who conducted the interview with Reepalu published in the liberal-leaning magazine NEO, refutes claims that she had somehow misquoted the Malmö mayor explaining that he read over his comments prior to publication.

Neuding tells The Local that Reepalu had requested some changes, which she agreed to, but was happy to leave in his quotes about the Swedish Democrats and the Jews.

Reepalu has since stated in his defence, however, that he's "never been an anti-Semite and never will be".

Nevertheless, Jewish anger on the ground in Malmö remains high following Reepalu’s comments.

Local Rabbi Shneur Kesselman tells The Local that he has tried to keep a low profile following the publication of the interview in NEO.

“We are not happy about what is going on. Reepalu is not the kind of person who just goes around saying stupid things. He is a clever politician who knows what he is doing,” says Kesselman.

And George Braun, head of the Jewish Community in Gothenburg tells The Local that what was most disturbing with Reepalu’s statements was that this was not a one-time misunderstanding but something that's been going on for years.

"He's made a lot of comments off which are going in the same direction. Once wouldn't be so bad, but we've seen the same attitude expressed in different ways over the years all of which have an anti-Semitic touch,” Braun says, adding that he thinks it is time for the Social Democrats to take a stand on this issue.

According to Braun, the situation for Jews in Malmö is different than for the rest of the country.

"They continue to experience threats and comments on a daily basis. It's primarily harassment from young men that have a background from the Middle East, from what I understand,” he says.

And in Malmö, Kesselman has stated in previous interviews that he has been attacked for making his beliefs obvious by dressing in traditional Jewish attire.

“Sometimes (an attack) can happen twice in one day and then nothing for two months. It all depends," he told The Local previously.

Reepalu has also been mocked by the Malmö wing of the Sweden Democrats, who found themselves dragged into the long-running spat between the mayor and the city's Jews when Reepalu charged the party had "infiltrated" the local Jewish community.

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“None of our members have infiltrated the Jewish community to spread some message. This is just Reepalu lying again. Honestly, we are laughing at him," Jörgen Grubb, chair of the Sweden Democrats in Malmö, tells The Local.

Reepalu’s conduct – and future – will be the subject of talks scheduled to take place on Monday between leaders from Sweden's Jewish community and top Social Democrats; talks which Reepalu's Malmö colleague Obradovic expects will be difficult.

“We are going to have a serious discussion about this matter and there will be a lot of hard words at the meeting," he says.

In an interview with local paper Sydsvenskan published on Friday, Reepalu said that he thinks it is important that the matter is cleared up.

“I am hoping to see the Jewish community straight after their talks with Stefan Löfven so that we together can work out what it is I think and feel,” Reepalu said to the paper.

“We must work out what I must correct so that it cannot be misinterpreted in that coarse way, like anti-Semitic rhetoric."

Despite the storm of reactions he is confident that he will be staying on as mayor of Malmö.

“Of course, I take for granted that the work I do in Malmö, I will continue to do,” said Reepalu to Sydsvenskan.

Patrick Reilly


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Your comments about this article

16:37 March 30, 2012 by rubble
The mayor is correct.

Google this headline "Europe far right courts Israel in anti-Islam drive"

(from Haaretz, a national Israeli newspaper)

"Far-right political parties in Europe are stepping up their anti-Muslim rhetoric and forging

ties across borders, even going so far as to visit Israel to hail the Jewish state as a bulwark against militant Islam. "

and this

"The Likud Connection: Europe's Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel"

(from Der Spiegel in Germany)

"Islamophobic parties in Europe have established a tight network, stretching from Italy to Finland. But recently, they have extended their feelers to Israeli conservatives, enjoying a warm reception from members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition. Some in Israel believe that the populists are Europe's future."

Sometimes the truth hurts.
16:59 March 30, 2012 by astra2thor6
Anyone who suggests that Swedish citizens of the Jewish faith would ever embrace the SD, with its probable Neo-Nazi leanings, must be INSANE. (Think of the holocaust!). Reepalu should therefore be removed from office immediately for lacking the necessary intellectual aptitude to carry out his duties as mayor
17:10 March 30, 2012 by guliver

As an Isrsaeli citizen who lives all his life here and watch everyday the news and read "Yedihot Aharaonot" "Maahariv" "Haarez" I have never seen a visit of a Neo Nazi parties members here ,they are not wanted here, to remind you that Israel cut its Diplomatic relations with Austria when tey elected a President with a Nazi record.But the Scandinavians countries and specialy Norway but also Sweden drive for many years a clear anti Israeli policy in all fields including as our national tennis group came to play in Sweden , but that is not so bad because we can protect ourselves as a state but with the incourgment of the Mayor of Malmo they transfered the hate to Israel also to the Jews in Malmo who are Swedes and have nothing to do with our government making their life impossibile forcing them to leave that city, a pure anti semitisim.
17:12 March 30, 2012 by RobinHood
"Many young people [in the Social Democrat party] said they felt Reepalu's comments were racist and that he doesn't represent them."

