Cop fined for unlawful arrest of ‘cocky’ man

Cop fined for unlawful arrest of 'cocky' man
A police officer has been convicted of professional misconduct after forcing a man described as "cocky" into a police vehicle in central Stockholm and dropping him on the outskirts of town even though he had broken no laws.

The convicted officer was fined 8,000 kronor ($1,200) for his role in placing Ibrahim Assali, 41, in a police van and later leaving him near the Kaknäs Tower outside of Stockholm.

Another officer charged in connection with the incident, which took place in June 2011, was acquitted as he was not seen as having been responsible for the actual decision to remove Assali.

While he welcomed the conviction, Assali isn’t happy with the sentence handed down by the Stockholm District Court.

“The sentence is too mild,” he told the Metro newspaper.

“I’m going to appeal this. I want them to lose their jobs.”

Assali’s nightmare began when a police van pulled up behind him as he was leaving an eatery in central Stockholm last summer.

Two officers began interrogating him, prompting Assali to respond “sarcastically” when asked if he was carrying any sharp objects, telling police he had “tons”.

Even though police didn’t find anything illegal in his possession, they nevertheless forced Assali into the van and removed him from the area.

“They told me they would drive me home. One of them asked if I had a bus card. When I said I didn’t she just smiled and drove off,” Assali told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

While all six officers involved in the incident were investigated, only two were ultimately charged for their role in Assali’s removal.

According to the court, the officers lacked sufficient reason to detain and remove Assali, who wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was simply on his way home, despite police reports describing his behaviour as “cocky” and a potential threat to public order.

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