Pensioner points pistol at pregnant peeing woman

Pensioner points pistol at pregnant peeing woman
A man and a woman in their sixties were charged by Umeå District Court in northern Sweden after threatening a pregnant woman with gun and physical violence when she tried to pee in their yard.

During a culture festival in northern university town Umeå, the expecting woman allegedly became desperate to empty her bladder, according to local paper Västerbottenskuriren (VK)

When she sought a sheltered space to urinate, assisted by the father to be, a woman in her sixties came upon them, wielding a gun and pointing it towards them.

The chosen spot for the al fresco weeing was in a secluded area of the yard belonging to a central Umeå block of flats, according to the paper.

When she discovered what was going on, an elderly woman allegedly instructed the pair to leave the property at gunpoint. She is also said to have made an attempt at striking the man.

According to the paper, an elderly man in his sixties also threatened to kill the peeing pair, uttering promises to end their life or cause them grievous bodily harm if they didn’t desist in their attempts of urinating in the yard.

The elderly pair have both been charged with illegal threats, reports VK.

Even though the gun used by the woman was only an air gun, she has nevertheless also been charged with attempted assault.

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