Yes he does. This anti-Semitic old goat has tormented the Jewish citizens of Malmö for years, while the Social Democrat party did nothing. Where did the party stand when Reepalu declared Jews fair game for violence and discrimination, for what he perceived as their collective guilt for events in Israel and Palestine? Where did the party stand when the Simon Wiesenthal Institution declared Malmö, and even Southern Sweden, an unsafe place for Jewish visitors? Why they entered him into the 2011 International Mayor of the Year competition. While Reepalu was delivering Social Democrat election victories, the local and national Social Democrat party was perfectly happy to have Reepalu as a member in good standing.

This has been going on for years, and the Social Democrat party is truly represented by Mayor Reepalu's repulsive anti-Semitism. If it were any other way, why wasn't he sacked years ago? Too late now Stefan Löfven, if you had got rid of him your first day in office, it might have been different, but as it stands now, you let him stay him in your party, and you and your party are no less anti-Semitic than Reepalu is himself; and for the same reason, to attract votes from a certain other anti-Semitic section of the Swedish electorate. Disgusting!
17:13 March 30, 2012 by Rod Munch
The SD are nothing like the Nazis. Only a person who knows nothing about them would suggest such a thing.

Also, let's say the European "far-right" is actually forging ties with Israel or Israelis. What is the difference between that and how the far-left forges ties with Muslims?

Aside from the far-left being much more prone to violence, I see no difference.
17:33 March 30, 2012 by Dazzler
Had it been an SD member talking the same smack about muzzies, he / She would be tossed out on their asses in a right hurry. Hypocrisy is rampant in the house of the Social Dems.
18:11 March 30, 2012 by Camlon
This can be good election material for the next election.

Just ask Social Democrats why the racist in Malmø is still in office? Are they really an anti-racist party, or just a party pandering to muslims,
18:55 March 30, 2012 by Mbenzi
Who is surprised?

This is not Reepalu's first odd (or anti-Semitic) comment.

Malmö is the most Islamic city in Sweden, and very anti-Semitic in comparison to the rest of Sweden. It has reached a level where a Jew can't walk safely if he looks like a Jew.

While most people are peaceful regardless of their respective religions, most violent activists and troublemakers are obviously muslims (or simply young people who believe that you must be violent if you are radical).

The worst is that the police accepts it.
20:25 March 30, 2012 by motti
Mbenzi, you are wrong. The worst is that so many Swedes accept it.
21:31 March 30, 2012 by Frobobbles
Reepalu has never said anything antisemitic. At least not publicly. What he said lately that so many have objected against was merely a truthful observation. The people he have met at meetings with the jewish community are members of the SD party, and formerly worked for the Israel embassy in Sweden. It's just a simple fact.
21:38 March 30, 2012 by Uncle
The matter of fact is that Europe was never as antisemtic as it is now since the thirties and forties. When the raging islamists (including the barely grown children and house-wife women) are engaging in everyday violence against obvious Jews all over Europe (mainly France, Belgium and Netherlands), the scared politicians and media is trying to sooth these fascists with connecting any Jewish holocaust survivor and any religious jewish kid to the state of Israel, by that providing these barbarians with a bit more justification to their animal behaviour.

If european media would connect every muslim to Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Turkey and Algier - the same loving excitement about violence would cause every muslim in Europe to hang on street poles.

However, even a slight worry expressed in some papers about the alarming violence, rape and xenophobia figures in muslim society awakes endless moaning and groaning of muslims about unfairness of the media in Europe.

This "unfairness" apparently does not cause them to stop and ponder over the possibiity of leaving Europe back to their magical and tolerant countries, but on a countrary, justifies more beheading and beating, which is supposed to prove how tolerant this religion, or more correctly, ideology is. A FREAKING joke!
22:17 March 30, 2012 by Iraniboy
Last week a barbaric unknown man with similar views like @Uncle killed a woman in the US with a note telling her terrorist go back home. However it was a short news in BBC and not even a mention in other medias. As long as as we have people with full of hatred like Uncle et al and the Toulouse gunman then the world will continue to be like this. But don't hold your breathe! Many like to have it this way! Those who produce and sell weapons of course!

The fact is the Sweden is the least racist country on planet. Most people commenting here have no idea about it and it's better to be so I think! SD is only grey area in Swedish politic which is really despised among most Swedes but even SD is barely racist in comparison with other American and European conservative parties.
23:27 March 30, 2012 by Uncle
Oh, really iraniboy? Nothing from Europe? Poor thing. I understand your struggle. You are trying to find some violence against muslims in Europe and have a really hard time.... So USA is the next in line. An attack on one woman... Just to throw some slogans.

Guess what? I did some research on the last YEAR only in FRANCE. Are you ready? Your muslim bunch has done the following:

Lyon - Setting fire on Lyon synagogue.

Montpellier - molotov cocktail on Jewish centre

Strasbourg - molotov cocktail on synagogue

Marseille‎ - molotov cocktail on synagogue

Créteil‎ - molotov cocktail on jewish school

Toulouse - molotov cocktail on jewish sport centre

Toulouse - on the statue of Alfred Dreifus a writing "Dirty Jew"

Bondy - 15 people attacked few jewish football team with pipes and rods.

Albertville - school bus to a jewish school was attacked 3 times in 2011

Toulouse - gun fire by a muslim in a kosher meat store

Villeurbanne‎ - a jewish couple (pregnant woman) severely injured in an attack of a group of "middle eastern" men

According to the media relations department of Paris police, there are on average 10 to 12 attacks on Jews in Paris in a DAY in the past 1 year.

EVERY DAY some 0walls in Jewish quarters in France must be repainted due to writings "Jews to gas chambers" and "death to Jews"

France has become most dangerous place on average for the Jews after muslim countries.

People like YOU encourage it and justify it. YOU are the propaganda office defending the actions of SA. You just tend to forget that even SA had it's day with SS. This is exactly what is happening in muslim countries. First - cleansed them of Jews and Christians. Next - shia are exploding in the schools of sunnis and sunnis are setting shia hospitals in flame. SS and SA. Nothing else...
23:28 March 30, 2012 by gh2008

well, of course! we are just Goyem and Gentiles in your eyes. Just like hitler thought you were untermenschen.
23:34 March 30, 2012 by Nemesis
The sooner Reepalu is removed from his job as mayor, the better.

He is an embarrassment.
02:15 March 31, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar
Reepalu is an in your face mischief maker. It takes a sick, twisted, and delusional mind to believe and spout the bile emanating from Reepalu. Wheel him away before he goes completely nuts!!!
07:25 March 31, 2012 by SimonDMontfort
Clearly this guy is NOT the person to be 'city mayor'; he should have stuck to what he knows - I believe he trained as an architect
10:37 March 31, 2012 by Iraniboy
Reepalu had suggested that Jewish council has relation with SD. SD has recently posted a video in their website showing Benjamin Netanyaho applauded in US congress and then it asks 'Why not don't we see this in Swedish TV?!'

Is there any question about validity of Reeplau's comment after this SD's video and comment?!

12:22 March 31, 2012 by guliver

I do not know what is SD and what they think or mean ,they do not belong to the middle east or to the conflict betwen the Israeli and the Palestinians.

Sweden is not USA and drive for a long time a clear anti Israeli policy.

our interests is towards the Jews in Sweden who are living their and should not be bothered with anti semitic acts like attacking their Synagouges or attacking verbaly and phisicly the member of the community in Malmo.
13:36 March 31, 2012 by Iraniboy

"our interests is towards the Jews in Sweden who are living their and should not be bothered with anti semitic acts like attacking their Synagouges or attacking verbaly and phisicly the member of the community in Malmo"

I fully agree with that and I condemn those who caused this. But the reality is that Sweden is not anti-Semitic at all.

Jews in Sweden are forever Swedish and the have and they should have every right to practice their religion.

SD is legal political establishment in Sweden with ca 5% support in Sweden that has a new-Nazi roots but they claimed they have taken away their racist agenda and now they are a mainly anti-immigration party. In fact if you look at their manifesto it is much better than average European far-right party. But in any case they are very despised among the majority of Sweden who are committed to very liberal values. Despite SD's conservative values and their recent push to ban Kosher and Halal, they seem to have inspired by other European far-right parties to have a better relation with Israel. In Sweden any association with SD comes with defamation so I see with JC is coming from but then how can we justify these recent videos and comments on their websites?!

As for attacks on Jews and Synagogues, it should've been by stupid and idiot Muslims who were filled by hatred (the Islamic equivalent of @Uncle et al) who thought they are doing a favor. The reality is that NOTHING can justify a criminal act but the reality is that they motive behind these attacks were not anti-Semitic either. They are filled by hatred coming from Palestine-Israel conflict not an Anti-Semitic feeling.
14:03 March 31, 2012 by engagebrain
21:31 March 30, 2012 by Frobobbles wrote Reepalu has never said anything antisemitic............ It's just a simple fact.

But Reeplau himself withdrew the comments about infiltration by the SD- so not a simple fact but simple a invention.
15:03 March 31, 2012 by guliver

OK thank you for your explanation I did knew nothing about the SD,then it is the job of the Swedeish government to protect its minorities, but you raise a very important question ,all European states have many immigrants who come from Asia, Africa,ecc the European countries has the right to decide if they wish to accept that immigration, but once you open your borders and let the people in you have to deal with other culture, other religion other mentality and to work very hard with these people and with your native people for integration,but as I could understand and coorect me if I am wrong the Swedish govrnment want that immigration but the Swedish people do not like it?many countries including the USA and Canada have intoduced severe immigration laws, some small country as Swiss do not let people in,I mean you can not force another people to agree to immigration but once you decided to do it you have to work hard it will succssess and that include the new immigrants of course, those immigrants who are trouble makers should not be allowed to stay and get a citenzenship I mean criminals or such persons,so I guess it is up to the Swedes to decide what they wish,

We the people in Israel do not accept and will not wellcome never a neo nazi party and I can certainly speak for 95% of our people,we shell not tollerate such people.
17:16 March 31, 2012 by Frobobbles
engagebrain yes, he withdrew his statement because of the criticism. It seems like the 'judiska föreningen' in Malmö make a very strict difference between when they hold political meetings in their own locales, with SD members like Ekeroth present, and when the meetings are 'official'. Reepaly was no well versed with this confusing disctinction.
17:23 March 31, 2012 by Iraniboy

I agree but I think you misunderstood the political situation in Sweden. It is very different from other European countries. I couldn't believe it myself before I could actually see it. Sweden has two great majority of left leaning(40-50%) and right leaning(40-50%) and newly a small minority of far-rights known as SD(5%)! Both right leaning and left leaning support immigration to a great extent. The left leaning supports it due to what they claim its human aspects and also that new cultures can spice up their life and immigrants don't need to integrate. The right leaning support all sort of immigration since they believe different immigrants can contribute differently in labor market hence good for the economy and they also think immigrants can be integrated well. However SD believes that immigrants do not contribute to economy and they do not integrate hence should be avoided. Those two political blocks have so far boycotted SD in any political activity.

As you can see even the SD is not as far right as what you normally see in Netherlands, France or Italy. This may give you a hint about the political atmosphere in Sweden that how a remotely Xenophobic idea or speech can be perceived in Sweden. However criminal acts are totally a different story. Sweden has a relatively passive police force in comparison with other countries who act very slowly and inefficient against crimes.
17:27 March 31, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
I don't see anything wrong with what the mayor said! We do need Jewish help to rid Sweden of this Muslim plague. We need everyone's help to get these murdering, rapist scumbags out of Sweden and all of Europe! The SD's are our only hope!
17:45 March 31, 2012 by Iraniboy
@Spuds MacKenzie

Given that you need to convince 95% Swedes who staunchly oppose you on this, you need to live more than a hundred to achieve this if you are not already murdered or raped by one of the scumbags of Sweden :D
18:00 March 31, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
@Iraniboy Swedes don't rape & murder...only muslim immigrants do.
18:57 March 31, 2012 by guliver

thanks again, so the internet help you to learn about other country, so I guess it is good for an immigrant to come to Sweden then to other European countries,

I hope my best for the normal ,good people who keep the laws of their new country and have decided to live in Sweden,

I did not know eighter about the political parties in Sweden. thank you also for that information.

I wish my best for all the honest ,and good people there.
19:30 March 31, 2012 by Iraniboy

You can ask the victims, they would tell you that it hurts in either case!!! By the way did I tell you that those 95% of Swedes believe that someone can be both Swedish and Muslim?! Even more someone can be criminal and Swede?! So even your 'word usage' is disputed in Sweden! How about packing and leaving this hell then?!


You're welcome! Well I have been to many countries and I live in Sweden but internet may also help sometimes. You should come to visit Sweden to see it with your own eyes the difference. Don't take these News seriously. This case in particular is a rare case and a game started by SD backed media like DN.se and Co. to give some credibility to SD. In reality there is no such heated hateful discussions as you see in thelocal.se. I hope peace comes back to the Middle East as well as minds of some of our fellow posters here.
23:22 March 31, 2012 by Uncle

"The reality is that NOTHING can justify a criminal act but the reality is that they motive behind these attacks were not anti-Semitic either. They are filled by hatred coming from Palestine-Israel conflict not an Anti-Semitic feeling."

Oh yeah... as I said. Attacks on Jews BECAUSE of Israel-"invaders" conflict. (Ya shall know that the word Palestine comes from "plishtim" - Crete invaders... Just another bitter joke of the romans who got a little pissed on Jews and established anti-semitism as a bureaucratic order. )

As said, if say - christian europeans would have the same association between the muslims who come from countries that collectively killed about 10 million people since the WW2 in Africa and Middle East and their governments as muslims have between Jews and Israel - ya'll should have been screeching on ropes under street lights.

However, this racist and xenophobic association is NOT done.

Hey, how come ALTHOUGH there are much more christians in Europe than muslims, there are only single cases of attacks on muslims in the ENTIRE western world in spite of the suffering of all christians in muslim countries, but apparently there are many more attacks on Jews made by muslims? Is it some kind of an explainable coincidence? Unfortunate combination of events? Christians are DYING in Sudan. They are DYING in Egypt. They are escaping Jordan and Lebanon. They have diminished legal rights in sharia countries. But hey - apparently there are not many "crazies" who go and shoot in the mosques.

Clearly - just by looking at statistics europe welcomes a full culture of SA - that will massacre Jews and then sue the Jews for messing up the streets with the pieces of their brains and guts. And of course the "peaceloving" iraniboy will eloquently explain that "nothing will excuse this act of violence, but it is understandable, given the suffering of the poor palestinians" at the same time as Iran and Turkey bomb kurds with napalm, Syria kills 5400% faster than Israel (checked and confirmed in dead in a month) and Lybia keeps 6 thousand people in prisons just for the private fun of torturing. But on these forums there is terribly poor attendance of iranoboys... How strange...
23:37 March 31, 2012 by RobinHood

You have controversial and racist opinions about moslems. How do you feel about sexual deviants?
14:47 April 1, 2012 by Greysuede
Herr Reepalu is hard-working man of his own country and entitled to freedom of speech as everyone else. To deviate his words in the media and make him a scapegoat arranged by the Social Democrats isn't a noble deed!

Traditional "abuse" and "persecution" business towards Jews /Arabs and others in Europe, particularly Scandinavia are exaggerated to manipulate the things to take under control the political and economical situation in Europe.

Nobody has ever asked them to be here if they don't like it they are free to leave the continent to take their "problems" away...!
18:56 April 2, 2012 by guliver

.."Nobody has ever asked them to be here if they don't like it they are free to ...."

and the Jews do leave Malmo ,just the old one stay
13:09 April 3, 2012 by b_raz_swed
Completely agree with Greysuede , besides they can always go and steal Palestinian lands !
14:05 April 3, 2012 by engagebrain
From the recent posts it seems that Reepalu is right, there are voters for an antisemtic platform.

Freedom of speach is not the same as freedom to lie.
18:31 April 3, 2012 by guliver
b raz swed

We live in Israel which is our homeland ,its capital is Jerusalem so it was before 3000 years and so it is since the UN resolution 181 from 29.11.47.

The Jews are wellcome in our state.

I advice your Arab friends to change the "melody" of "stolen lands" it brought them just lost wars and misery in the last 64 years and they still stuck in their refuggie camps producing from time to time the Jihad fighters which we send to Heaven.
20:53 April 3, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
You'd think that he would be more circumspect. It's surprising that a seasoned politician like the distinguished Mayor of Malmö who these last umpteen years running has been practising the tricks of the trade and still make such elementary mistakes in handling public relations in his beleaguered outlaw city. OK, politicians are also human - true, whilst others can be local or global anti-Semites. The most human ones among the politicians - since the are human , can also have their off days when the tricky menopausal mind can from the fullness of the heart the mouth speak - a couple of slips of the tongue, especially when he voices very personal opinions in the name of his social democratic party, instead of speaking very personally in his own name, as private citizen Reepalu.....

I've just heard Mona Sahlin make that distinction in the first five minutes of this evening's TV2 programme Min Sanning ( My Truth) :Mona Sahlin.

She says that in speaking nowadays, she has had to change from her former identity - from having to speak as Party Leader of a party which espouses solid Social Democratic values - to ( what a relief) being now at liberty ( freedom of speech) to be able to speak very very personally, as private citizen Mona Sahlin
10:11 April 4, 2012 by engagebrain
Cornelius Hamelberg wrote '....Mayor of Malmö who these last umpteen years running has been practising the tricks of the trade and still make such elementary mistakes in handling public relation....'

Why do you assume his statments are mistakes, perhaps they are intended to appeal to a part of the local electorate.
15:34 April 5, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
His Worship the Lord Mayor of Malmö since 1994 says that his latest gaffe ( that the Sverigedemokrater/ Sweden Democrats have infiltrated the Jewish community and converted them to Islamophobia) was a mis-take....but the damage is done...and the rewards ( the Muslim vote) attained. Of course some Jews ( not all) are naturally Islamophobic - and such Islamophobia precedes the birth of Kent Ekeroth or his mentor Robert Spencer

Similarly, anti-Semitism/ anti-Zionism is intrinsic to Pan Arabism in particular...
01:04 April 7, 2012 by Uncle

I am surprised at your confusion.

What IS islamophobic and do you differ between the dislike of a certain way of life or religious beliefs to a hate towards a race?

Disliking Nazism, communism, feodalism is PRECISELY as disliking islam. Islam is in it's root non-tolerant towards anyone who is not muslim in the precise stream of islam. Even dhimmies "have their time and place to be presented the choice to submit to Allah or meet Allah".

Saying islamophobic is precisely like saying - naziphobic as the parallels are not ending in the cooperation between muslims and nazis in the 40's. They continue with world domination ideas, forcing your way of living on others, rejecting rights of minorities, waging war in order to assure control of submitted people etc...

Antisemitic - is hating a RACE.

So islamophobs dislike what people DO, whereas antisemites dislike what people ARE. Clear segregation?
01:31 April 8, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Uncle @#8

You are surprised at (my?) confusion.

You and your little humbug again.

You want to split hairs.

You ask, " a hate towards a race?"

You answer : "Antisemitic - is hating a RACE."

First of all Arabs are also SEMITES.

So where does that leave your definition? You wanna limit the expression " anti-Semite" to only self-hating Jews...

Second of all, Jews do not believe in " race" such as " Jewish race" or racism.....
03:36 April 8, 2012 by Edward Joseph
Islam is the religion of Muslims.

Some people feel that a dislike of Islam is tantamount to a dislike of Muslims - and what they " do"

Can you show that "Islam is in it's root non-tolerant towards anyone who is not Muslim in the precise stream of islam" ?
22:15 April 8, 2012 by TheWatchman

Well said.
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Players from FC Rosengård, Sweden's most successful women's football team. Photo: Hangsna

It’s official, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

Fake police car driver seized after confronting real police
File photo of a police car. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Three men in a fake police car were left red-faced after they tried to stop a man in southern Sweden who turned out to be an off-duty officer.

This tiny bird can fly for ten months straight: scientists
The common swift while not in flight. Photo: Madis Veskimeister/Wikimedia

Swedish scientists have found that this bird stays in the air for almost a year without landing.

Why the Pope is visiting Sweden next week
Pope Francis in the Vatican. Photo: AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

Pope to nail reconciliation agenda to Lutherans' door in southern Sweden.

The Local Recipes
How to make no-knead sourdough bread like a Swede
No-knead sourdough bread. Photo: John Duxbury/Swedish Food

Swedes love their sourdough bread. Food writer John Duxbury shares his favourite Swedish recipe for a no-knead loaf.

Meet Sweden's lonely Donald Trump voter
A Donald Trump campaign button. Photo: Rogelio V Solis/AP

The Local talks to an American Donald Trump supporter on what it is like living in progressive stronghold Sweden.

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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
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Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
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'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
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Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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